If in America they eat mostly solid food, which is bad for the stomach, then what do they replace liquid food with so that there is no hemorrhoids and constipation?

If in America they eat mostly solid food, which is bad for the stomach, then what do they replace liquid food with so that there is no hemorrhoids and constipation?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Is there really still people who can think so and not know that solid food does not affect diseases such as constipation or hemorrhoids? Do they drink water as much as the body requires? And all liquid products are considered water - soups, teas, juices, drinks, etc. and you need to know this !!! (Or was it a provocative question?) Anatoly Demyanovich - 8-915-269-33-09

Answer 2
January, 2021

The superstition that it is necessary to eat soup, otherwise solid food will lead to hemorrhoids, has no scientific basis, and is less common in the United States than in Russia. However, in the US, there are other beliefs about nutrition, no more true.

Americans drink drinks with meals - just water, juices, cola, etc.

Americans often eat soups and similar dishes with a high water content, although not as religiously-obsessive-compulsively as the Russians with every meal. They are seasonal - when the weather is cold, many eat hot soup every day, and when it is hot - cold soup or iced tea.

For example, gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup of Spanish origin. There is nothing better in hot weather.

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Chili with minced meat and beans (this recipe comes from Mexico, but all Americans eat it; there are also vegetarian options)

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Broccoli and cheddar cheese soup

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Image result for irish stew "Musical" pea and ham soup:
Image result for pea soup ham

And all kinds of ethnic and regional soups:

Chinese with egg:
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Japanese udon with noodles:

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Vietnamese pho

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Answer 3
January, 2021

I drink 72 ounces of water a day. (~ 2 liters).
Everyone carries a reusable water bottle and fills it constantly There are ready-made water fountains, even made for water bottles, especially in gyms and parks.
Water is life, we are 73% made of water.

For me, I associate soups with winter, which doesn't really exist in San Francisco (our coldest weather is 10+ Celsius). So when we rent a cottage in the mountains for skiing in the Sierra Nevada, the restaurants have a lot more soups.

You will find soups in all types of restaurants, usually there is at least one (tomato basil with a cream base is popular , chicken tortilla soup, Asian noodle soups, cream-based clam soup) But not many people eat them.

Also, the soup is unbearable, can easily spill, and many Americans live on the go ". So it's easier to grab a sandwich and some nuts and fruits than soups.

Answer 4
January, 2021

There are soups in the States too. Yes, they are not that popular, but they are. But here it is customary to drink a LOT of water, compared to Russia. The food is just different. Plus, don't forget that it is different here. American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Korean, it's a snap. Listo can still be continued. So the food here is much more varied. Although, in terms of quality, in general, it is worse. The portions are also large. With constipation and hemorrhages, they go here as well as everywhere else. It's just different.

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