If the mandatory vaccination against coronavirus is introduced, will you be vaccinated? Do you think it is dangerous or not?

If the mandatory vaccination against coronavirus is introduced, will you be vaccinated? Do you think it is dangerous or not?

Bill Gates on coronavirus vaccine: We should be able 'to manufacture a lot of vaccines in 2021'

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Answer 1
March, 2021

I will do my best to protect myself and my loved ones from this. And precisely because I regard it as a direct threat to my life and health, and to the life and health of my loved ones.

The fact is that in this upcoming vaccination, there is too much, to put it mildly oddities, indicating that this vaccination is not about health protection, but something completely different.

These oddities are as follows .

The first oddity .

What is vaccination in general?

What do we learn? That a vaccine is not a medicine used during an epidemic to treat sick people. Vaccination is a preventive measure used to prevent an epidemic . And if we are told that we have an epidemic ALREADY, then, in theory, vaccination will no longer help.

But this is only the first aspect, but there is also a second, much more important.

The second oddity .

We must not forget that the coronavirus is not smallpox, but a type of acute respiratory viral infection, so the situation with vaccination is fundamentally different.

With smallpox so - vaccinated and that's it. Health and immunity to smallpox is guaranteed. You don't have to be afraid.

And with the varieties of ARVI, the situation is completely different, as can be seen from the example of the same flu. Surely everyone noticed that the flu vaccine is given every year before a seasonal epidemic (again, I draw your attention - not during an epidemic, but before it ). Why is that? Because the flu, like other varieties of ARVI, has many different strains, and every year they are vaccinated against different strains of influenza.

So, the situation is the same with the coronavirus! COVID-19 appeared quite recently, a vaccine for it is still under development, and it has already mutated! The strain that was in Italy and Spain is already different from the original Chinese.

That is, this vaccine being developed against new strains that people in Russia are now infected and sick with is already useless. And these strains will still appear.

Which by the way will be an excellent reason to extend quarantine measures (either weakening or strengthening them) with a corresponding restriction of the constitutional rights of citizens for a very long time, ad infinitum.

And there is also oddity three .

Vaccine development is actually a long and complicated process.

And it takes years, actually . Even in patenting, how does it work? A common patent for devices, methods, etc. is valid for 20 years, and for a medicinal product - 25 years.

Why is there such a difference? Yes, precisely because the entire "running-in" of a new drug takes a lot of time! Therefore, the difference is 5 years (time of "running-in", various tests, etc.).

But even that is not all. The "normal" coronavirus itself has been known for decades. And there is still no vaccine. Why didn't scientists work on such a vaccine?

Worked for many years and decades. But there are no results. Still.

Confused by nothing? That from the "usual" coronavirus for many years nothing canogli to create, and here - just a completely new variety appears - COVID-19, and as if by magic, everything appears at once, and the vaccine too.

Where are the tests? Are there definitely no side effects? And they can appear in six months - therefore, all medicines are always tested for a very, very long time - this is if everything is carried out according to medical science.

But if not, if there is no smell of medical science here (as in the case with all these so-called "quarantine measures"), then it turns out that this vaccination is not about protection from the virus, but something completely different.

That is, here the same policy as with other quarantine measures.

And since there is a pure policy that the vaccine that appeared with a fabulous speed (and therefore without all the necessary checks and tests) At best, it will be simply useless, and at worst, it will be just a poison with terrible side effects, but which will not appear immediately .

And more.

Again , since this is again not medicine, but politics, what can you say about the future?

The second wave will be announced (or what else is there). Tighten the nuts again. They will again take away constitutional rights under the guise of new quarantine measures.

Compulsory vaccination will be introduced. They will make vaccination with a vaccine, which at best will be simply useless.

At worst ... in general, I've already talked about this.

And then they will say: oh, sorry, a new dangerous strain has appeared and ... everything is new.

Here's just one thing ... The economy will not stand such bullying. Moreover, the Russian one. An economic catastrophe will occur, and this will inevitably make its own adjustments. But here a "excuse" is already ready - it's all the virus is to blame!

Already now, and so, millions of people who have lost due to self-isolation and work and livelihood somehow keep on the old stocks. True, not everyone has them and they ...

And the situation will only get worse further. And the economy, which has been bullied for so long, will make its own adjustments.

And tens of millions of people will appear, completely without means of subsistence, over which the threat of starvation will hang.

And a strange "epidemic" that contradicts the entire medical science, with no less strange from the medical point of view "quarantine measures" will be much less relevant for them than what they have, how to feed their children, than pay for an apartment, than to pay off for a loan.

And these people will have absolutely nothing to lose.

In general, we will face very difficult times.

Answer 2
March, 2021

The vaccine is being developed under the strict supervision of our scientists, specialists in the field of epidemiology, vaccination, and genetic engineering. it will, of course, be effective, but how long the protection against covid will last is not yet clear; it takes time for testing, at least a couple of years, to answer all questions. Since already known biomaterials are taken as a basis, there should be no side effects. the only question is the duration of the created immunity after vaccination. and of course, it is better to get vaccinated than to have a coronavirus infection. complications after it are quite severe.

Answer 3
March, 2021

Yes, I will definitely be vaccinated. I consider any vaccinations a guarantee against the spread of epidemics. Unfortunately, our people do not think about others, an example of this is finding the majority without masks in public transport!

Answer 4
March, 2021

Compulsory vaccination is not introduced for viruses, but only according to the established and clear schedule of compulsory vaccinations and the corona virus is not included in these vaccinations, but I would rather refuse voluntary vaccination.

Answer 5
March, 2021

I will. Because it's better to play the lottery with a vaccine than with a dangerous virus. In any case, the vaccine gives a chance.

As for its early maturity ... The Ebola vaccine was created by our doctors. We have been making vaccines for the most dangerous diseases for a long time. So I'm not afraid of the vaccine. Of course, there is a risk. But he is always there. I think it's better to get injected with a vaccine than to suddenly leave to lie under a ventilator. I periodically get vaccinated against the flu - and usually after being vaccinated in the winter I endure all these colds much easier. Think. decide. Personally, I am for the vaccine.

Answer 6
March, 2021

Let's understand the points:

1. A person has diabetes mellitus, at the time before vaccination (vaccine) he has sugar 10 units. so, what is next? Doctors know how the body will react and in what direction ??

2. A person is allergic. That is, the body has a stressful reaction to some allergen (product, drug, etc.). And then, the vaccine is introduced, that is, they create another stress reaction in the body. The question is, will this not lead to anaphylactic shock (in short, the organs literally suffocate from ischemia and oxygen starvation-the reaction is instant).

3.A person has a fear of being vaccinated (vaccine), those again are a stressful reaction for a vaccine not yet administered. And they add another stress response to the body. What will be the course of this vaccine in the body and the human condition?

4.People who have had coronavirus, why should this vaccine? They already have antibodies! Even if they are weakened, the body will remember (!!!) and will take measures to ensure that the disease proceeds in a milder form, while it is enough to take measures against the spread of pneumonia (antibiotics) and an antiviral drug ( this is my opinion, as a person who has had a "strange flu", from the end of November 2019 to January 2020 without a hospital. RG and FLG are good!).

5. Vaccine tested - ONLY 38 HEALTHY PATIENTS!

And what ?? This is the result ??: (((((And where is the third stage of your checks?

6.The news reports that a QR-CODE will be embedded in the vaccine and are developing an Application for it to track the patient's condition! THIS IS GENERAL WHAT?: ((((It turns out that vaccination -will be -Forced ?? And the President promised -Voluntary https://echo.msk.ru/blog/gabay/2692445- echo / (Polina Gabai

a lawyer in the field of healthcare !!)

7.I am a medical worker - radiology. What will happen to us as medical workers .... I DON'T KNOW if you read Smart City - Sobyanin (this is on V XU RF https://2030.mos.ru/)

Full concept - (Read ALL !!) https://2030.mos.ru/netcat_files/userfiles/documents_2030/concept.pdf)!

p.38 -.... AI (Artificial Intelligence) without the involvement of medical workers!: (((It turns out that WE ARE DOCTORS - WE WILL NOT NEED)!

AND AND - will diagnose, and so on !!: ((((((

In general, I'm against, really, an unknown vaccine !!!

I add a link - interview with Polina Gabay:

Seven million for an injection! Compulsory vaccination and patient rights. Explanations of the lawyer Polina Gabay (watch first and Until 20min. 07 sec! -Forth about another info)


А also an interview with Semyon Galpereny President of the League for the Protection of Doctors:

Introducing a vaccine without knowing about its safety for health is from the area of ​​Criminal Law (Article 238 of the Criminal Code)

https: // www.youtube.com/watch?v=o285Bqf0HaQ

Answer 7
March, 2021

Interesting answers you have here! Yes, I really don't get flu shots. They do not make sense, there are too many strains of influenza and all these strains alternate and mutate. I still have the flu, but the immune response is stronger and it goes away quickly. BUT! In 1980, vaccination against smallpox stopped ... And if it comes out from somewhere, and even in a metropolis, it will mow down everyone under 40 !!! I was vaccinated with cowpox. For a cow, this is death, for a person, a cold. Not vaccinated, will receive the same deadly effect ... In Europe, they have long ceased to be vaccinated against measles. And measles began to mow in thousands, stopping only in the countries of the former USSR.

Will I be vaccinated? YES! Even if, it will not be required. As did smallpox, measles, pneumococcus, diphtheria and other delights, among which we live. Well, good luck to everyone who is against vaccinations! And do not forget to see what came out in Mongolia. 👍

Answer 8
March, 2021

Scary ... I will try to "dodge" vaccination. Fifteen years ago, a doctor we know came to work with us about the mass vaccination, talked about the positive aspects of this case.

After the event in private, he advised me NOT to DO this vaccine.

My opinion from the flu ... I don't remember already.

Answer 9
March, 2021

This pseudo-concern of the government is annoying. It would be better to raise the minimum wage. The people are poor and angry.
I will not allow experiments to be carried out on myself!
I do not recommend doing vaccination - it is deadly !!!
We do not have any democracy, - laws were invented in the government, we went to the elections for appearance.
The most important thing is that everything that comes up not for the people, but against.
Why do we need such a government?
What trust after that !?
What they want, they do.
Health to all!

Answer 10
March, 2021

No, I will not vaccinate. I know that it is impossible to create a new vaccine in such a short period. No one knows its long-term consequences. In this I completely agree with the previous author. For me this vaccination is not convincing, I am simply afraid of it.

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