People who constantly more / less closely interact with Pharmacy or Chemistry / Biology, do you think there will be such a time when humanity realizes that everything consists of Chemistry and it is not so harmful?

People who constantly more / less closely interact with Pharmacy or Chemistry / Biology, do you think there will be such a time when humanity realizes that everything consists of Chemistry and it is not so harmful?

Polypharmacy in Older Adults - Challenges and Technological Advances

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Answer 1
January, 2021

If we talk about all of humanity, then this will never happen.

To understand why, first you need to understand where all these fairy tales come from. To begin with, I suggest you imagine the following situation: you have a fairly large production of some products - you carefully control production, from the field to the label. And all of a sudden, your competitors are launching technologies into mass production that can significantly simplify control at some stages. Simplified control - lower costs, which lowers the price of the final product and makes it more attractive. That's it, you've lost almost all of your customers. Working at a loss will not work for a long time, and if you reduce production, you will generally go around the world. What will you do in such a situation? After all, at stake is not just billions, but the reputation of people who spin billions. You will buy a couple of popular magazines that produce articles hinting at a direct correlation between these technologies and cancer / infertility / low income / homosexuality (emphasize depending on the severity of the situation).

The same is true here: if a technically identical resource is sold cheaply, no one will ever buy it for a high price. Yes, only the old fart, who sit at the top, cannot develop and, as a result, compete. And they understand this very well. Because of this, they bribe media owners to instill guilt in the majority when buying a cheap resource. By the way, the state also has a share: the higher the price of the resource, the more taxes.

There has already been such an example in Russia - with instant noodles. In the 90s, it was almost never taken - in consistency it was like toilet paper. However, nothing is said about the harm, although it was considerable. Nowadays, modern technologies make it possible to produce a high-quality product with minimal costs - every Vasyan speaks about the harm in every corner, and only in one country. What this means is not difficult to guess.

You, reading this message, already understood this. However, it will not reach the rest very soon - the rich have too well-oiled systems of manipulation. So this understanding will come only when the traders destroy the planet.

PS: I really hope that I'm wrong.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Different chemical compounds interact with the body in different ways. Gasoline also has its own chemical formula - this does not mean that you can drink it. The bottom line is that vegetables, fruits, all other food grown without additives are much more likely to cause no harm to the body than the food in the chemical composition of which a person has rummaged. He can dig very well there, which happens periodically. But it can also make it worse, which is also very often, you forgive me, it happens. It's good when people use scientific knowledge for the benefit of humanity, but when they use it ONLY for financial gain, it is often not healthy to enter.

Answer 3
January, 2021

What unit did you ask this question with? Computer \ mobile device? Well, they are absolutely made of chemistry. If you mean that in general all things around us consist of chemistry, including replacing leather with leatherette, and wooden furniture with plastic, then I think there are such contenders.

Answer 4
January, 2021

This time has long come. Every sane person today realizes that everything that surrounds us consists of chemical elements and their compounds. If you are wondering when non-sane people will disappear, then the answer is never.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Here, Personally, I am Constantly! Wherever I am ...



Moreover! While they say this is clearly not people connected with chemistry at all!


NO! These are completely different people, from 8 years or more, even up to 100 years ...
Some of them studied from 2 to 3, and some at one time did not learn chemistry at all, because they did not consider it necessary / important suitable for myself a science ...
(I can very well be this example! I didn’t learn chemistry when I was when he entered quietly, I began to creep into these topics, and I ...
And how I would have been interested in the topic of medicine as a hobby, but I didn’t develop it when I entered it, but after that I developed and discovered a lot of new things !)

Moreover, Chemistry is quite a huge science! There are Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Malecular chemistry, etc.

And the benefit of chemistry is that we have a huge variety of things that are used every day!

But many of us do not understand the fact that a person and itself consists of it! And Eats it every day! And GMO - nothing to do with it! Water - H2O, Drinking Water - there is generally a periodic table of sulfates, zinc, copper, chlorides, etc.
Citrus fruits are a source of vitamin C (C6H8O6) and Citric acid ((HOOCCH2) 2C (OH) COOH
) .
Tomatoes - sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, manganese.

And all these nonsense in the circle of chemistry have really gotten out, but alas and oh this not only a problem of old, poorly educated people from the Union, this also applies to young people ...

SO WHEN WILL HUMANITY WILL MIND? And he will start to distinguish flies from cutlets ???!

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