Is it true that daily cream should be applied to the face with upward movements, or does it not matter?

Is it true that daily cream should be applied to the face with upward movements, or does it not matter?

Face Massage For Beginners - Do It While You Watch It

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Answer 1
November, 2020

Dump of the face - why changes occur !!

Oval of the face loses its shape for the following reasons:

• age-related changes. The skin becomes less elastic over time, since the synthesis of elastin and collagen slows down from the age of 35;

• genetics. If women in the family begin to age early, it is necessary to take preventive measures after 30 years;

• weight fluctuations. Gaining weight causes the skin to stretch all over the body, including the face. On the other hand, drastic weight loss will also lead to sagging skin - it will not have time to adapt to changes, so you need to lose weight gradually;

With a sharp weight gain or rapid weight loss, the tissue does not have time to adjust to changes - the skin sags

• excess fluid. If you like to eat spicy, salty and sweet food, fluid is retained in your body - swelling appears, the face becomes round, the skin becomes loose;

• improper posture. If you constantly slouch, not only the position of the spine changes, but also the shape of the cheeks, the corners of the lips shift, the position of the neck changes;

Posture affects the outlines of the face - the position of the neck changes, and hence the chin, mouth and cheeks

• bad habits. If a person smokes, abuses alcohol and unhealthy food, his body begins to age faster. The skin loses its freshness due to lack of moisture (when drinking alcohol), firmness and shape;

• frequent exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays deplete collagen stores in the skin.

If you often sunbathe, the skin will lose its collagen stores

• improper care. If a woman uses cosmetic care products that are not suitable for her skin type and other features of the body, for example, age, they begin to work in the opposite direction - the skin becomes loose and sagging. Insufficient hydration and cleansing also play a negative role;

• the habit of sleeping with your face in a pillow.

How to prevent loss of firmness of the oval of the face

To keep the skin firm and oval face had beautiful outlines as long as possible, you need to take good care of your face and the whole body:

• start eating right. Eliminate or at least minimize fried, too salty, sweet and starchy foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables - the vitamins in them will stimulate collagen production. Switch to complex carbohydrates - buckwheat, rice, oatmeal and other grains. There should be 5-6 meals a day to speed up the metabolism, but the portions should be smaller than usual. Chew thoroughly to engage all the muscles in your face, do not overeat. In the evening, only protein (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, etc.) and vegetables are allowed if you want to lose weight;

Unhealthy fast carbohydrates should be excluded from the diet - give preference to fish, meat, vegetables, fruits , herbs, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese

• consume enough liquid. You need to drink about 1.5-2 liters of water per day (depending on yourth weight). If you comply with this condition, the skin will be regularly renewed, edema will disappear. It is useful to drink green tea - it tones up;

Every day you need to drink regularly 1.5-2 liters of water

• use the right cosmetics. Find products to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish. Consider your skin type and active ingredients. It is recommended to do this with the participation of a specialist cosmetologist. If age allows, be sure to use age serums and creams. The kit should include sunscreen, even if you do not sunbathe on the beach and live in a cold region - if possible, use it several times a day;

Choose cosmetics based on your skin type and age

• to carry out contrasting washings. Wash your face alternately with warm and cold water - if swelling appears in the morning, it will go away immediately. After a week, you will feel a slight tightening effect. You can also wash yourself with ice - cold cubes will increase blood circulation. Take chamomile and mint decoctions as an ice base;

Contrast washing with ice in the morning will help to quickly tone the skin - the puffiness and bruises under the eyes will go away, the skin will become elastic in a week

• scrub the skin ... You can use ready-made and homemade scrubs, for example, with ground natural coffee. They remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and accelerate the formation of new ones. In winter, it is recommended to carry out peels by a beautician.

How to tighten the oval of the face at home

Special gymnastics for the face ("face building"), massage, and masks are suitable as home methods, however these methods will work well only for minor defects. If the oval of the face has "swam" strongly, it is recommended to contact a beautician.

Exercises for lifting the oval of the face

If you perform the following exercises regularly every day, you will see the first result in a month:

  1. Chin extension. Place your hands on the surface of the table you are sitting at and rest your chin on them. For some time, tilt your head towards your palms as much as possible, as if overcoming their resistance. Repeat 20 times.
  2. Cheek puffing. Take more air into your mouth and roll it from one side to the other. Repeat until you get tired.
  3. Closing of teeth and lips. Close your teeth and lips tightly and push the lower part of the jaw forward. Be careful not to open your mouth. Repeat 10 times, holding for a few seconds in the end position.
  4. Smile with opposition. Pull in your cheeks as much as possible and press on them with your index fingers. Without changing the position of your cheeks, try to smile. Repeat 10 times.

Regular exercise will increase the tone of the facial muscles - it will acquire aristocratic features

  1. Capture the upper lip. Having taken a sitting position, tilt your head back and try to grab the upper lip with your lower lip. Do 15 times in multiple sets.
  2. Exercisewith a pencil. Place a pencil between your teeth, hold it down and try to write a few words in the air. Repeat as long as you can.
  3. Take a deep breath with the neck extended. Stand up and straighten up. Wrap your arms around your shoulders. Stretch your neck up as far as possible and take a deep breath. Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Pulling lips. Pull your lips out with a "straw" and pronounce all the vowels of the alphabet. Try to do this in such a way as to feel the tension in the muscles in your face.
  5. Raising the head while lying down. Lie on the floor and stretch out properly. Lift your head off the surface and very slowly raise it to your chest, and then begin to turn it in different directions. Keep your shoulders on the floor. Do 10 repetitions.
  6. Air in the mouth. Close your mouth tightly and draw air into your cheeks through your nose. Release it slowly through your slightly parted lips. Repeat several times.

Do facial exercises daily for 20 minutes

  1. The sounds "u" and "and". When you have a free minute, alternate these two sounds several times a day, straining your facial muscles.
  2. Pressing on the cheeks. Inflate your cheeks slightly and close your lips. Press down on your cheeks with your fingers for 10 seconds, as if trying to release air.
  3. Jaw movements. Extend your lower jaw and start moving it to the right and left. Do it slowly at first, then pick up your pace.

Video: what exercises to do for lifting the face oval

Massage for lifting the face oval

Like gymnastics, face massage can tone all muscles. Blood will circulate in tissues faster - skin cells will be renewed in a timely manner, receiving all the necessary substances. There are two types of facial massage: using the fingers and using a towel. The latter can be done daily, it is performed as follows:

  1. Dip a soft terrycloth towel in cold salted water. Squeeze it well to prevent the water from dripping.
  2. Lubricate the neck and chin with a fat cream. Pat the folded towel over your chin several times.

Massage with a towel dipped in salt water will help tighten the chin

  1. Change cold salt water to warm water - contrasting temperatures will give a more noticeable effect. Take another towel for convenience. Also squeeze and pat a few times.
  2. Repeat the process with each towel 4 more times.

With regular facial massage, you will see the first result in 1-2 months.

There are many manual techniques for facial massage, but they are always based on movements along certain lines. The massage can be performed independently at home or you can attend special procedures with a beautician. As a home option, the following simple method is suitable:

  1. Wash your hands and cleanse your face with the products you usually use. Apply moisturizer to your facecleansing cream or cosmetic oil.
  2. Warm up the skin: use your fingertips to stroke the massage lines (from the nose to the ears, from the center of the chin to the ears, from the eyebrows to the hairline).

Move your fingertips along the massage lines of the face

  1. Rub the skin from the center of the cheeks to the temples with gentle and smooth movements. Massage into the end of the whiskey and stroke your face again, adhering to the massage lines.
  2. Move on to tingling: grab small areas of skin with your fingertips and release. This must be done as carefully and lightly as possible so as not to cause severe pain. Finish with stroking as well.
  3. Close your palms into a fist and rub your skin with the side of your hand. Use your fingertips to pat your face with light, pounding movements. Run the lines again.

Perform this procedure every other day for 5-10 minutes. You will notice a slight improvement in a month.

Personally, a cool and inexpensive tool that can be used at home helped me a lot. I will not blur my thoughts along the tree, I will just tell you what happened to me while using the tool.

Week 1. The skin became smoother, more rosy. The bruises and bags under the eyes began to disappear. The crow's feet under the eyes have noticeably decreased, despite active facial expressions.

Week 2. The contour of the face has become clearer. The forehead is no longer associated with a Shar Pei dog. Redness has disappeared near the nose. The pores are much smaller.

Week 3. There are almost no facial wrinkles left. The bruises and bags were gone completely. Cheekbones and chin became clearly visible. The face is velvety, and I just want to touch it all the time.

Week 4. Perfect face contour. Perfectly smooth forehead. Shining eyes. Smooth skin tone. Perfect face. For the first time, probably in my entire life, I cry with happiness, looking at myself in the mirror!

Even now, as I write this, tears involuntarily come to my eyes. I am beautiful, my God, beautiful !!! There are no ugly women - there are unkempt and there are unloved. Taking care of myself, I became on the way to love - to myself, the world, others.

For those interested, you can read an interesting article at this link

Answer 2
November, 2020

The cream is applied with movements from the middle of the face to the temples. Such massage movements have a tightening and tonic effect, generally revitalizing the skin of the face (and not only). The technique is based on the effect on the lymph flow. You can even apply the cream while lying down - the effect of the massage will increase, since in this position the muscles are maximally relaxed and stretched. These manipulations are used in Asahi's self-massage. Marketers even started a rumor that this massage is the secret of the young skin of Japanese women. However, you can read about it separately, I highly recommend it))

Answer 3
November, 2020

Considering that applying the cream is a kind of facial massage, when applying the cream, you need to take into account the direction of the lymph outflow, and apply the cream along the outflow path. Simply put, from the nose to the ears and the corners of the jaws, that is, towards the location of the lymph nodes.

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