Is oily skin permanent or temporary? How to make it normal?

Is oily skin permanent or temporary? How to make it normal?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

It is impossible to completely get rid of high fat content. But you can keep your skin in good condition by observing some rules.

Exfoliate regularly

An important component of oily skin care is regular exfoliation and maintaining the acid-base balance at 5.5. For this, products with hydroxy acids, including salicylic, are suitable. To strengthen the lipid barrier, exfoliants include ceramides and cholesterol.

Monitor hormonal levels

It is believed that cosmetic preparations that include:

  • extracts of soy, wild Mexican sweet potato, damian, clover, nettle, hops;
  • alpha-linolenic acid from blackcurrant, borage, evening primrose oils;
  • zinc preparations.

Use anti-inflammatory drugs

Owners of oily skin should remember about creams with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sebum-regulating effects. In the formulas of such funds, look for:

  • plant extracts calendula, chamomile, birch, celandine and tea tree oil: in addition to antibacterial, these ingredients have many other beneficial substances for the skin;
  • peptides : they reduce inflammation, improve the quality of the skin;
  • nicotinamide: the water-soluble form of vitamin B3 is anti-inflammatory.

Change your diet

If your skin is prone to oily and inflammation, be more careful about the quality of food.

Try to exclude fatty, spicy foods from your diet. Dairy products are also discouraged.

Do not get carried away with fried and salty foods, as well as sweet and starchy foods.

Give preference to green salads, vegetables, meat and fish.

Do not forget to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water every day.

Increase physical activity

Sports exercises, long walks, yoga are needed not only to combat physical inactivity and its consequences. This is also a prerequisite for skin breathing.

Seek help from specialists

If oily skin begins to cause significant discomfort and the frequency of inflammation has increased, you should not self-medicate. A competent dermatologist after examination and analysis will give the necessary recommendations for care.

Answer 2
June, 2021

In the following, I am based on my own experience, please take this into account when reading.

Increased oily skin may be associated with improper facial care. So, if you regularly use products containing alcohol in your care, your skin will be in a constant state of stress and, trying to maintain balance, it will excessively release sebum.

Do not wash your face with soap - it, like alcohol, aggressively dries the skin.

It is a misconception that if the skin is oily, it will be unnecessary to moisturize and nourish it. It is necessary to cleanse the skin with a special product (by the way, using micellar water exclusively is not suitable, because it gradually clogs the pores, does not cleanse them enough, and requires "washing away"), then moisturize (during the day) or nourish (in the evening, during the cold season).

Also, don't overload your face with makeup. Instead of re-applying face powder throughout the day, use matting wipes.

Finally, as soon as you come home, rinse off makeup from your face, cleanse it, and let your skin breathe and oxygenate.

About 4 years ago, my skin was combination - prone to oily. Then I washed my face irregularly, did not use caring creams, unlike foundation, and sometimes I went to bed with makeup on my face. The cosmetologist, whom I came to at that time for the first time in my life, gave basic information about the importance of facial care. Now my skin is normal, in winter it is a little prone to dryness, in summer my forehead is a little oily, but this is a specific season, rather. Care balances everything.

Answer 3
June, 2021

While some skin care magazines and books recommend special diets to reduce oily skin (usually by limiting fried and oily foods), there is no connection between oily skin and diet. This condition is genetically determined: either you have it or not. You cannot turn off the sebaceous glands through diet, all you can do is unclog them.

Make mud masks, choose the right creams, foundations, cleansers and you will be happy)

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