If your left hand hurts all the time (inside, there are no blows and loads), what can this mean?

If your left hand hurts all the time (inside, there are no blows and loads), what can this mean?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Most often, pain in the arm from the shoulder to the hand occurs due to damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints or bones. This happens when you fall on your hand, bruise, or a sudden unsuccessful movement. In this case, a sharp pain immediately arises, which gradually increases and can spread above or below the site of injury. Especially often this happens with a sprain or rupture of ligaments, hidden fracture, subluxation. If the victim does not immediately see a doctor, edema and inflammation develop, irritating the nerve roots. This leads to the appearance of aching pain that spreads throughout the arm. With proper treatment, it disappears and never comes back.

But sometimes such sensations disturb a person from time to time. They spread throughout the arm from hand to shoulder and are associated with muscle overstrain. In this case, the right hand most often hurts, since for most people it is she who is working and takes on a large load. This problem arises among people working at the computer keyboard, in production, among knitters, artists, loaders, builders. Any activity that requires long, repetitive movements or carrying heavy loads can lead to pain in the arm. They usually appear the next day after exercise.

But, besides this, there are other causes of pain in the arm. They can be reflected from internal organs or spread along nerve fibers from the spine. Some diseases of the joints and nerve fibers of the hand itself also cause diffuse pain.

This symptom appears in such pathologies:

• osteochondrosis of the cervical spine;

• protrusion or hernia discs;

• gout;

• rheumatoid arthritis;

• arthrosis;

• epicondylitis;

• plexitis;

• carpal tunnel syndrome;

• bursitis, tendinitis;

• cysts or malignant tumors;

• Charcot's disease ;

• myositis;

• neuralgia or neuritis.

Features of different diseases

Sometimes such diffuse pain in the arm can be removed on your own, for example, if they appeared due to overwork. But most often the patient himself cannot determine the cause of the painful sensations. After all, they can arise from a variety of pathologies. Only a specialist can understand the features of the manifestation of the disease. You can pre-determine why the hand hurts on your own. But for this you need to understand the peculiarities of different pathologies.

Diseases of the spine

From the spinal cord in the cervical region, nerve fibers that innervate the upper limbs depart. If these nerves are damaged or pinched, the hands feel sore. They can be quite intense, sharp, and burning. Each movement of the head or arms leads to their strengthening. Additionally, there are headaches, dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure.

This condition often develops with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. This pathology occurs mainly in the elderly, with metabolic disordersrocess or due to increased stress on the neck. In this case, the intervertebral discs begin to collapse, the vertebrae come closer and squeeze the nerve fibers. The pain spreads along the nerve. Usually it reaches the elbow, but it can even affect the fingers of the hand. Simultaneously with it, numbness, muscle weakness, paresthesia may be felt.

The same condition is observed with a herniated disc, when its protrusion leads to an infringement of nerve fibers. In this case, a lumbago occurs, the pain spreads from the spine to the arm. Spondylosis, characterized by the formation of growths at the edges of the vertebrae, also leads to similar sensations. Breaking pains, numbness, tingling, feeling of running creeps appear.

Diseases of the joints

Acute pain occurs during inflammatory processes in the joints. Arthritis can occur due to infection, after trauma, with autoimmune pathologies. One joint or several may be affected. Periarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis is common in the upper limbs. Moreover, the joints of the fingers of the hand are most often affected, but the pain can spread throughout the arm.

Another pathology that affects the joints is arthrosis. The disease usually affects the shoulder and elbow joints of the right arm. After all, it is they who account for increased loads in any activity. In older people, the joints of both hands can be affected, which is associated with metabolic disorders.


The hand can also hurt due to injury. Any damage to bones, joints or muscles causes painful sensations that can spread throughout the arm. It can be a fracture, dislocation of the shoulder, elbow or wrist joint, sprain or rupture of muscles or ligaments.

This pathology is easy to recognize, since pain occurs immediately after injury. The damaged area swells, a hematoma appears, or the skin turns red. In severe injuries, limb deformation is visible. The pain usually increases gradually, does not allow any movement of the hand.

Inflammatory diseases

Most often, pain in the arm occurs due to muscle inflammation. It can appear during hypothermia, after injury or increased stress. Athletes and hand workers often develop epicondylitis. This pathology affects the muscle fibers in the area of ​​their attachment to the humerus. In this case, the pain spreads throughout the forearm, sometimes reaches the shoulder. In addition, pain throughout the arm can spread due to bursitis of the elbow joint, tendinitis.

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Answer 2
June, 2021

I heard the story of how a guy killed two years on doctors and antibiotics, and then it turned out that when he slept his hand was often near a cold wall) so it's worth looking for this kind of reason

Answer 3
June, 2021

I had this only with my right hand, my hand inside hurt all the time, I thought the nerve, and then noticed that the hand was blue, I ran to the doctor. The doctor prescribed an ultrasound scan, turned out to be a blood clot, found out what a blood clot is, afigel and now I lick it all the time, so run to the doctor faster!))

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