Is there a way to minimize the harm from smoking cigarettes if you don’t want to quit, but you don’t plan to get cancer?

Is there a way to minimize the harm from smoking cigarettes if you don’t want to quit, but you don’t plan to get cancer?

This Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

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Answer 1
January, 2021

How to minimize the effects of smoking

Do not try to suppress the cough when smoking

It is important to understand that in no case should you calm the cough of a smoker. If you take drugs that control such a cough, harmful substances in an even greater concentration will accumulate in the lungs.

More fresh food to reduce the effects of smoking

You should also avoid processed and processed foods in your diet ... It must be understood that it is not so easy to maintain the health of the lungs and the body as a whole by continuing to smoke. Smokers have weaker immunity and are more susceptible to respiratory diseases.

Therefore, vitamin C is essential in the diet for maximum effect. Fresh strawberries, citrus fruits, apples, different types of cabbage, green leafy vegetables, plus whole grains, nuts, unrefined vegetable oils, honey, legumes - all this should definitely be included in the menu.

At the same time, you should limit or exclude all foods containing refined sugar, sweets, meat, canned foods, margarine, refined oils, white flour, convenience foods.

Fresh juices to minimize the harm from smoking

Fresh juices in diet will be excellent helpers in cleansing the body from the effects of smoking. You can do fasting days on vegetable and fruit juices. For example, in the morning drink water with lemon juice, later grapefruit juice or pineapple juice, then you can make carrot juice with the addition of beetroot juice, and so on.

It is useful to use green vegetables, since they are rich in chlorophyll, and oranges, which are powerful antioxidants. It is ideal to stay on such a diet for three days. If the hunger is too strong, you can cook rice or millet and vegetable salad for lunch. For the best effect and well-being, take a ginger bath for 20 minutes. Eucalyptus essential oil will also help, which can be used in an aroma lamp or simply inhaled from a bottle.

Carrot juice will remove a smoker's cough

It is good to drink a glass of carrot juice every day, which works great with all types cough.

Lemon and honey will improve the condition of the lungs when smoking

The combination of honey and lemon has a great effect on the condition of the lungs, thanks to vitamin C as well. You can make honey-lemon water, or you can mix a whole lemon (after choosing the seeds) with honey, and take a teaspoon of this mixture three times a day.

Onions dissolve mucus in the lungs if you smoke

Onions relieve coughs, dissolve mucus, and fight viruses and bacteria. It is good to consume raw onions as often as possible, adding them to salads. It is also worth trying the old recipe for a miraculous infusion against respiratory diseases.

Ginger to cleanse the lungs from the effects of smoking

Ginger tea is an excellent means for detoxifying the whole body. In particular, he copes with the cleansing of the lungs of toxic substances with a bang. Can be used as freshginger and powder, which can be bought in the spice department of any supermarket.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its advantages:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the desire to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here is a link to a useful article.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, switch to electronic vaporizers, do not smoke when you don't particularly want to smoke. But this is not interesting advice. An interesting tip is to enroll in a choir studio. Sometime in my youth, in the journal "Science and Life" I saw statistics, from which it followed that regular singing is extremely beneficial for the lungs and even partially removes the harm from smoking. Perhaps, of course, modern medicine refutes all this, but I believe that you need to sing. And I sing.

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