Is it realistic to lose 10 kg in a month (if you had such an experience, describe the principles of your weight loss)?

Is it realistic to lose 10 kg in a month (if you had such an experience, describe the principles of your weight loss)?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

You have to understand that you gained extra weight not in one day or even in a week. It took a lot of time, so fat burning cannot be instantaneous. To lose one kilogram, you need to create a deficit of thousands of calories. Therefore, losing 10 kg per month is not the best story, plus such weight loss can be unhealthy. It is optimal to lose weight up to 5 kg per month, for this it is enough to reduce the calorie content of your diet by 20%.

If the thought of fast weight loss still does not leave you, then you need to start from the initial mass and you will have to make a lot of effort. And here not only the food will have to be changed, but also physical activity, massage, special wraps, etc.

To reduce the risk of developing problems with rapid weight loss, you need to consider some points:

  • calculate the actual and optimal mass index, it is important to make sure that you really need to lose 10 kg

  • be sure to consult with an endocrinologist and therapist, it is necessary to exclude weight gain due to health problems

  • keep a diary of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, everything should be balanced and in moderation.

Answer 2
June, 2021

I lost 9 kg in a month, I just stopped eating sausage sausages, waffles, ketchup, slightly reduced the flour ... and added cottage cheese, eggs, honey, nuts to the food ... And the way of life remained the same .. sedentary ..

Answer 3
June, 2021

Yes, there was such an experience. I ate only vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I used boiled chicken and eggs. The basis of the diet is the elimination of salt.

P.S. Hair and skin have deteriorated badly.

Answer 4
June, 2021

For me, everything is simple, in order to lose 10 kg in a month, I first starve for 2-3 days (I do this so that my stomach does not tighten much). Then I start running in the morning, eating only vegetables and fruits. Then only diet food: soups, boiled meat and cereals (without salt and oil). And the goal is achieved))

Answer 5
June, 2021

I know that this is not at all in favor of health, but what was, it was.

In my second year, after a very fun and eventful summer, I returned to my studies. Away from friends and parents, a terrible longing came over me. The appetite has disappeared, there is a desire to quickly "waste" the time until the next vacation: go to bed earlier and sleep more. After a couple of weeks, the melancholy was replaced by an interest in a new daily routine: I began to go to bed at 8-9 pm, wake up fresh and vigorous a decent amount of time before school and make a good hearty breakfast. I didn’t eat anything else that day, at all. My breakfast was two large toast with ham or turkey, cheese and egg and a glass of juice. For a day, I bought cans of light cola in boxes, drank a lot of coffee with a sugar substitute, rarely ate cans of meat for children (well, no, it's delicious). The most interesting thing is that I really did not want to eat, but when I did eat something during the day, it became disgusting and nauseous, I felt how the food got into my stomach and made me heavier. To all this, I started running in the morning: two or three times a week, when the weather was. All this time we were pushing the scales - every day I became lighter and lighter - it was very motivating. I did not feel tired, my studies and mood were all right (possibly because of coffee), but there were big bruises under my eyes, I was even asked if I was sick.

So I lived for about two months, lost 10 kg. Then I began to indulge myself with pizza, stopped monitoring my weight, and after the merry New Year holidays I could no longer force myself to switch to this mode :)

Answer 6
June, 2021

Really .

First of all, this possibility depends on the metabolic rate and the percentage of body fat.

I had such an experience. Since I am not a supporter of going on hunger strikes and adhering to strict diets, the main principle was a healthy diet: I did not eat fried, very salty foods, I tried not to eat flour and sweets after 12 days. And she ate a lot of fruits, vegetables, gradually reducing her portions.

Answer 7
June, 2021

I have had a similar experience twice. By myself, I am always thin and lose weight quickly if I have already typed, I always return to 60. So, cases. When I was in the army, I thundered into the hospital for two weeks, I can't explain it, but I gained 10-12 kg, most likely due to a double portion of oil. Then, when I returned to the unit, I lost this weight in a week. Here, most likely, the whole thing is in the daily routine and physical activities, try to live like this for a month, well, you need appropriate food, bicus, chaff, water with vermicelli. Second case. I was gaining 10 kg for about two months, as it turned out by itself. Then he suddenly stopped eating, the maximum that he allowed himself a shawarma and drank a lot of coffee, in the end he threw off what he did not live with back-breaking labor. In general, the main advice from me on fast weight loss is a lot of energy drinks, coffee, etc. the main thing is not to borscht otherwise the stomach and heart, well, or if you are an extreme at all, collect credits and microloans;)

Answer 8
June, 2021

Even very real. There was personal experience, you just need to eat nothing. It can even take about two weeks. Then I just lived on the water, although I only lasted for 5 days of such a regime, the rest of the time I allowed myself about 200 g of soup once a day, well, and some crackers. The result was simply amazing, in 2 weeks -8 kg, if not more. In a month it will be even less. EXTREMELY DO NOT RECOMMEND! It is very difficult, and also ultra harmful, you can scold me. Although for supporters of radical measures, it will do. Eat right and stay healthy.

Answer 9
June, 2021

10kg, if we take 9 calories (fat)
we get 90,000kcal. we get 3000 a day, this should be a deficit ..
this is more than the need of the average person. it means not eating and plowing physically ...

in practice, when they talk about 10kg per month, one should also take into account that with a sharp restriction of nutrition we lose weight in the first 2 days (we went to the toilet stupidly), conclusion water + loss of proteins (there are 4 calories)

Answer 10
June, 2021

As my coach used to say: "It all depends on your body," so this question is purely individual. Practice will show whether it will work out or not.

Personally, I follow a proper diet (not strictly) and go to the gym 3 times a week. My goal was to convert fat mass into muscle mass, that is, burn fat and build muscle, and under this condition, for the first month of training, I had -7 kg.

The question is, what kind of loads is your body ready for.

So go for it. If you really want to, you can fly into space.

But do not forget that overexertion is not good.

Good luck.

Answer 11
June, 2021

I'm not a nutritionist, but I think everything depends on weight and the body, I weighed 99-101 kg in December, for a month of a light diet, which can hardly be called a diet, because this month has entered the new year, and I had to eat a lot) lost weight to 92-93kg

I used to eat everything, I could even eat a bowl of soup or a piece of fatty meat for breakfast, then I changed my diet to an extremely banal one, breakfast is porridge with milk or something from eggs, and then in during the day with an interval of 2-3 hours (the main thing is not to get hungry) I ate in small portions something not greasy, I had a chicken or turkey (tastier) breast with rice / buckwheat / durum wheat pasta, all this on top three times I covered with one capsule of good fish oil from the sports nutrition department a day) I don't know why, but they say the balance of fats is good

I didn't choke on salads and vegetables, although I really like the corn

from sweet completely refused, over the course of a month, taking into account the New Year's overeating, he lost about 7-8 kg if he had kept firm , I think it would be more than 10kg

as already said, the main desire is not to starve, now my weight is worth, because there is no desire, when the desire appears, the kilograms will continue to fall

Answer 12
June, 2021

Yes, very simple. I went on a mountain hike to the Caucasus while I was there, which is about a month, I lost 12 kg. I got a lot of unforgettable impressions and besides, I got in shape. I advise everyone!

Answer 13
June, 2021

I lost weight, not in a month, though, in 10 days by 8 kilograms.

I sat on a strict diet and followed it. I ate 500-600 calories a day.

Parameters up to 164 / 59-60, after 164 / 51-52. Has ceased to lose weight because the weight has risen. But I didn’t come back, I think due to the fact that for a week after the diet I ate little and gradually increased the portions. There was no sport at all, the exchange returned to normal in a week.

Answer 14
June, 2021

Very real. Only, not the fact that your health will not leave you.
I had such an experience. Even though my BMI was normal, I didn’t like everything about myself.
As a result, anorexia, which I still treat (although, about 3 years have already passed). And the principle was this:
- Eat about 300 kk per day, or even 100.
- Run in the morning.
And voila, in a month, you are slimmer by as much as 10 kg! (if not more).
But I would recommend a smooth transition to a healthier diet.

Answer 15
June, 2021

Yes, quite real. The main thing is to follow the principle - you need to eat less! :) Your hunger is born in two places. In the mouth when "you want something tasty". In the stomach, when "sucking in the spoon there is a hunt." So you need to eat only when there is hunger in the stomach, but there is what you wanted in your mouth. In your mouth you want to eat fifty times a day, in your stomach a couple of times a day. At first, you will have difficulty restraining the impulses to devour tasty things, but if you can, you will quickly lose weight. You also need to separate food and drink. Drink after a meal in a couple of hours, maybe with sweets or something else, I have two sweets for a glass of boiling water (I don't like tea). If you want something tasty in your mouth, drink it too. In the end, you will become dense (by experience) once a day. I eat for lunch. In the morning I drink fruit drinks, at lunch I eat tightly (anything perfect, but not in basins :)), then I drink fruit drinks somewhere around three o'clock and in the evening I can have a snack, having finished what I cooked for lunch or something like a couple of sandwiches with tomato and salted sour cream (I love them). In the evening I can again drink fruit drinks at seven o'clock and even at night if I want. Find yourself something tasty and not very high in calories so that you can deceive the body when you cannot cope with the desire to "feel delicious in your mouth", this will help you not to fight with the body, you do not need to fight with it at all, it is smart and good with us, and you often need tasty things because it helps you to overcome stress so much. In fact, if you take food and drink as "pouring something inside," I pour something inside about once every two or three hours. So often, I don't starve at all. But there are days when I can eat nothing at lunchtime, and eat in the evening or in the morning or not eat at all, just drink and snack on sandwiches a couple of times. Listen to the body. You probably never even thought before that hunger is born in more than one place and it says different things.

The benefits are as follows:
1. In a little more than a month I lost 10 kg. Weighed 110, now weighed 100. Now it is probably already less, I haven't weighed for a long time.

  1. Some money started to be spent on food. I keep within 2500-3000 rubles a month. If I cancel sweets and other goodies, I think I will keep within 1500-2000 per month.

  2. Eat whatever you want. Sweets, fried chicken with pasta, etc., sandwiches with tomatoes, fruits, stewed zucchini, eggs, berries and enough money for everything. In general, what I love and eat.

I started it simply because I wanted to for a long time, losing weight was not the goal. But there is a nice bonus in it, I look slim now. Another, there is a criterion that you eat too much, if you eat a lot, you will fart. You can focus on farting, as long as you eat, you can safely reduce the diet until it stops almost completely. I suspect this explains the fact that girls almost do not farts (yes, they do not fart :)), who are slimmer :)

I have been living this way for six months and now I look slim, feel good, digestion has improved, I spend less money on food, I cook infrequently. At the same time, the volume of the stomach decreased over time and a lot of EUBut now I simply cannot, I overeat and I feel bad (but this does not happen anymore). This is because the body itself adapts gradually.

In addition, I go to the sea to swim a couple of times a week and do gymnastics in the morning a couple of times a week. Also useful lessons.

I wrote an article on my website based on the answer with additions:

Answer 16
June, 2021

Really. You need motivation, then the desire to eat something high in calories will disappear. I lost 12kg in a month and a half, 2 times already! It's simple - eat whatever you want, but in moderation, except for sweet and fatty + cardio several times a week (in my case, kickboxing). Let me remind you that the most important thing is motivation, I fell in love with a girl and this gave me the strength to burn those extra pounds. Please do not starve, because in the end everything may end in tears.

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