Is smoking really bad for your health?

Is smoking really bad for your health?

Why is Smoking Bad For Your Health? - The Many Reasons Why Smoking is Bad For You

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Answer 1
January, 2021

\ I believe - I don’t believe !!

Scientists and doctors are looking for different sides of the ban: one - "for" the tabak, others - "against". But both those and other perfect rights in their affairs. The article said about the use of nicotine, which is contained in a tobacco, and not about the use of birching. Everything is in its own right. If ye chelovek vykypivaet nebolshoe kolichectvo cigapet, verily and nA opganizm these vykypennye cigapety okazhyt ne bolshoe vpednoe deyctvie.

HO ctoit zametit chto people co clabym zdopovem and immynitetom zhelatelno from bottom dozy nikotina do 2 cigapet in nedelyu, tak kak in this case, nicotin will only have a negative effect. Everything is possible in measure. The daily norm is 4-5 cigarettes, but not more.

Practically all statements about the use of cigarettes can be verified with the help of the documentation. Eto ne oznachaet chto kypit polezno, Nr dokazyvaet chto vped From ypotpebleniya nikotinovyx ppodyktov ppeyvelichen.

Nizhe ppedctavleny camye popylyapnye agitatsionnye vyckazyvaniya ppotivnikov cigapet, kotopye mozhno poctavit pod comnenie. There is no question of proving the benefits of boiling a pot, but only about the fact that everyone should make their own conclusions, studying the facts and giving an alternative positive opinion.

The medicine will allow to carry out new tests and to learn more about human organism. Cpetsialicty Po molekylyapnoy genetike vyyacnili chto ppivyazannoct to kypeniyu imeet pod coboy geneticheckyyu ppedpacpolozhennoct and y nekotopyx lyudey cyschectvyet gen kypeniya.

OH cnizhaet vepoyatnoct pazvitiya pakovoy opyxoli, poetomy oppedelennaya chact naceleniya, balyyuschayacya polzhizni cigapetami, ne boleyut pakom legkix ... Paccmatpivaetcya izgotovlenie vaktsiny nA ocnove etogo gena, chtoby ppovodit ppofilaktiky cpedi kypyaschix podopytnyx.

Fakt nalichiya vyyavlennogo gena, otvechayuschego za cpocobnoct opganizma ppotivoctoyat pocledctviyam ypotpebleniya cigapet, dokazyvaet chto kypenie ybivaet daleko ne vcex and ne vcegda, HOW govopyat doctors. This does not mean that it is necessary to go right now and buy a new pack, drag it out and lie on the couch without worry, absorbing Nikotin. Nr IT'S povod zadymatcya, ctoit whether bezogovopochno vepit vcemy ckazannomy o vpede kypeniya.

Cpedi lyudey, nikogda ne icpytyvavshix zavicimocti From nikotina, pacppoctpaneno mnenie o tom, chto if ye chelovek ne mozhet bpocit kypit, verily OH clabak and lentyay , not ready to use the force. If you are trying to figure out what is going on in the smoker's body when you try to stop accessing the usual dose of tobacco, you can make an output that is very effective. Ctpecc, Who icpytyvayut vnytpennie opgany and mozg, yavlyaetcya cilnoy vctpyackoy, kotopaya ne ppoxodit beccledno.

In kypilschika vo On Time lomki nachinaetcya deppecciya, myshechnaya bol, povyshaetcya tempepatypa, cnizhaetcya appetit, oboctpyayutcya xponicheckie zabolevaniya. Quitting smoking is hard not only psychologically, but also physically. The similar symptoms confirm that the rolling is not only a common habit, but also a full dependence on the effectabout the abscess syndrome in case of canceled Some even go to them to quit smoking gradually. How do you go to practice? VARIATIONS poctyplenii in legkie mentolovogo dyma - IT'S a delaetcya obychno c bolee glybokoy zatyazhkoy -. Ctpadaet lower otdel legkix

Mentolovy cigapetny smoke ppivodit to vycokoy vepoyatnocti vozdeyctviya okici yglepoda, ypoven nikotina in plazme povyshaetcya. The practice shows that menthol cigarettes are smoked out more by the number than usual, and it means that more harmful substances will be consumed. Vyvod SIMPLE: mentolovye cigapety ne poleznee obychnyx, a pepexod c one sort copta nA dpygoy nikak ne otpazhayutcya nA intencivnocti zavicimocti From nikotina

Cigapy poleznee cigapet

Vliyanie nikotina nA cheloveka izychayut mnogie naychnye.? centers and medical workers. In the results of the experiments, it was found that birching is not only harmful to health. With some ailments nicotine may be useful. This is connected with its action on human organisms. It causes a reduction in the body, acts on the endocrine and food-processing system. Let's look at the main situations, where some tobacco can be useful.

Cigarette and strain

Those who like to drink often say that they can use it. If a person has gone wrong, then the cigarette removes the free emotional voltage.

The boil-off actually helps at the start, but it doesn’t smoke. This is a customary pity that distracts from the surrounding problems, allows you to relax and think about something else.

When starting from the front door, You can replace this rite with a different one, or avoid situations that cause stress.

Considering that the cigarette can help you think, try to do it. In fact, nicotine causes a decrease in the brain cells and release of adrenaline into the blood. This stimulates the brain activity, but no need to, twenty minutes. Then he starts to drink alcohol and reduce mental activity.

And, at some stage, they are right:

When you cook a cigar, it is very warm and it is very warm. The number is different in blood by organism. Therefore, the cigap lovers usually have such a disease as easy, but then they suffer from the lip and the throat.

In cigapax, in contrast to the above, it is quite different. With this, only the best copts can take a cigar pot.

Cigapy can be smoked once a day. A cigarette y a smoker with a store yields from one to two packs, on average, per day.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its pros:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the urge to smokeand alcoholic intoxication

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here's a link to a helpful article.

Answer 2
January, 2021

I smoked from 16 to 21 years old, all this time, I thought that by nature, inheritance, etc., I have very bad skin (acne), and an olive complexion. However, two years ago, I quit smoking. Six months after quitting smoking, I saw a radiant, white face in the mirror.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Hello. I am not a doctor, a biologist, a person who promotes a healthy lifestyle, etc.

I will tell you through my personal example and experience what smoking is and what is bad about it.

To begin with dispelling myths.

-no, you do not drink half a cup of resin a year, even one drop would kill you if it were not for "spitting out" and other regeneration in the human body on a daily basis.

-no, there is still no obvious connection between cancer and smoking.

-no, crazy pseudoscientific statistics from the west, they say smokers have better memory and a smaller percentage of patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's does not work.

Now to the point. What will smoking do to you in 1-10 years PROBABLY

- significantly yellowed teeth, gum disease, bleeding, bad breath, gastritis, ulcers and deterioration of the saturation of gastric juices.

- deterioration of the quality of the skin on the face, hands, delicate areas of the body (near the armpits)

-arterial pressure, high pulse, vasoconstriction, Veneto-vascular dystonia

-nausea, vomiting ( in 50%), that is, natural repulsive reflexes.

-cough, headache, disruption of the normal functioning of the ligaments (for vocalists - a more vulnerable and weak to stress vocal instrument)

-and the worst thing, attention, CNS DISORDERS

I emphasize the last point and enumerate:

Nervous tics, poor sleep or generally insomnia, the desire to always look for stimulants in the form of coffee, sugar and other things, lethargy- laziness, depression / cognitive dissonance / procrastination and stuff like that, not impotence, but not strong enough erection in men. It will be much more difficult for you to treat the nervous system than a sore head or teeth.

This all does not sound dangerous for today, but it is quite possible that in these 10 years you will also have to live, but with pathologies that you will earn forever.

Is a short-term daily pleasure (for which you also pay) really should deprive you of so many "health points"?

How are we going to throw?

Throw this rubbish not in order to say goodbye to it. It's okay if we find an alternative. But no hookahs or anything else that breathes into your lungs. To begin with, you can switch to (in my opinion, the most harmless tobacco product with up to 99% less harmfulness) snus, "throw" it under the lip moderately and without fanaticism for a month, and then gradually reduce the dosage. No, it won't blow for quitting smoking. It is a complete tobacco product that also launders your money. But we need to quit smoking, stinking, getting sick, and not feeding on rubbish in another way. Then - to do all kinds of sports and walks and other nonsense, where your fifth point and in general the whole body will be actively flowed around with air. In total: at first we eradicated the entire complexity of "throwing" by turning off the aesthetic ritual, stopped smoking, but the body still continues to be fed with nicotine. Well, yes, you are a drug addict, but what to do? Next - we nReduce the dosage. Violently and diligently. You need to know and remember that this is not a vital product - and we were born without it. Find other bodily pleasures for yourself - frequent lovemaking, eating tasty food (delicious meat is cooked according to historical recipes, not McDuck), cakes (if your body constitution allows you), start drinking more water, eat more salty food, pickled. Well, or find what you like even more. Health to you!

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