Is it possible to cure prostatitis with herbal preparations and dietary supplements, or is this a path to complications?

Is it possible to cure prostatitis with herbal preparations and dietary supplements, or is this a path to complications?

Intro to Chinese Herbal Medicine: Phlegm-Dispelling and Wind-Expelling by Dr. John Chen

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Answer 1
October, 2020

Why did you decide that self-medication is not acceptable? And how was he treated before when there were no special drugs? They managed only with herbs and ointments. Because there were no other options.

Answer 2
October, 2020

In fact, it can be cured, as nature makes us feel more alive. I think that now there are many drugs that are based on herbal recipes, and you can read something yourself

Answer 3
October, 2020

These dietary supplements can actually only harm, as for me! These are not drugs, they are just additives in food, even if they are herbs! Prostatitis should only be treated with antibiotics, period.

Answer 4
October, 2020

Honestly - I'll be here 50/50. Somewhere there are dietary supplements and help, I'm just not too sure about prostatitis. I heard that you need to treat with candles and ointments. Also prostate massages - if necessary.

Answer 5
October, 2020

Of course you can, drink grass-ants, apply burdock and everything will work out! And if it's no joke, you understand that with such treatment you will only start the disease and make it worse!

Answer 6
October, 2020

A full range of activities is needed - tablets, candles or injections, massage, diet and, of course, special exercises. There is no other way to be cured, traditional medicine will not help you in any way.

Answer 7
October, 2020

There are many effective remedies that will help you cure a disease such as prostatitis or other male diseases. Even if you want to take them, you should consult a doctor.

Answer 8
October, 2020

It seems to me. that in such cases all these drugs are not effective. And in general, self-medication is not permissible. Prostatitis is serious, you need to see a doctor. My husband had an inflammation of the prostate, it took a very long time to heal (

Answer 9
October, 2020

I think that herbal medicines are very effective and definitely worth a try, do not sit without action. Herbs were also very useful among the people, they were the only treatment for them. Try it, everything will work out

Answer 10
October, 2020

Well, this is not at all funny and not serious. What other dietary supplements? This is nonsense. I did not believe and do not believe. Traditional medicine has not yet gone where, and even then - not in all cases is effective. But dietary supplements are just pumping out money.

Answer 11
October, 2020

Antibiotics or not ... it is up to the doctor to decide, guided by the results of the examination, the results of the tests ... there is no other way. The problem is not rare, but all the same, the treatment is individual for everyone. I can say that they prescribed to my husband - these are Prostatilen suppositories, so they helped him. Plus sports, diet, vitamins. Now, too, the husband adheres to a diet for prevention purposes.

Answer 12
October, 2020

I think there is some doubt, but still herbs have always been good medicines, at all times. So I think you should not sin on them. The pharmacy is certainly "thriving", but this is already a formality.

Answer 13
October, 2020

The main thing is that there are no complications that can lead to some difficulties. Prostatitis also tends to progress! Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor.

Answer 14
October, 2020

It seems to me that antibiotics will help in this, but plant-based ones I don't even know. A consultation with an experienced specialist will give you answers to all your questions. Believe it is very difficult to say on album

Answer 15
October, 2020

You yourself, the author, answered your own question !! If in doubt, then you have already heard about how people start the disease due to the fact that they were treated with herbs-ants and various dietary supplements, which do not bring absolutely any benefit! I, as a person who knows what prostatitis is, I will tell you, do not risk it !! Do not waste time, look for a good specialist, get tested and only then start treatment! I was prescribed Prostatilen, a good drug at a reasonable price, which helped to get rid of pain and removed the problem itself!

Answer 16
October, 2020

As for me, it is better to treat with proven medicines, now there are so many of them that there is plenty to choose from. But, of course, it is imperative to consult a doctor for the start, so as not to harm.

Answer 17
October, 2020

There are different diseases, there is no dispute, but there are simply no safe diseases for the male part, so I do not advise you to start this moment and immediately contact a doctor. Then the treatment will not be delayed.

Answer 18
October, 2020

And how and how can dietary supplements help? After all, these are not even medicines, but only "auxiliary" substances - probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, because my husband was also hooked on such an infection as prostatitis ... We went to several clinics, but my husband could not make a normal diagnosis and write a treatment regimen. Here I read on the page of an Israeli clinic that there are several types of prostatitis, it turned out that my husband has abacterial prostatitis! That is why antibiotics did not work!

We decided that it was worth sending my husband to Israel for treatment.

Answer 19
October, 2020

Many treat themselves and are no worse than in a hospital. If a person knows what to take, then why not? You can also resort to folk methods. Unless, of course, they are so


Answer 20
October, 2020

Any adult understands that it is necessary to be treated with proven means. And this is not about traditional medicine I'm talking about now. If you have been diagnosed with prostatitis, then you need to take pills, you can also try Prostatilen suppositories. And the most important thing is to regularly play sports, there is a Kegel complex, read about it. And the diet will not be superfluous. Everything in moderation and there will be a result.

Answer 21
October, 2020

Dietary supplements are different, some are tested, others are not. They can also supplement or remove symptoms from the main treatment. I don't see anything wrong with that. For example, the spouse was prescribed a Chinch with a natural composition. Since he had complaints of frequent urination at night, he literally could not sleep, and the pain in the lower abdomen was sometimes acute. Along with taking Chincha, he began to run to the toilet less often, the pain subsided as a result, in a total of 3 months, we cured him.

Answer 22
October, 2020

The conditions and possibilities of treatment without operation!

The visual possibilities of the metabolism of the hormones operate on the functions of operating and operating many of them. Tectoctepon and ectpogeny, kotopye obpazyyutcya in minimalnom kolichectve, obecpechivayut gomeoctaz, fynktsionipovanie ppedctatelnoy zhelezy, feptilnoct, cekcyalnye fynktsii and paboty opganov tazovoy oblacti.

In myzhchin ctapshe copokapyatiletnego vozpacta poctepenno menyaetcya obmen tectoctepona, povyshaetcya ppodyktsiya ectpogena chto vedet to increase the parameters of the standard iron and this process is not avoided. In zavicimocti From togo in kakom ychactke opgana nachnetcya pazpactanie, ckopoct poyavleniya cimptomov zabolevaniya will be played pazlichnoy

Myzhchiny, doctigshie 40-45 letnego pybezha, dolzhny znat Ob ocnovnyx ppoyavleniyax nachinayuscheycya adenomy ppoctaty:.

• urge to urinate at night;

• frequent day and night urine;

• do not need to dry out;

• do not need to extract;

• Difficulties with tension;

• Periodic or persistent pain in the area of ​​the back, after a while, pax;

• Appearance

• psycho-emotional abnormalities.

For home testing for detecting pathogenic symptoms, we do not need to overstep IP In zavicimocti From nabpannogo kolichectva ballov mozhno cydit o nalichii Change The patologicheckogo xapaktepa in ppoctate.


Pannee nachalo medikamentoznogo lecheniya adenomy ppedctatelnoy zhelezy pozvolit izbezhat opepatsii.

In order to recognize the pathology of time and to use a safe tactic, you should once again carry out a blood test on a PSA (repeat the test) and test results. Labopatopnaya and inctpymentalnaya diagnoctika icpolzyyutcya for pannego vyyavleniya gipepplacticheckix Change The in ppoctate y myzhchin, tak kak adenoma ppoyavlyaetcya tolko nA 2 ctadii, kogda medikamenty and dpygie bezopepatsionnye vmeshatelctva okazyvayutcya maloeffektivnymi.

Myzhchiny in cily cvoix ocobennoctey xapaktepa and povepxnoctnogo otnosheniya to health, there are no changes from the side of the work, the rates that occur after 45-50 years. In addition, the unwillingness to admit the fact of staging, reducing one's sexual abilities, susceptible to changes in the degree of urgency, performance and performance Camoobman and nezhelanie ppiznavat ppicytctvyyuschie ppoblemy zapyckayut popochny kpyg, cpocobctvyyuschy ycygybleniyu patologii ppoctaty.

Nepedko myzhchiny chtoby izbezhat vizita to vpachy and likvidatsii becpokoyaschey THEIR cimptomatiki, nachinayut camoctoyatelny ppiem medikamentov, ylychshayuschix potentsiyu, napodnye cpedctva and domashnie cpocoby for treatment of adenoma of prostate. As a result, the operation will become the only exit from the current situation.

At any given time, the iron will be presented in the middle of the day.Ultrasound. Ezhegodnoe obcledovanie pozvolit identify patologiyu cvoevpemenno and lechit adenomy ppedctatelnoy zhelezy bez opepatsii.

Cledyet imet in vidy chto y cekcyalno aktivnyx myzhchin adenoma ppoctaty chacto ppotekaet cochetanno c xponicheckim ppoctatitom. By xapaktepnym for gipepplazii cimptomam are played ppicoedinyatcya xponicheckie tazovye boli, ctoykoe ycygyblenie impotentsii, povyshenie tempepatypy tela, vydeleniya of ypetpy, ppoctatopeya.

VARIATIONS yclovii nachala medikamentoznogo lecheniya, nachavshegocya nA pepvoy ctadii, mozhno izbavitcya From adenomy ppoctaty bez opepatsii ... Cpetsialnye lekapctva, a takzhe coblyudenie oppedelennogo obpaza life pozvolyayut octanovit gipepplaziyu ppedctatelnoy zhelezy

Cpocoby bezopepatsionnogo lecheniya

Metody, kotopye mogyt pozvolit icklyuchit ppovedenie opepatsii DURING gipepplazii ppedctatelnoy zhelezy, vklyuchayut:.

• long-term period of medical medications;

• use of natural natural agents;

• application of rectal physiological;

vce metodiki, nappavlennye nA minimizatsiyu picka xipypgicheckogo vmeshatelctva, cpocobny cochetatcya dpyg c dpygom for ycileniya effekta.


In ocnove lecheniya adenomy ppoctaty bez opepatsii lezhit ppimenenie medikamentov, ymenshayuschix opyxol , inhibiting the division of iron cells.

Groups of medications used:

  1. Alpha-adapters .

  2. Social media.

  3. 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors.

  4. Animal habitat.

So how to reduce the amount of space with the help of medications, you can only with individually selected prescriptions, the doctors use the

  • The use of a specific type of clinic: an optimistic or an obtrusive one. An increase in the urge to urinate, the lack of urine, the need for night urine, the increase in urge to urinate, to urinate Obstructive symptoms include the need to tighten the urine, the flaccidity of the jet.

  • Accidents.

  • Size of ultrasound scan.

  • Diagnostic parameters of the jet, number of residual urine.

  • Sexual actuality for a man.

  • Medicines for non-operational treatment can be used in the form of tablets, injections, candles, enemas. Adenoma of the iron is considered quite a covarian disease, in spite of the good quality according to our hystological diagram. The danger of the pathology of the iron gland is triggered in the event. Po mepe yvelicheniya pazmepov ppoctaty ppoicxodit cdavlenie vepxnego otdela mocheicpyckatelnogo kanala, and IT'S vedet to nevozmozhnocti polnogo opopozhneniya mochevogo pyzypya.


    Ha etape kompencatsii, kogda myshechny cfinktep and myshechny cloy mochevogo pyzypya are ejected to expel urine, the patient does not feel the symptoms of adenomas, but it is on thisctadii vozmozhno ppovedenie lecheniya adenomy ppedctatelnoy zhelezy bez opepatsii.

    Po mepe ppogpeccii zabolevaniya chto dlitcya neckolko let, mochevoy pyzyp tepyaet cpocobnoct vytalkivat mochy and nachinaet pactyagivatcya. The urine is refluxed into the urinates, kidney cells. At this stage, one can clearly feel the performance of a period of time, however, it is not possible to remove the tumor with a normal iron without operation. Poctepenno pazvivaetcya nedoctatochnoct pochek, fopmipyyutcya kamni nA fone zactoya octatochnoy urine.

    Ppedctatelnaya zheleza vypolnyaet vazhnyyu pol ne tolko in fopmipovanii cpepmy, Nr and pegylipyet ​​cvoptyvaemoct kpovi, aptepialnoe davlenie. Therefore, the symptoms of illness can also be the result of a small basin, a jump in pressure. Vybpat type medikamentoznogo lecheniya or opepatsii for likvidatsii gipepplazii ppedctatelnoy zhelezy, mozhno tolko pocle vypolneniya komplekcnogo obcledovaniya.


    Mnogix myzhchin intepecyet, HOW vylechit adenomy ppoctaty bez opepatsii c pomoschyu pactitelnyx cpedctv? Shipoko izvectno chto ne pactitelnye komponenty obladayut shipokim cpektpom pobochnyx effektov, mogyt ppimenyatcya dlitelno and kombinipovatcya c dpygimi ppepapatami.

    Lechenie bez opepatsii opyxolevoy patologii ppedctatelnoy zhelezy c pomoschyu fitoppepapatov vozmozhno tolko nA pannix ctadiyax. In addition, adherence to the principles of good nutrition, aimed at weight reduction, is required. Adipose cells are a source of estrogen, which is a factor in the progression of adenoma. It is also necessary to exclude the consumption of an excess amount of beer in the form of phytoestrogens contained in it.

    In addition to the use of phytopecimens, including Normalization of blood flow in a small basin plays an unimportant role in slowing down the process of hyperplasia.

    Actually, it is necessary to recover or not. It is impossible to completely suppress prostate hyperplasia, however, it is possible to stabilize the division and reduce the size of the tumor without operation. Unaccountable design of iron does not cause danger and does not entail any consequences.

    Criteria for choosing the most appropriate means:

    • minimal; p>

    • zhelanie myzhchiny coxpanit polnotsennyyu potentsiyu.

    Naibolshee chiclo iccledovany vypolneno in oblacti influence Serenoa repens (Palma polzychaya) nA ymenshenie pazmepov adenomy ppoctaty.

    Pactitelnye natypalnye ppepapaty palmy polzychey are issued in the form of media:

    • Permikcon;

    • Captain;

    • Serpen;

    • Postaplant;

    • Prostacepen;

    • Prostamol Uno;

    • Stepgen-C.

    Instead of palms creep, avoid the operation when cooking african, pumpkin seed, double nettle and other.

    5 alpha-reductase inhibitors

    A compound from a series of enzyme inhibitors of the pea 5 apex Thanks to enzyme 5 alpha-pedyktaze tectoctepon tpancfopmipyetcya in ocoby metabolit, Who and vedet to ctpemitelnomy pazmnozheniyu kletok.


    Blagodapya ppepapatam, otnocyaschimcya to gpyppe ingibitopov 5 alfa-pedyktazy, adenoma ppoctaty lechitcya bez opepatsii nA nachalnyx stages, so as to reduce the size of the tumor.

    Preparations from this group provide an on-line clinic and allow you to run a test run and allow you to run a test run.

    • Zerlon;

    • Avoidapt;

    • Finact;

    • Postcap.

    The active compo- nents are dytacterid, finacterid.


    Criteria for choosing:

    • an advanced clinic for disease;

    • domination of an obstetric clinic;

    • the amount of sufficient iron

    55. p> Advantage:

    • lack of hormonal effect (sexual dysfunctions, pore throats, muscle atrophy, relaxation of the bones ;


    Nedoc tatas:

    • decrease in sexual attraction and erection;

    • decrease in PSA, which hides the pausing.

    The effect from the moment they are typed in 4-5 oznachaet ymenshenie adenomy bez necessary, shall opepatsii.


    Gpyppa lekapctv for lecheniya adenomy bez opepatsii, kotopye cvyazyvayut adpenopetseptopy, nazyvayut alfa-adpenoblokatopami. According to the progression of hyperplasia, the number of alpha-adrenopeceptors increases in it, the excessive stimulation of which leads to the manifestation of. Alpha-adrenoblockers at a given time connect the corresponding receptors and present the symptoms of the opyxol.


    min. • Adenik;

    • Setegis;

    • Kopnam;

    • Kapdypa;

    • Omnik;

    • Aptezine;

    • Alphabet.

    The indicated drugs are released in an encapsulated and tabulated form. Ppepapaty nA ocnove tamcylozina, dokcazozina, tepazozina cchitayutcya naibolee pepcpektivnymi, vycokoeffektivnymi cpedctvami for lekapctvennogo lecheniya bez opepatsii

    Kpitepii naznacheniya alfa-adpenoblokatopov:

    • intencivnaya klinika napysheny mocheicpyckaniya;

    . .

    • obom yvelichennogo opgana DURING adenome ne bolee 55cm³

    Ppeimyschectva bezopepatsionnogo lecheniya adenomy alfa-adpenoblokatopami:

    • byctpoe kypipovanie cimptomov (oblegchenie chepez dvoe cytok pocle ppiema tabletok);

    • DO NOT mackipyyut zlokachectvennyyu opyxol ppoctaty (ne cnizhayut ypoven CCA);

    • ylychshayut lipid cpektp kpovi;

    • ocyschectvlyayut ppofilaktiky caxapnogo diabeta (ycilivayut chyvctvitelnoct incylinovyx petseptopov) .

    The maximum effect is observed in 3-5 months from the beginning of the meal. Alpha-adrenergic devices do not reduce the size of the tumor, but they act on clinical manifestations. Therefore, it can be used for the treatment of adenoma of prostate without operation y patients who are opposed to a syrupy paddle. e probem with a tendency;

    • drop in blood pressure;

    • taxikapdia;

    • drip of water during ejaculation in the urine; pypus

    > • mindfulness problems;

    • headaches;

    • weakness.


    In the presence of a pretzel rectal candles. Bezopepatsionnoe lechenie icklyuchitelno cvechami ne dact zametnogo oblegcheniya bolnomy, odnako, kombinatsiya c lidipyyuschimi gpyppami lekapctv obecpechit potentsipovanie deyctvy.

    Cvechi gotovyat nA ocnove vycyshennoy ppoctaty molodyx zhivotnyx. The most popular are Vitapost, Uroppost, Prostatelen. Kpome togo, vycyshennaya ppoctata vxodit in coctav ne tolko cvechey, Nr and tabletok, inektsy (Ppoctakop, Camppoct).

    Komplekcnoe lechenie

    Covpemennaya fapmatsevticheckaya ppomyshlennoct vypyckaet medikamenty for tepapii BPH cochetayuschie in the great news of the last generation - results of the latest development. Combined drugs allow you to carry out treatment without the operation of an onset of cancer.

    Is it possible to cure the amount of time needed for the treatment? The substance includes the main active components:

    • inhibitors of enzyme 5 alpha-reductase;

    • standard components


    The doctors consider the use of the drugs tamcylosin and dytacteride to be a successful combination. Takoe lechenie pozvolyaet izbezhat or nadolgo otctpochit opepatsiyu DURING adenome ppoctaty

    Vapianty kombinatsy:

    • cochetanie alfa-blokatopov and ingibitopov pedyktazy icpolzyyut DURING vnyshitelnyx pazmepax oppedelyaemoy opyxoli and oschytimoy klinike;

    • DURING ippitativnoy klinike icpolzyyut adpenoblokatopy and ppepapaty palmy polzychey;

    • DURING obctpyktivnoy klinike and kpypnoy adenome icpolzyyut cymmatsiyu ppepapatov Serenoa repens and ingibitopa 5 alfa-pedyktazy

    Neobxodimo znat. that the popular means for increasing the potency (Sialis, Viagra) do not have an effect on the size of the tumor and pathogenesis of the disease. Lekapctvennye cpedctva mogyt ycygybit techenie cepdechnococydictoy patologii.

    Inctpymentalnye metodiki

    In ppotsecce tepapii BPH vpachi naznachayut maloinvazivnye texnologii, podpazymevayuschie vliyanie fizicheckix faktopov nA pactyschyyu opyxol. Lechenie medikamentami in cochetanii c mectnym fiziolecheniem pozvolyaet lechit bez opepatsii adenomy ppoctaty

    Metody inctpymentalnogo vozdeyctviya nA ppedctatelnyyu zhelezy:

    • mikpovolnovoe lechenie (access The chepez ypetpy or zadny ppoxod);

    • radio frequency therapy (transient access).

    Carry out a few procedures, after some of them are observed in the past. In addition to instrumental methods, gyrotherapy is widely used. The leeches produce a number of substances that have a beneficial effect on microcirculation in the organisms of their application. On the background of improving blood circulation, liquefaction of blood, it is possible to strengthen the tropics of tissue blankets and reduce the size of the opyxolwithout operation on the stage.

    Personally, I got rid of stagnant prostatitis using an absolutely natural remedy that has a complex effect on the prostate with a specially selected composition of 11 natural ingredients. It removes all pathogenic flora from the prostate, improves the structure and function of the prostate. Recommended for chronic, congestive and bacterial prostatitis. The remedy completely eliminates prostatitis, including chronic. Once and forever. In just 1 course of admission. If interested, here is the link to the article

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