Is it true that there is LGBT propaganda and that it can help you become gay? What are the criteria for such propaganda?

Is it true that there is LGBT propaganda and that it can help you become gay? What are the criteria for such propaganda?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

From my own experience, I’ll say no. After watching Brokeback Mountain (a film about gay cowboys who eat canned beans), sexual orientation has not changed at all. As I was straight, I stayed.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Propaganda, in theory, can be anything, even obviously congenital traits like blondes or green eyes. For example, declare that these are the true standards of beauty, and so on. Of course, as a result of such propaganda, the number of natural blondes or green-eyed, of course, will not change at all, but this will create a fashion for hair dye and contact lenses ...

Similarly, propaganda of homosexuality is the creation of such information and propaganda material , according to which among people without this deviation it will be fashionable to declare its presence, to mow like a gay. For example, as once upon a time among the subculture "ready" - to depict theatrical "depression" without the presence of such is real. Of course, this will not affect the number of real gays (those who experience such sex attraction).

In practice, I have not seen examples of such propaganda.

However, the phenomenon of "LGBT people -movement "should be separated from the very concept of a disorder such as homosexuality, since this is in many ways a political phenomenon more than a sexual one.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Over 70+ years of scientific research and a much longer time of accumulation of popular experience, they have not found ways to "educate" or "promote" orientation.

If you are talking about the 2013 law "on gay propaganda", then it's just one of the scarecrows about the threat to children, and an old one. Such laws were adopted and then canceled in Western countries.

Legislators did not introduce any criteria for "LGBT propaganda": the more broadly the inhabitants understand the threat, the better. And in the opinion of the layman, "propaganda" can be ordinary political activity, unwillingness to hide, come-outs, more frequent mentions in the media than Vasya thinks appropriate, and so on.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Despite what they write here, it definitely exists, I will try to explain why without paranoid delirium

1) Despite the active introduction of the myth about the innate nature of this feature, I came across information that scientists are inclined to believe that genetic factor - 40%, that is, the most important, but not having an "absolute majority"

2) According to statistics in California, no. orient. 15%, although net-orient themselves say that there are 5%. Then the states would be about the same

3) When I was small, I played Titan Quest and there were such enemies - huge rats, humanoids. And I remember saying to my parents: I want to be covered with hair and be like these rats. Well, they told me that I was carrying a blizzard and somehow the desire to cosplay the ratmen passed. But the fact that people can imitate their favorite characters - cosplay is a prime example. So, I came across the tables that among people there are many bi-with a tendency to a certain gender, which can then "ossify". Thus, if someone's favorite character turns out to be netr. orient, and his inclination according to that table is 20%, he can try to accentuate his field to be like his idol

4) "Be like me". For example, when I started playing War Thunder, I immediately began to ask my best friend to play him too. Why? Because people are used to dividing everything into their strangers. And here everything is not limited to the home country, race, culture. "Anime on ave-health mom", "Anime is worse than p * doras" - have you heard such statements? For example, when an anime artist sees another anime artist on the Internet, he sees his own in him, and when a non-anime artist sees an anime artist, he sometimes hates him and sees a stranger in him. Or, for example, mutual hatred and propaganda to go to their own among the War Thunder and World of Tanks communities - both games are about WW2, both are about tanks, both are made in the CIS, but the players constantly "drag" each other to themselves and promote their game. It's the same with LGBT people. Some of them divide the world into friends and foes by orientation (there is even a repulsed movement that believes that gays need to found a new nation) and, as a result, propagandize this. Considering that there is a minuscule work-netr, a lot of straight people and a certain percentage of "B" who can ossify, this percentage is subject to propaganda

5) Radical denial of propaganda, harassment on the Internet of those who claim that it exists. Actually, the argument that the one who is against gay propaganda himself is broken by the fact that, according to this logic, if a person does not like the village toilets, because he is afraid of falling into a hole with a shit, a latent coprophage, and the one who is afraid of fire is a latent pyromaniac. Although I would not be surprised that strong homophobia can lead to spontaneous fantasies about this topic - akin to looking at a dark opening, we imagine a crocazabra jumping out of there and tearing us apart - the brain models what we are afraid of in order to prepare us. And if there is something, then someone is probably promoting it. Isn't such a radical denial part of propaganda, after all, propaganda does not include a radical denial ofhim either? (Russia 24: DON'T DARE TO LISTEN% NamePolitics%, Blogger: DON'T DARE TO WATCH TV, DPRK: DON'T DARE to believe the southerners). Likewise here: DON'T DARE to believe that there is LGBT propaganda, whoever believes he is such but hides.

Actually, I'll tell you why I consider myself a homophobic: At first I didn't know what it was, and so it was long. My first friend appeared in the 6th or 7th grade. The school trollot launched a rumor about us that we were one of these (We often hung out in the school basement and played word games on the topic of battles with monsters and other things, but people started rumors of a rather dumb nature) and then I decided that these were just some strange people (Well and figs with them, you never know in the world of game happens). Then I will take a long time to explain this curiosity, but I really didn’t want to go to my favorite site with flash games from my friend. As a result, I began to stupidly mow with a cheer of a patriot before it became mainstream (although I only knew that the Americans destroyed some Indians and detonated a nuclear bomb somewhere in Japan). As you know, if you wear a mask for a long time, it grows to your face, after all, a friend thought WTF was with me at all and told me something about what I did not think at all (You went to the movies, you support Americans) and I had to change and / or look for new arguments. Some time has passed, I already realized that it seems like it's time to tie, but again a long story and I have notably gotten sickly depression. I extinguished it with dreams of Yellowstone, the collapse of the West, and I began to homophobia stupidly along the way, picking up game from any sites of dubious quality (Where is my Yellowstone, in 2017 they promised, you bastards :() Well, then I also began to get involved in military topics as I played dofiga in War Thunder and all this interested me. Then the depression began to fade away, for a while I stopped homophobic because of the characters Yuzu and Utsuro and "imaginary dreams", and then 1) One indie developer from whom I was waiting for one game for several years "rolled down" and started instead games to rivet yaoi (And as I understand from the comments, there was not even a plot in his game, that is, it stupidly broke through to dumb content) 2) All LGBT people whom I met on the Internet (Who advertised this with Avoy or was seen from the comments) liberals and Russophobes (I am not exaggerating, there was one comment where one didn’t whine that the Russians had humiliated him and that the Russians needed a complete genocide, and there are many such personalities) 3) If all kinds of Yuzu and Utsuro exist, then they are not in this world. According to the same statistics, a heterosexual has an average of 7 people per life, and these are more than a hundred. And these are not. orient just a circus. What they are trying to paint in games is only a certain ideal image. 4) And most importantly, they are revanchists. Why is it 3.14 dec? Yes, because I myself am a revanchist, which means I know how powerful this motivator is, only now they have much stronger revanchism - for centuries they were oppressed by everyone, and now they are like a villain from a stupid kin "Everyone kicked me, now I have power for you all Toby Star. " How liberal are the Russian gaming media - even they are already burning up from how they push through the lgbt characters thatbut where they should not be at all from the word at all. And I understand perfectly well that if you do not stop fighting with this tryndets, then they will crush the whole world for themselves and spoil it. If they weren't revenge-seekers but quietly 18+ each other and not showing off to me it would be purple on them. But now LGBT is no longer even an orientation, but a whole organization with its own ideology (a terrible hybrid of the worst from liberalism and Marxism, as for me) and clear goals. You can write to me as much as you like that I'm wrong, but somehow it doesn't break through - I calmly read a lot of monologues from the agents of the same "Dream of Freedom" and she didn't catch me. I will stay where I am.






Answer 5
January, 2021
  1. Propaganda exists. Anything. And LGBT people too. For example, promoting the idea that adults, by mutual consent, can indulge in sex with each other, even if they have the same genitals. There is also propaganda and the opposite idea, for example, that if people with the same genitals have sex with each other, after death they will be punished by God and Satan will take them to hell.

  2. A person can listen to propaganda and think "but a nice person, he really is of the same sex with me, but why don't I have sex with him, if he doesn't mind and even for" and realize this idea. In the end, he will either like it or not. If he likes it and even more than with the opposite sex and he chooses this type of sexual behavior for himself, then yes, he will become gay. If you don't like it, it won't. In any case, a person will choose the type of sexual behavior that gives him joy and will be happy. what's wrong with that?

  3. If a person conceptually does not like having sex with his gender, then no matter how much propaganda broadcasts to him that it is good and pleasant, he still will not choose such sexual behavior. Because people, normal people, don't do what they don't like. I don’t eat bell pepper, and no matter how much the healthy lifestyle propaganda tells me about its benefits, I will not eat it, because it is disgusting. If, on the contrary, a person likes his gender and does not like the opposite one (well, that's how I like bell pepper), then making him eat what you don't want is cruel and ridiculous, for what's the point? Who is better from the fact that a person will suffer?

  4. Sometimes the peculiarities of the development and functioning of the brain are such that a person does not get pleasure from sesa with the opposite sex, but gets from sex with his own. And he will become gay, even if he never sees a word of LGBT propaganda in his life, but listens exclusively to radio radonezh and believes that after his death he will be dragged off to hell for his biologically determined attraction. And he will be unhappy. And who feels good about it?

TOTAL: fear of LGBT propaganda is some kind of idiotic stupidity, from which no one feels good, but everyone only feels bad and unhappy.

Answer 6
January, 2021

According to this logic, a person is a transparent vessel!

put a homosexual cube in it and he is homosexual.

put a heterosexual cube in it ((content) is a conventional unit of propaganda) and now he has become heterosexual!

So she is somehow not fixed, this orientation here / there drops out)))


I wanted looked like guys among themselves or girls among themselves tsyluyutsa and that! You are LGBT today, tomorrow you will have to look at how a guy and a girl are kissing and now you are heterosexual!


Oh, this Freud was inventing some kind of game there! Pindos tricked! And it’s all easier in fact))))) and there’s no orientation ...

Think of it so that I see the propaganda of healthy people and recovered PLIZ!

Answer 7
January, 2021

Certain types of influence on the human psyche can cause a change in aesthetic, and, accordingly, sexual preferences. There are more homosexual practitioners in countries that promote tolerance for perversion. Supporters of liberal ideas express bewilderment about such a conclusion, which, in fact, is a nihilistic denial. When it turns out that the sexual preferences of a liberal are very doubtful, he is inclined to object: "Yes, I like to bite my pillow, but not all carriers of my ideology are mentally ill perverts as well."

From my point of view, the problem is possible decide by instilling in children a sense of tolerance in relation to the well-established structure of society. Rebellion against everything normal is the natural state of a child. However, its influence is increasing many times, with the advent of freedom of speech, and especially, with the advent of the Internet, accessible to everyone. The larva has not finished school yet, but is already absolutely sure that a better future for her country is possible only with Navalny.

Answer 8
January, 2021

I can imagine how many minuses our LGBT fans are hanging on me now after I express my point of view. They are friendly guys. But here some commentators argue that LGBT people are white and fluffy, they are not engaged in propaganda, that they are clamped down by supporters of traditional marriage everywhere in Russia. Well, the poor gays and lesbians are not given a straight passage, and everywhere they spread rot. An obvious lie ... Yes, in our country gay pride parades are not allowed, propaganda of homosexuality and same-sex marriage are not allowed. But nobody crawls in their bed. If you want to have sex with a partner of your gender, do it. The flag is in your hands. But this is not enough for gays and lesbians ... It is imperative to advertise your relationship. What is not propaganda ... You look, thanks to propaganda, gay pride parades, same-sex marriages will be allowed, and then it won't be long to get into the government. Although I would not be surprised that some State Duma deputies have already become gays or lesbians. All of Europe and America is already seized by this madness, and only Russia is still a stronghold of Christian morality and traditional family foundations. And only the West is haunted by this. They try to persistently impose their moral values ​​on us. What is it? Are they mad from fat? Yes, no ... It's just that Russia for them is an eyesore. For some reason, many people believe that if people in the West live prosperously, then everything is correct there. It is impossible to deny - the economy there is at the proper level. Doesn't this rise and fall of the Roman Empire remind you? Everyone knows what kind of sexual orgies the emperor Caligula arranged for himself, but this did not save Rome from decline. In my opinion, there is no longer that good old Europe and its comfort. The dominance of emigrants, the indifference of the police to the rape of women, the legalization of drugs, the ugly upbringing of children, who are taught from childhood the concepts of gender equality and lack of gender. And now they are trying to impose these false moral values ​​on the Internet, in the press and in some mass media in Russia. We cannot be defeated by military means, but the corruption of young people is the most convenient way to impose their own rules and the gradual colonization of Russia. On the Internet, more and more often I come across the same authors who tell us the following: the USSR was an occupier, not a liberator of Europe from Nazism, that the entire history of the country is a myth, that the Russian people are not capable of developing if they do not repent of all their sins and will not accept the Western way of life. And these same authors preach LGBT people. What a coincidence! And we must admit that their propaganda, taking advantage of the people's dissatisfaction with the authorities, gives rise to certain shoots in society. For some reason, these authors do not want to realize that the Russian people have their own mentality and their own path of development, which is fundamentally incomparable with the so-called Western democracy.

Answer 9
January, 2021

No, well, you don't need to be so rude, why promote some kind of sex, especially unconventional, he, of course, will not have children, but various unpleasant diseases are quite possible. You can simply promote the "consumer society", because everyone wants to live happily and beautifully, buy fashionable and expensive things, travel, look great, be surrounded by everyone's attention and much, much more, but in the center there is always an ordinary consumer, very selfish, narcissistic and therefore lonely. And why does this person need anyone else? Partner? Maybe ... Spouse? Oh well, nafig! Family Children? And what is this? I don’t know such words ... And there is no special LGBT propaganda, there is simply a society where more sex and less love, where people at forty are afraid of "serious relationships" and where there is so much talk about loneliness, depression and suicide. p>

Answer 10
January, 2021


Answer 11
January, 2021

There is no such thing. If a person does not want propaganda do not make him suck x—. LGBT Agenda develops the understanding that homosexuals are the same people as naturals and should have the same rights, but there are situations where the LGBT society hammers it and does a little different, but they do not recruit straight people to make them gay.

Answer 12
January, 2021

Author, are you afraid that you won't have to persuade you for a long time? Are you almost becoming?

Orientation is a built-in property. As you might guess, in the middle of that century and earlier, they struggled to re-educate gays in a bunch of different ways. And there were results! Driving to suicide - it worked. It was possible to bring up a severe neurosis. It was possible to get gays to hide from everyone and portray heterosexuals - this is often the case now. You can make a gay drunk. Wherein. You can't make a gay man straight. And heterosexuals don't turn out to be gay. (One could give examples of Andrew Solomon, actor and writer Stephen Fry, who spent a lot of nerves and many years trying to re-educate himself as a hetero, Alan Turing, who contributed to the victory over Nazi Germany by helping to decode military ciphers, and thanks in part to We all have computers and smartphones, the grateful homeland imprisoned him and eventually drove him to suicide.)

Only a part of bi has a small choice, but not all of them. And if bi tends only towards homo all his life, he has to hide in the same way.

If after the propaganda you are gay, then you were gay before the propaganda. You can just as well apply football or field hockey. After the speech of the deputy from EdRa on TV, gay will be gay. And before him, too.

Think, here is a person has a chance to be bullied, it was practically impossible to find a match, and in any case there is a much more limited choice, the parents will probably renounce and never let them on the doorstep, friends will merge , but you can die from a craniocerebral, and he is - mmmmmm, great idea. Give me two!

Especially in Chechnya they are like this: great idea. They line up right in line.

And imagine how effective propaganda is, if even a noticeable percentage of the livestock of giraffes, dogs and various other animals is carried out on it.

So the main criterion for LGBT propaganda is - this is the place: in the brains of Milonov and other heroes of labor.

Here's a problem for you. Let's say there are about 7% of gay people in a given area. The number is inaccurate, in the human population it is in the range of 7-11%, less often 6%. Towns and villages are filled to the brim with the most brutal hetero-agitation. Combined of course with homophobia. The love line was shoved even into films where it is not needed at all. And in the vast majority of cases, the relationship is heterogeneous. On any mortgage poster, on almost any yogurt ad, on many water filter ads, on juice ads, and the devil in a mortar. Each subway train contains hundreds of hetero propaganda posters, usually several per carriage. Straight couples walk along the street and, imagine, without hiding at all and without embarrassment, they kiss passionately and hug. There is a lot of hetero-agitation everywhere. Why haven't gays been convinced yet? Why are they gone 3%, then 1%, then 0%.

Answer 13
January, 2021

Of course it's true, because there is a propaganda of idiocy in Russia and the result is obvious, many who succumbed to this propaganda have successfully turned from ordinary fools into clinical idiots.

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