Possession by demons - myth or reality?

Possession by demons - myth or reality?

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Answer 1
February, 2021

The answer lies on the verge of the material and the esoteric. Of course they will write to you that this is a special kind of psychopathy. However, it cannot be denied that obsession is cured by people associated with the otherworldly - from priests to healers and magicians. And apparently, the latter are much better at curing their obsession. So it's hard to say whether these are demons or some other entities, but the fact that this is an energy problem, not a bodily one, is a fact

Answer 2
February, 2021

Not demons, but an alien mind, let alone from gods, devils or parasites at least does not matter.
This infection sits in everyone, is introduced by exactly one method, through disturbances in the structure of consciousness arising from any personal irresponsibility for this World.
Usually sits quietly, in a state of nervousness, yes, yes, that very one, slowly eating you from the inside, any struggle, like the way of thinking dictated by the worldview of struggle, at least some patriotic, call it, to create enemies and squabble with them, it is he who pulls you, speeding up the processes of your disintegration.
Any of your inability to control the mind, emotions and all the irritability behind it is his work.
And so on until the final, until he fully masters your essence, then he builds his own out of you, this is where all the dreadful things for your now stubs begin.
He doesn't need this whole world, neither plants, nor animals, he is underdeveloped before, he is comfortable on a lifeless planet by our standards, what he strives to turnand the Earth, and you are both nutritious and a good tool for this. Or do you think the policy of promoting the goodness of the energy world, the kingdom of heaven and the like, is it just like that? This is an invitation to a mousetrap and to dinner where you are the main dish ...
And he killed more than one Broken, just like that without allegory.

Answer 3
February, 2021

Mentally ill, this is "abnormal" - not like everyone else. He lives in his real world realizing this, and we forcibly interfere with him. Obsession is a fact. The scientific explanation of psychiatry, from the point of view of crude materialism, is nonsense. There is a spiritual (subtle) world and this must be admitted.

Answer 4
February, 2021

I believe that demon possession is a reality, but since they try to explain it completely within the framework of psychiatry - it is wrong. And everyone who is not lazy is trying to treat obsession. And big psychiatry (f20 -f25) is diseases from God, these are his jewels.

Answer 5
February, 2021

Reality. And to be honest, we are all possessed by demons in one form or another. Someone is possessed by power, someone by wealth, someone by envy, someone by sycophancy, someone by sex. Everyone has their own demon, whether it is gluttony or some other option. As far as demons are treated by priests or magicians, this is a different kind. They are called differently larvae (spiritual entities generated by human fear). Essences that could not pass the line between the worlds (the spirits of people who are not at rest, the bodies have long rotted away , and the soul is between the worlds. And the spirit flies over the place where the body is buried or what this or another person served during his lifetime. For example, he hid money without passing it on to his descendants, so he protects them forever. After all, this money belonged to his heart). they try to take possession of the human body, so that at least a little bit more feel themselves alive. to warm up with the warmth of living flesh, to saturate the womb, and so on.

Answer 6
February, 2021

obsession is, of course! once I observed how an invisible entity quite specifically controlled a person and he tried to oppose it ... but she prevailed

Answer 7
February, 2021

There really are demons and these are not fantasies.
It is appropriate to discuss: who are demons? Many people lack understanding in this matter.
Demons and devils are the inhabitants of hell. They can be - according to past incarnations - people and animals of different biological species: crocodiles, dogs, frogs and others. All of them are united by the fact that in their last earthly life they received pleasure from causing harm to other beings, developed the appropriate abilities, got to hell thanks to this, and are now used by God to enlighten incarnate people.
Devils, unlike demons, Are energetically more powerful inhabitants of hell. They can become, for example, those who, during their earthly life, "successfully" cultivated in black magic, or simply became victims of criminally unreasonable and ethically untenable teachers of esoteric knowledge.
Demons and devils can usually be seen / clairvoyantly / in a guise corresponding to them past incarnation, or in the form of a clot of black energy - amoeba-like and mobile, or localized motionless in some organ of the patient's body.
Sometimes it happens that demons move into the body of the healer, if the patient did not deserve healing, but the healer willingly / not from God / really wanted to help him. This is called "taking on someone else's destiny / karma /". Then the healer has to heal himself.

It is important to understand that demons and devils do not enter the bodies of people of their own free will, but are sent by God. And also not otherwise, how by His will they can leave the patient for good. But for this he must make the right decisions in the situation of his illness.
A typical way of healing from demons and devils, which Russian Orthodoxy offers to such patients, is "reprimand". The latter is a special rite in which the priest directs his hatred at the possessing spirits, accompanying this with reading, among other things, special prayers-curses. These magical battles look very impressive: both the possessed and the possessed become very ill, the possessed manifest themselves through the bodies of the sick with screams, convulsions, the temple is filled with barking, screeching, Russian obscenities erupted by coarse male voices from female bodies ... in this situation, if they leave the bodies of the possessed, it will not be long: after all, the sick have not yet made any correct decisions.
Jesus said about this:
"When the unclean spirit leaves / the body / person, then it walks ... rest, and does not find / it /; then he says: I will return to my house, whence I came out. And, having come, finds him free / to enter it again / ...; then ... takes with him seven other spirits, more evil than himself, and having entered, they live / they / there; and for that person the last is worse than the first. "
/ Mt 12: 43-45 /.
How should the possessed be healed?
The very first is not hate and not be afraid: the energies of rough human emotions are pleasant to the inhabitants of hell, they attract them, and do not repel them, inspire people to such emotions, so that later they will enjoy their hellish statesJesus said that "... this kind is expelled only by fasting and prayer" / Matthew 17: 21 / - that is, by their own efforts: self-restraint in earthly pleasures, paying attention to God. It is necessary to add also repentance - an integral component of fasting.
For example, it is possible that those who are now torturing the sick person first perished in torment precisely through his fault ...
“Those who have clothed themselves with the perfect light are theirs do not see the power / hell / and cannot seize them "
/ Gospel of Philip, 77 /.
" ... There is a miracle that can be performed by / to any person: this is when he, full of sincere faith, decides to snatch all evil thoughts are rooted in his soul and, in order to achieve the Goal, he no longer walks the paths of iniquity "
/ Life of Saint Issa, 11: 8 /.

Answer 8
February, 2021

This is a commonplace and to read it as a myth you need to be so uneducated, stubborn or busy with some kind of false teaching such as atheism. Accurate examinations are unlikely to be expected, but about 2/3 of patients in psychiatric clinics are obsessed. Does medication help them? Of course - after all, all people live in material flesh and psychotropic substances act on everyone. There is a special section "demonology". To whom God gives such a gift, then, according to the theory, such “people“ finish their studies. ”“ Through the forests, through the seas, the sorcerer carries a hero. ”If you have not seen this, this does not mean that it does not exist. All myths about Odyssey are real events of that time a little embellished.

The spiritual world is much brighter and more diverse than the material. Not everyone is ready to see it, the poet gave God such a gift to man - not to see. It is better to look at the bright sun than swamp mud.

Answer 9
February, 2021

yes, I think, I am sure that demon possessed exist and have witnessed repeatedly that these patients are not treated, neither by doctors nor psychiatrists, but are very successfully treated, clergy can check, this is not a myth, the majority of mentally ill people are possessed by the devil and this is not a myth, if you run this obsession, you can die.

Answer 10
February, 2021

"Possession by demons" is an attempt to describe what only psychiatrists can explain. After all, not every psycho reveals what he thinks about during his seizures. For me this is a cruel myth.

Answer 11
February, 2021

This is a kind of psychopathies and severe neuroses associated with the impact on the individual psyche of some structures of the collective unconscious.

This kind of susceptibility depends on the person's mental "firmware" (ie, on a set of stereotypes and attitudes that guide him through life) and on the degree of sensitivity and vulnerability of the psyche.

This, in a number of cases, is also responsible for the relief of these symptoms: therefore, religious practices such as "lecturing", exorcism, for a certain part of patients (hysterics, infantiles, psychasthenics, etc., with certain specific life experience and settings) can be quite effective. But not as a universal recipe, of course.

Answer 12
February, 2021

Reality, but you can understand it both directly (if you believe in the Dark Forces), and metaphorically, like a person's mental pathology in one form or another - obsessions, fanaticism - that's all.

Answer 13
February, 2021

Reality is a hidden thing - we see only one or another of its manifestations in being, which, by the way, have a "sinister" nature, which, as bae, hints. What I mean? For all that man is considered a rational being, history and the objective position of man in the world do not really confirm this rationality. No, as far as technical inventions are concerned, a person is certainly very advanced, but as for everything else, everything is complicated. So the thought comes that in man and in humanity there is some kind of internal "spoilage", which nullifies all human achievements. But what kind of damage it is is an open question. And closed at the same time. That is, it is a mystery over which humanity has been struggling all its life. Marx determined that this damage is in private property and you just need to renounce it, rebuild the world without it, and everything will turn around. In 4 years there will be a garden city.
Marx's ideas are still popular.
Some religions, in particular Christianity, teaches that the world is ruled by evil forces that hold people captive through their ignorance and vices. These powers are called demons and demons and this control is described as follows:

1 And you, dead because of your crimes and sins,
2 in which you once lived, according to the custom of this world , by the will of the prince, who rules in the air, the spirit that is now acting in the sons of disobedience,
3 between whom we all once lived according to our carnal lusts, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and thoughts, and were the nature of the children of wrath, like the rest,
4 God, rich in mercy, according to His great love with which he loved us,
5 and us, who were dead because of transgressions, he made alive with Christ, - by grace you are saved. Eph. 2: 1-5)

Of course this is a matter of faith, not evidence, as I said, these things remain a secret for a person, which he - this person wants to comprehend.

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