Is it true that the worse the handwriting, the higher the level of intelligence?

Is it true that the worse the handwriting, the higher the level of intelligence?

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Answer 1
March, 2021

The article was not written out of great intelligence. if personal opinion, then with intelligence everything is clear ... But this is rather personal ... there is not a single link to an authoritative opinion

Answer 2
March, 2021

Let me give you examples: my nephew studied at 5, got a higher education, writes good poetry, calligraphic handwriting. And his brother's handwriting is disgusting, but he also studied perfectly. I myself was good at school, the handwriting was uneven, well, I could not write all the letters of the same height. And then I got angry with myself, well, I thought, was it really impossible for me, I started working on myself, after 3 months I wrote exactly and accurately. Intelligence does not affect handwriting in any way, rather temperament and state of mind can affect handwriting. My opinion.

Answer 3
March, 2021

the essence of handwriting is that you want to express ...

calligraphy and beautiful letters, or convey information from the head, where the thought is already at the end of the article, and you only wrote the first line ...

and time ..... the doctor writes quickly, because his task is not to write, but to heal ... and he tries to use precious time correctly, and not for the beautiful slow reproduction of the letters of the alphabet ...

Answer 4
March, 2021

Good handwriting speaks of good fine motor skills + skill training. This kind of motor skills is practically from birth and has little to do with intellect in either direction.

As well as vice versa, athletes (not chess players) can expect rather average intelligence (that is, there will be both smart and stupid, like ordinary people), well, except that the smartest will probably prefer science or something to sports.

Answer 5
March, 2021

No - this is a false statement.

Poor handwriting indicates violations of fine motor skills, which are controlled by the very mind.

Well, for understanding: intelligence = mind = just a knowledge base ( read the encyclopedia in the skull). Intelligence and mind are very often confused with reason, i.e. the ability to make optimal use of existing knowledge.

Answer 6
March, 2021

According to my own observations, we can say unequivocally about some features of the mind by handwriting. But not about intelligence - this matter is generally difficult to measure even when communicating with a person, let alone by handwriting.

If the handwriting is even, beautiful, well read, then the unequivocal conclusion is that the person is pedantic enough, well planning who knows exactly what he wants. And vice versa.

However, an element of illegibility is often introduced into the handwriting due to haste, which is inextricably linked with many activities, especially among doctors. Fast is not good quality, and they don't need the second.

Answer 7
March, 2021

Not true. The beauty of a stroke has nothing to do with intelligence. It correlates with how often you write and how well you got your hand in childhood. So you can be with your scribbles as a complete idiot, a genius, and the most ordinary person.

Answer 8
March, 2021

When applying for a job, I often ask a candidate to write a short essay on a sheet of why I want to work as a lawyer in my firm! And this, by the way, the action causes a stupor in many and then they write strange things and often in terrible handwriting, which tell me a lot about these people and I often refuse to those who cannot correctly formulate their thoughts in writing and write in scribbles!

Answer 9
March, 2021

Stop talking about handwriting. Nobody needs it now. Doctors and others who hid their lack of spelling knowledge or study or leave your post. You have the opportunity to type everything on the computer. Handwriting has no meaning for intelligence.

Answer 10
March, 2021

This is at least close to the truth. The same difference as between a crammer and talent. As a rule, the talent does not pay attention to trifles, and the crammer is punctual and diligent. Plus, there is artistic beauty in fluent handwriting.

Answer 11
March, 2021

Your question is not correct. What does "Worse handwriting" mean? For everyone, this concept is worse.

Worse is when the handwriting is illegible, or the lines are jumping, or the letters do not resemble the writing norm (as taught at school).

The psychological characteristics of a person depend on the criterion. Here are two examples of intelligent handwriting:

Intelligent (specific) - IQ particular

2020-06- 20_00-47-19.png

Signs of handwriting:

• The location is written - normative, standard, a little formal, a little crowded;

• The organization is lacking, spaciousness and structure. The person is too involved, cannot emerge and look around;

• The handwriting is very detailed, there is no fluidity of the harmony of the word, each letter is like a separate figure;

• The shape of the letters is detailed, nowhere details of the letter are destroyed;

• The letters are clear and crisp. Even if a person has suffered, the letters remain written out, the ligaments do not interfere with the isolated clarity;

• The letters are close to the standard, simple;

• The lines are thick and solid;

• The pressure is strong, bold, smearing, viscous (depth);

• The size of the handwriting is large;

• The handwriting is rich in wide gestures - loops, reinforcements, initial letters;

• the distance between words and between letters decreases (between letters - specifics, concentration, detail);

• Roundness of handwriting - due to the use of garlands and arcades - progress, flexibility, IQ;

• Lines can go up or down.


• a person is interested in useful, specific, useful;

• conservatism, tradition, checking for tooth;

• hates lectures, theories ... (that is, it is applied)

• strive to adapt things, objects;

• absolute vision of details and nuances ;

• takes into account the specific factors of the host environment, and is not ahead of time;

• concrete thinking;

• good memory, accumulative, learn on the go, on the spot from experience;

• trusts only his own experience, facts, verified information, justified predictions;

• Thinks in concrete images of a visual form - saw, believed

IQ General (Intellectual, more abstract).



• spacious and natural organization of the text arrangement;

• there is a hierarchy on the sheet, structure, algorithms;

• careless execution of letters, inferiority, incomplete writing;

• letters in a word overflow one into another;

• the shape of the letter is simplified and schematic;

• with continuous handwriting, it is difficult to identify letters due to ligaments;

• the shape of the letters is not standard, the original retains the style, harmonious;

• thin, light line;

• weak pressure;

• the first letters in words are not big (freedom is important);

• the distance between words and letters is large;

• many straight lines are not included Slightness (internal mental control);

• straight lines.


• interested in abstract theories, discovering the relationships between them, striving to get into the essence of the phenomenon;

• distinguishes the main from the secondary;

• sees a common, integral curtain, decompose the situation like a puzzle;

• theoretical and abstract thinking;

• philosophical concepts and categories;

• prefers ideas and theories to practice;

• memory - it is necessary to understand, build associations, and then remembers concepts, idea, process;

• thinking is flexible, concentrated, artifacts, essence of the phenomenon , clear, crisp, uses symbols;

• prefers activity - intellectual and spiritual;

• interested in understanding ideas and principles;

• there is an abstract imagination, which helps to generate new ideas;

• an individualist, has his own opinion, but not much involved;

• is not conservative, not conformist , flexible;

• content is more important than form;

• can get by with incomplete information.

Answer 12
March, 2021

Believe me, there is no relationship. First, "beautiful" and "ugly" are very subjective concepts. Handwriting can be ugly in many different ways. Any little thing in handwriting can tell a lot about a person. From angle and size, to pressure, joints and hinges. If you are interested, I can leave a link to a large article on the influence of a person's character on handwriting.

The beauty of handwriting is a subjective concept, but the degree of intelligence is even more controversial. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to directly depend on you.

But I would rather, on the contrary, note that beautiful, verified brush movements indicate perseverance, patience and efficiency. Calligraphic handwriting doesn't just appear. And if these qualities can be attributed to the signs of intelligence, and I think they can. It is rather the opposite - beautiful handwriting is a greater sign of intelligence than sloppy

Answer 13
March, 2021

Here I read the comments and in shock. Damn, the level of intelligence does not depend on the writing, not at all. I have terrible handwriting and I miss the letters. And I don't see mistakes, I reread the word five times and write it in a new way every time. And it cannot be treated.

Answer 14
March, 2021

I always suspected that I was a super genius, not a simple professor!))) What I scribbled today - I myself will not be able to read tomorrow!))) But there is some truth in this. I learned to write on my own, at the age of four - when fine motor skills, in principle, did not allow me to do it properly ... And then everyone admired me so much that they did not force me to relearn ...

Answer 15
March, 2021

Handwriting depends on what a person is used to noticing - the external, that is, the visual side of things or the internal meaning, as well as how quickly he had to write in order to keep within time, and this became a habit.

Answer 16
March, 2021

By the handwriting of the printer, you can tell how nervous the computer is. :)

We no longer write letters by hand. It's a pity. In addition to words, such a letter also contained a lot of side information. After all

Handwriting is an autobiography. Curry Leytet.

Is it true that the worse the handwriting, the higher the level of intelligence?

I think not. There is no direct connection between intelligence and handwriting, but there are time-tested considerations from life.

Handwriting develops in a child with the beginning of learning to write, usually from 5 to 12 years old. Straight lines, bagels, curls, squiggles, letter elements, letters, words, the ability to keep a straight line, and so on. As in any business. The more you do something, the better, the `` dexterous '' it turns out ...

If at this time an adult, like a demanding grandmother or nanny, or aunt-tutor, or (what the best thing) mom, then such a demanding adult most likely will not allow lines scribbled like a chicken with a paw in a writing homework. An adult in one way or another (with additional exercises ...) will make sure that the child WAS WRITTEN and the handwriting develops a practical, neat, and if not beautiful, then at least readable. In the 70-80s of the last century (pre-computer era), many mothers of first-graders were seriously concerned about this ...

And at the same time, the child (of course, because of an adult constantly hanging over him ...) character traits: diligence, serious attitude to school, thoroughness, perseverance, love of reading, perception and understanding of text from a book, the ability to study regularly, i.e. WORK, LEARNING YOURSELF, a sense of responsibility for homework not done. All this is imperceptible and gradually becomes a habit. The ability to work independently and purposefully. Becomes an inner need and character trait. An overhanging adult in high school can be removed, the child will continue to move independently.

This, at least, happened to my daughter. From classes at the age of 4 with a retired grandmother, a kindergarten teacher with 45 years of work experience, she moved in the 6th grade to independent studies, but the habits were already imperceptibly formed. And this is given the fact that the character of the daughter is very, very difficult. She graduated from school, and then university, and then graduate school with excellent marks. Without the participation of adults, for which our family, especially our father, are very grateful to her. Like my own grandmother, the best tutor ...

I saw many similar examples in other families. What am I leading all this to? And besides the fact that more often good, readable and beautiful handwriting is observed in people of a certain warehouse.

They grew up under supervision and control in prosperous families, studied well at school, and received a higher education. They spoiled the handwriting a little by writing the abstracts, but then they restored it ... Because to write beautifully and legibly is a need already formed in them.

Those who had to read and write a lot in their lives: teachers, writers, people of art and culture, intellectual professions and occupations.

That demonstrate a level of intelligence above average, not below.

Doctors are a special question. Every doctor is an intellectual, but the doctor's handwriting is bad due to lack of time and twitching.

"The perfection of writing lies in the correct pedagogical education, repeated exercise and purity of the soul"

(Yakut Mustasimi )

“Most of the illegible writing around the world is simply too hasty”

(Lewis Carroll)

“Writing exists to read, and not so that they were helpless in reading it "

(Sultan Ali Mashhadi)

My answer. A high level of intelligence is usually accompanied by readable handwriting.

Answer 17
March, 2021

Bad handwriting is cryptography (joke).

I have normal handwriting, but it depends a lot on the written subject, less often on paper. But when I need to write something down quickly, I recognize my handwriting only under a magnifying glass))) Also, the emotional state of a person affects the handwriting, and this is definitely not intellect, but emotions. Here, he answered the question quite accurately and in good handwriting (computer intelligence).

Answer 18
March, 2021

Poor handwriting often speaks of content over form. This is a very important point. When a child in math class thinks about the formula and not about the calligraphy, it says a lot. Can you imagine Grigory Perelman writing down the proof of Poincaré's theorem in a good-looking even handwriting? If he doesn't even look after himself properly, he is so keen on mathematics.

Answer 19
March, 2021

Handwriting is often distorted due to the strain on the hand when writing with a ballpoint pen. Often, after starting to use the fountain pen, the hand experiences less stress, relaxes and writes more beautifully. I went through a similar experience myself.

Answer 20
March, 2021

If I try, I can write very nicely, and readable. But I'm usually in a hurry. It's just where it is not clear. And I just can't clearly control fine motor skills. Therefore, when necessary, I can write quite beautifully for myself, even in some particular style. And usually I just do not attach much importance to this.
It seems to me that this is akin to the fact that a person does not attach much importance to his clothes, or the importance of order, tidiness in the house, aesthetics. If such a symptom is manifested very clearly in relation to what is considered to be the norm, then it is called slovenliness.
From a spiritual point of view, slovenliness is a symptom of pride, since a person who behaves in such a way as if challenges the prevailing norms, opposes his ego, ego of other people. Selfishness is especially extreme when a person deliberately behaves this way, not taking into account even the remarks of respected people. When a person is imbued with the importance of this, he begins to dress neatly, to remove scattered objects in his field of activity, to be pleasant in communication, to write in such a handwriting that would delight the eyes of the reader.
Another extreme of this symptom is excessive concern about everything. above. When all this becomes not a means, not an instrument, not a consequence of harmony in the human soul, but an end in itself. A person, again, has as his inner motive the opposition of himself, his ideal order in everything, supposedly the disorder of other people. This is also one of the faces of selfishness. Particularly painful manifestations of this are classified as psychopathy.
Based on these considerations, it seems to me that if a person, in an official document, writes in illegible handwriting, then either he has impaired functions of the nervous system responsible for fine motor skills, or he is dismissive of it .
This is purely my personal opinion. I wrote it while I was driving the minibus.

Answer 21
March, 2021

I read the article and began to remember people with beautiful and ugly handwriting and compare them .... and indeed .... beautiful handwriting in simple people, by the way, not always neat and organized ... but scribbled handwriting is more often in smart , intellectually developed people ... many of them are neat and organized in life ... there is something in this ....

Answer 22
March, 2021

only one thing can be said by handwriting: whether the person is neat or not)
everything else is a little thought.
here are some more symbols, because my short answer is not allowed by the system.

Answer 23
March, 2021

Poor handwriting suggests that a person has not been organized since childhood, does not care about both his appearance and his inner content. He devotes a lot of time not to his self-education, but to his self-admiration. Poorly perceives criticism, and does not know how to look at himself from the outside. He asserts himself on others, is very touchy when he is told the truth in his eyes. So, if we talk about intelligence, then it is not as high as it seems to the owner of bad handwriting. And if you briefly talk about such a person, then he is a lazy rambler.

Answer 24
March, 2021

The worse the handwriting, the higher the probability that its owner is a sysadmin. Well, or a person who mostly sits at a computer ..

If you knew what a torment it is for me to write a vacation application. :-)

Answer 25
March, 2021

In my opinion, there is some kind of connection (complex) between the fancy signature and the social positioning of the person. It is quite possible to study it. Along with the manner of ladies to paint.

Answer 26
March, 2021

If we omit doubts about the scientific nature of graphology (I have no opinion on this), then the position of graphology is as follows:
If a person is intellectually developed, then he thinks more or less pragmatically. This pragmatism of thinking can be extended to the writing process, namely in simplifying the forms of letters: making them more schematic, within the limits of the readability of the written. Simplification of forms, according to the idea of ​​graphology, should speed up the writing process and, thus, optimize labor costs for it. Traditional calligraphic letters are full of detail and many of us have stopped writing the "three-fingered" capital T, for example. The more work is done to optimize the entire writing, the more, as graphologists claim, the higher mental abilities.
Well, accordingly, if the letters are simply written "like a chicken with a paw" (ie, without "smart" solutions), then this is says little about high IQ. It is also possible that clumsiness can be combined with schematicity.
Again, I am not saying that this is a direct relationship, this is the position of graphologists. Moreover, I do not claim the highest accuracy in describing the position of graphology on this issue. If you feel like it, look for the handwritings of famous people, those whom you consider intellectually capable. Try to compare and draw conclusions. Maybe it is you who will take up this topic and finally put an end to this teaching (although this is a thankless task)!

Answer 27
March, 2021

I would like to believe it, because I just have a disgusting handwriting, but alas, no.

When in everyday life they talk about the connection between handwriting and intelligence, they often appeal to the following premise: “If the movements of a person's hands when writing, they are not accurate, then they do not have time to keep up with the speed of his thoughts, therefore, he thinks much faster than he writes, and if he also writes quickly, then he is probably very smart, "- a premise that is obviously far-fetched and even false. The same can be said about someone who writes slowly, beautifully and accurately: “If the movements of a person's hands when writing are precisely calibrated, then he is clearly intellectual enough to achieve this level of self-discipline, and if the result is also beautiful, then this speaks of him as about a person with a deep sense of aesthetics, which is characteristic only of the clever. " One excludes the other, but can often be heard from one mouth. Therefore, I propose not to even discuss this logic, not to mention the obvious logical errors in such rhetoric.

When not in everyday life, but in a professional environment, they talk about the connection between handwriting and intelligence or, more often, character (from which, due to the halo effect, intellectual properties are also attributed to a person), appeal to graphology. Graphology is a teaching according to which there is a strong connection between handwriting and personality traits. But alas, graphology is a pseudoscience. Like astrology. Two sisters. That is, no confirmation has been received for any of them, and those obtained have been achieved by methods of insufficient level of evidence or do not comply with the scientific principle of falsification. By the way, if, when hiring, a personnel officer gives you to a graphologist, feel free to send this work to the jade lingam, for it is saturated with tyranny.

So no, not true.

Answer 28
March, 2021

I have never seen such a correlation. But even if this is the case, then it is a correlation and not a causal relationship. So there is little that can be done about it. For example, you decide to improve your intelligence and start distorting your handwriting. Of course, this will not affect intelligence in any way.

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