If I have a good supper, then in the morning he just breaks with animal hunger and hunger pain in the stomach, if I eat something light / don't eat there are no such problems. This is normal? How it works?

If I have a good supper, then in the morning he just breaks with animal hunger and hunger pain in the stomach, if I eat something light / don't eat there are no such problems. This is normal? How it works?

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Answer 1
October, 2020

All diseases, aging, vices are a consequence of eating.

There is food that kills you faster, it is cholesterol-containing acidifying milk and meat, fruits and vegetables do not kill so quickly, but they also wear out your body and your organs.

Eating food is slow suicide.

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About the question:

Food inside you is superfluous, without food it is good.

Meat causes an acid reaction after it becomes very bad, irritable, impulsive.

Therefore, there is an option to sleep while standing like Count Dracula.

So that the acid food comes out while you sleep and this acid does not hit your head.

Another option is to eat non-acidic foods.

Googled acidifying and alkalizing foods. This is an option.

Although I myself have now generally left food, I cleanse Shank Prakshalana and live without food.

By the way, there is a lot of strength when there is no food in the stomach, you do not get cold and sleep less than 3-4 I sleep for hours a day (!)

Much energy is spent on withdrawing food, a lot.

Therefore, if you want to wake up, try to wake up Shank Prakshalana.

Food is for children.

Answer 2
October, 2020

It's okay. The inertia of the digestive system is called. Some fatty people remove part of the stomach to get rid of gluttony as they constantly feel hungry. Hunger is different. Inertial hunger - this is a person who is consumed by inertia and requires more food. And functional hunger is often associated with muscle weakness and dizziness - when the body really lacks nutrients.

Answer 3
October, 2020

Of course this is not normal. If you eat late and densely (i.e. heavy, high-calorie food), then the body obviously does not have time to digest it before you fall asleep. After all, the work of the digestive system and the nervous system are connected, and if you are asleep, the stomach cannot process food. All food remains in its "original" form until the morning. But it cannot be stored in the stomach as in the refrigerator - without consequences. It becomes toxic to the stomach lining, causing inflammation in it. In the morning, when your body wakes up, the first thing it tries to do is get rid of such a surrogate that forms in the stomach during the night. For this, he needs a lot of enzymes, hydrochloric acid. Therefore, you have a release of a large amount of enzymes and not only in the stomach but also in the gallbladder and pancreas, acidity increases. Hence, you have a feeling of hunger mixed with pain in the stomach. Even the ancient doctor owns the saying: "The food that we cannot digest begins to kill us."

There is only one way out - to redistribute your meals during the day, and unload the evening as much as possible, or take low-calorie foods and not meat for dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. Be sure to do EGD and ultrasound of the abdominal organs, you may already have diseases of the digestive system

Answer 4
October, 2020

This question interests me myself. Exactly - we eat late in the morning hungry as a wolf. And if we do not sing at all, then everything is fine. It’s strange, it should be the other way around and not the way it is

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