Is it generally necessary to treat baby teeth in children if they fall out anyway? I think that taking a child to the doctor again will only harm him.

Is it generally necessary to treat baby teeth in children if they fall out anyway? I think that taking a child to the doctor again will only harm him.

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Answer 1
March, 2021

I am not a dentist, I will only express my point of view, based on my personal experience.

My daughter is now 7 years old. We rarely visit dentistry, because everything is in order with the teeth. The first time was planned, when all the doctors passed. Then the surgeon had milk teeth removed, which did not want to make room for the molar teeth that were already erupting.

Sometimes we go to a preventive examination to make sure everything is in order, but not often.

I'm with I would grow up early, when milk teeth had just begun to appear, I taught my daughter to take care of them every day.

Also, we do not eat foods with refined sugar, we replace them with a healthy alternative.

Once, for a month, for the purpose of prophylaxis, they drank calcium in powder (after consulting with a doctor).

I think that it is necessary to visit the dentist, but if there are no problems, do it no more than 1-2 times a year.

However, there are cases when milk teeth deteriorate and require treatment. If this is not done, the indigenous people may also suffer ... This was the case with my nephew.

Answer 2
March, 2021

Well, so the child does not just get used to dentistry.

i.e. at least as an inspection. All the same, an adult takes care of his teeth all his life, and we are often so afraid of stomatologists that we go there too late.

As for the teeth ... well, if there is nothing terrible, then why twitch again? the holes can be sealed, this is not scary, and the rest is really unimportant and unnecessary, they will fall out anyway.

The main thing is to warn something bad like a flux or something else

Answer 3
March, 2021

I think the child will not agree with you if his teeth start to hurt. And God forbid, the cheek swells from pulpitis, it wakes up much worse and more painful.

It is better to heal on time. And I have the impression that the child himself wrote the question)))

Answer 4
March, 2021

Naturally it is necessary. If this is not done, then caries will affect the new molars. You need to understand that this is an infectious disease and you need to get rid of it. Treatment of milk teeth is simply necessary and desirable as soon as possible.

Answer 5
March, 2021

Treatment should be prophylactic. If caries is severely present, I strongly recommend carious cavities and silvering all teeth, this is the only effective method to prevent secondary caries. Here is an article we, as parents, wrote on this topic. We teach children to brush their teeth Samara There is further and about prevention. We all silver, caries stabilized

Answer 6
March, 2021

Once I read material on this topic in the blog of a famous dentist. I am not a doctor and I am unlikely to write scientifically, but I have memorized the basic information.

  1. A diseased baby tooth can damage the germ of a permanent tooth.

  2. A child suffers, if caries develops at an early age, it will develop into pulpitis, and this is an acute pain.

  3. If you remove teeth that were not healed in time, this negatively affects the bite.

In general, this approach is to condemn the child to torment.

Answer 7
March, 2021

Hello !

Keeping milk teeth healthy until the period of natural loss is an important condition for the eruption of healthy permanent teeth. A decayed baby tooth is a hotbed of infection, and the infection spreads quickly. And it may well go to permanent teeth.

If you cure a tooth, then

  • It will “hold space” for a permanent tooth.
  • Continue to perform the chewing function, which is the most important link in the human digestive system.
  • Having all the teeth will help your child with correct pronunciation and speech skills.

If you remove a tooth for a child, then

  • Adjacent and opposite teeth will begin to change position in the dentition. Teeth tilt and shift towards the newly formed “free” space. As a result, malocclusion occurs.
  • Early tooth loss leads to possible delay or improper eruption of a permanent tooth.
Answer 8
March, 2021

Kira, good afternoon!

1) milk teeth in anatomy are the same as permanent ones only in a reduced size. subject to a carious process, while caries quickly quickly affects the nerve of the tooth. For the time being, a tooth with pulp damage may not hurt. Then, it will definitely (!) Get sick!

2) With the development of infection beyond the root of the tooth, the rudiment of a permanent one may be damaged (during eruption it may already be with caries, or the root may underdevelop)

3) if the milk is infected 2 ways of solving:

1-treat (the child continues to chew and the dentoalveolar system (DSP) develops correctly)

2- remove (this can lead to malocclusion when erupting permanent teeth)

Answer 9
March, 2021

The answer is unequivocal: milk teeth must be treated without fail!

Why it is necessary: ​​

When teeth are damaged by caries, streptococcal bacteria prevail in the child's mouth, which increase the likelihood of developing diseases of the throat, ligaments, gastrointestinal - intestinal tract, kidneys, heart.

The decay of milk teeth as a result of caries entails a violation of the bite of permanent teeth, problems with speech.

Caries of a milk tooth harms the permanent tooth growing behind it.

A baby tooth removed prematurely will affect the curvature of the bite and dentition of the child. In order to prevent this from happening, they carry out replacement prosthetics with the help of special constructions that will save space for a permanent tooth and will not allow adjacent teeth to shift.

But it is better to treat children 's teeth in a timely manner. p>

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