Is it possible to live the winter without any viruses? Or did you have to temper from childhood?

Is it possible to live the winter without any viruses? Or did you have to temper from childhood?

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Not leaving the house is not an option))

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Good day and a healthy winter to everyone.

It is impossible to live without viruses neither in winter nor in summer - they are everywhere.

There is even an opinion that we, people, live in the world of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., but they are not in ours. Simply - there are more of them.

But it is quite possible not to get sick.

And not only vitrus and bacterial infections, but simply - not to get sick.

Simple - there is a direct sense to maintain the body in a healthy working condition, in harmony with the surrounding world. Even a few meanings are pleasant, it is economically beneficial (as MM Zhvanetsky said: "Only treatment is more expensive than health"), it is interesting to observe yourself and loved ones, their development, children ...

What to do?

To live normally - a normal sleep mode, normal full-fledged proper nutrition, movement regime, friendly relations with people, interesting work (study ...).

Virus only a weakened organism is under power. This means that we need to give him strength, not to weaken his beloved organism with negative factors, at least those that we are able to control (regime, nutrition, movement ...)

These questions are in sight so-called "biohagging". We are doing this too and call it "Rebooting Health".

Answer 2
January, 2021

Hello !

To minimize the likelihood of infection, you will be helped by:

  1. year-round hardening and strengthening of immunity

  2. washing hands (very few people know, but the infection is also transmitted through hands very, very often)

  3. rinsing the nose with sea water

  4. the use of an effective antiviral agent to prevent infection. Viferon gel works well in this matter - it is applied to the nasal mucosa and protects against infection

All the best to you!


Butuzova Olesya

Answer 3
January, 2021

Really, really. Last year I never got sick, I didn't even have a common cold. Saw Detrimax, it is vitamin D tablets. This year, something confused me at the pharmacy, I succumbed to the trick of the pharmacist and just took a complex of vitamins. And what do you think, has already managed to get sick twice. As a result, I bought Detrimax again, it will not let me down, already proven!

Answer 4
January, 2021

It is possible to maintain a high resistance to infectious diseases, for this it is not only hardening that is important, nutrition, rest regime, and the presence / absence of stress affect the general state of health.

Answer 5
January, 2021

The better a person's immunity, the lower the likelihood of getting sick. This is no secret to anyone. In order to reduce the risk of illness, you need to remember about quite ordinary things: regularly ventilate the room, do wet cleaning, eat right, walk in the fresh air in any weather, observe the work and rest regime, get enough sleep.

If you do feel that you are getting sick, it is better to take a few days off and lie down at home. And employers, in my opinion, should not prevent this. In general, I definitely recommend installing a bactericidal lamp in offices that will purify the air and effectively disinfect it.

Last but not least, visit your doctor on time. No need to try to carry the disease on your feet. See your doctor at the first sign of illness. Only a doctor can prescribe adequate therapy that will quickly help you and avoid complications.

Answer 6
January, 2021

You are right - leaving the house is not an option :)

Sorry, but most likely it will not work not to get sick because of viruses. They surround us everywhere. And that's okay! Our immunity is adapted to repel viral attacks. There is one surefire way to help immunity - vaccinations. Below I will analyze the popular, but ineffective ways of fighting viruses.


Hardening in protection against viruses does not have firm justification for effectiveness at the moment. You can read more here.

Is it possible to do without colds?

"Cold" or SARS are many, many viruses that usually cause cough / runny nose and other unpleasant symptoms. Cure and avoid them on purpose impossible.

How can you fight viruses?

Not with drugs. Antiviral drugs should be prescribed by a doctor in severe conditions. It is unlikely that you can buy such pills at a pharmacy without a prescription. Medicines that promise to protect the body from viruses are most likely cheats . How do you know if a medicine is not working? You can break it through the wonderful list of fuflomycins :)

Against viruses that cause serious complications (including death), scientists have invented vaccinations. This is the very method that will keep you alive and your health when you encounter a virus. The list of vaccinations required for an adult can be found here.

Washing your hands is a good recommendation. We often touch everything with our hands and often touch our face with our hands. Therefore, clean hands can help you.

About immunity and ways to "raise" it can be read and listened to in my podcast :)

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