Is the appearance of papillomas a bad sign? Is it possible to get rid of them without harm to the body?

Is the appearance of papillomas a bad sign? Is it possible to get rid of them without harm to the body?

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Answer 1
December, 2020

What are papillomas and where do they come from ??

Papilloma is a benign neoplasm on the skin or mucous membrane, the development of which is provoked by the human papilloma virus.

Most often they have an oblong, elongated shape, less often they are round or flat. They are soft to the touch, slightly irregular. The color depends on the place of appearance and can either correspond to the color of the skin, or be darker. At the same time, neoplasms do not bring any painful sensations, but they do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Both women and men are susceptible to the disease. The virus is transmitted sexually or by household. The appearance on the skin of these formations often indicates a decrease in immunity. For example, they can appear in pregnant women or after colds.

The majority of people are carriers of papillomavirus. At the same time, many do not even suspect about this, since the virus may not manifest itself for years. To minimize the likelihood of infection, you must:

• observe the rules of personal hygiene, including using only individual household items (towel, washcloth, comb, etc.);

• use contraceptives during intercourse. Reduce the likelihood of infection and strong marital ties;

• lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, absence of bad habits, good health - make the body more resistant to various viruses and infections.

Treatment methods

Today, there are many ways to get rid of small papillomas. Correctly selected treatment helps to forget about the disease forever. The secret of this treatment is in an integrated approach. After removal of the papilloma, the virus continues to live in the body, which will certainly lead to the appearance of new formations on the skin. Therefore, doctors recommend taking antiviral drugs in parallel with the removal and strengthening the immune system.

Papillomas can be very easily confused with warts, moles and other formations and even serious skin diseases. Therefore, it is best to entrust the removal to a doctor who will select the most appropriate method. The most common methods are:

  1. Cauterization with salicylic acid.

  2. Burning out with liquid nitrogen.

  3. Surgical removal (using a scalpel).

  4. Electrocoagulation method.

  5. Laser removal.

There are also many alternative treatments, but in most cases, the formations reappear. For this reason, removal of papillomas at home can only be carried out if absolutely necessary. In addition, as stated above, they can be confused with serious illnesses and improper treatment can cause irreparable harm to the body.

Home remedies

To remove skin growths at home, you can buy at the pharmacy special ointment. The most popular are "Super-celandine", "Ferezol". When using them, you needI can strictly adhere to the instructions, and also do not forget about taking antiviral drugs.

There are several ways to get rid of papillomas:

  1. The most popular way is celandine. You can use both fresh juice of the plant, and you can buy a concentrated extract at the pharmacy. During the day, every four hours, the papilloma should be thoroughly lubricated with celandine using a cotton swab. After a few days, it changes its color, dries up and disappears without a trace.

  2. You can get rid of young papillomas in just one day. To do this, you should prepare a special medical talker: add 5 aspirin tablets, half a teaspoon of boric acid and 10 drops of iodine tincture to 50 ml of medical alcohol. Apply the resulting mixture every two hours.

  3. Garlic is an affordable remedy that has an immediate effect. The first method is to cut a clove of garlic and rub the affected skin with a fresh cut. The procedure can be repeated every three hours. The second option is suitable for more sensitive skin areas (neck, décolleté, armpits): chop the clove of garlic in a garlic bowl, mix with a little flour. Apply the resulting "mask" in the morning and evening and do not rinse.

  4. Ammonia is an effective way to quickly say goodbye to unpleasant formations on the skin. Using a Q-tip, the ammonia should be applied to the affected skin area up to 6 times a day. After three to four days, the skin will be smooth.

  5. Vinegar is a means with which you can really remove a papilloma in one day. Mix 9% acetic acid solution with flour until the consistency of thick sour cream is obtained, apply to the formation and let dry. If possible, do not wash off the product during the day. Fresh papillomas fall off in a day along with the "vinegar test".

  6. Tea tree oil is a gentle way to get rid of formations in the most delicate areas. A small amount of oil should be applied very carefully, being careful not to get on healthy areas of the skin, as this can cause irritation and an allergic reaction. Repeat the application up to three times a day.

To get rid of unpleasant formations on the skin, it is also recommended to treat "from the inside". To do this, take herbal decoctions of plantain, rose hips, echinacea, dandelion.

Strong immunity and a healthy lifestyle are the best protection against viruses. Therefore, regardless of the chosen method of getting rid of papillomas, you should definitely take care of your health in general.

Personally, I was helped by a new generation tool that will 100% relieve you of papillomas and warts.

Its pros:

  1. 100% safe, eliminates the risk of cancer

  2. Dries out papillomas, and they fall off by themselves

  3. Suppresses papillomavirus and the growth of new papillomas

  4. Approved for Home Use

If interested, here's a link to the article.

Answer 2
December, 2020

As for the predisposition, the reasons for the appearance and the signs - this is definitely not for me, I don't know anything here except that papillomas are a viral thing, someone may have them more often and usually there are more of them with age.

But about the removal - I have one very good method, which I tried several times on myself and on others, for small warts, too. I'm serious, this is a soldering station!

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