I want to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and completely break down his approaches, methods and conclusions in relation to me, because I consider myself stronger and above this. Is it real?

I want to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and completely break down his approaches, methods and conclusions in relation to me, because I consider myself stronger and above this. Is it real?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Yes, of course, really. Psychiatrists are not omniscient or superhuman. Why they create such an image for them is unclear. It is enough to look at the level of psychiatry and the answer is obvious. Medicine in general works very poorly in this country, and psychiatry is the most backward area.

I have personal experience. Different psychiatrists gave me different diagnoses. Often incompatible with each other. If they cannot determine the diagnosis, when they are not even trying to deceive them, then what is it about if someone deliberately decides to confuse them?

Answer 2
June, 2021

What are you going to break up? It seems to me that you consider a psychiatrist to be such a strange person who, for money, is engaged in telling you how predictable you are, and how he sees you through and through, and in general, in fact, a fortune-teller from the newspaper. This is ... a little different. They come to a psychiatrist with specific problems, how do you imagine a breakdown? "Doctor, I have a problem here, I write for myself in a dream. - Well, this is from your childhood, maybe. - Hahaha! But no! Not from childhood, not from childhood! How strong I am!" (here you have to jump up and run away into the sunset with joyful laughter, leaving the psychiatrist to think why you came at all, if you did not need help, but to argue). And if there really are problems - what if he guesses? You will lie, what is wrong? I am forced to disappoint you, he will not be very upset in this case, he will sort out possible reasons, and if he does not find, he will decide that you have forgotten, appoint more sessions for digging in and write out tasty pills.

(This is all written rather about a psychotherapist, whom you obviously confused with a psychiatrist, because the latter does not engage in chatting at all).

Answer 3
June, 2021

Strange desire. Well, maybe he will prescribe you an antipsychotic. You won't have such thoughts anymore, but you can sleep for a very long time. Don't you like them? I, too, probably because of the methods of treatment that are not much different from the punitive psychiatry of the times of stagnation.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Nobody understood you here, but I think I guess. This is like a challenge, a test, to prove to oneself, on one's own experience, whether these psychiatrists are worth something or not. Or revenge for insults from them or for disappointment in their science.

But unlikely. The psychiatrist only prescribes pills, he will not listen to you for a long time. The psychologist doesn't care too much about you and everything you say, even if the opposite is stated. And all these guys are too arrogant and stubborn and they are protected by their high status of a specialist, you are just a moron-patient for them, they don't care even the most reasonable arguments, as well as you, and show aggression you will simply be politely mixed with shit and kicked out ... Psychologists in general often have a whole philosophy aimed at increasing their self-confidence and psychological defenses, something like "any criticism indicates only the personal problems of the critic, I am sorry", "any patient disagreement is his resistance, games and unwillingness to change", "me I don't care how others react to my words, it's their problem, etc. " That is, it is parodaxic, but it seems that there is no person who does not care more about you than your psychologist)

I don’t want to say platitudes and break off high mental impulses, but the idea to prove something to someone is graceless, and even more so people protected by their status.

Answer 5
June, 2021

I want to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and completely break his approaches, methods and conclusions in relation to me, because I consider myself stronger and higher than that. Really?

1) To break down his approaches and methods, they will need to be recognized during the conversation. To recognize them, you need to KNOW them. And in order to know, you have to be the most proficient in psychiatry as a science and practice. IS THIS ABOUT YOU?

2) How are you going to refute the conclusions regarding you, if they will not be announced to you 100%, and they will not be allowed to look at the medical record? And they will, I doubt that you will understand anything.

3) about stronger and higher than him - in what sense? If only in the direct. But for this you will need to choose in advance who to go to. So that it is lower than you and clearly flimsy. Although ... You may not guess by the last criterion.

Answer 6
June, 2021

It depends on who you run into.

A good doctor will definitely agree with you and give you the opportunity to feel like a winner, even smarter than the doctor himself.

Why argue with a patient on the head?

Answer 7
June, 2021

Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists are prepared to meet with clients who challenge them: "You cannot cure me, because my problem is the coolest in the world." This is too much self-esteem.

Answer 8
June, 2021

No, it's unreal. If you come to an appointment with a psychiatrist just to prove something, he will just show you the door. He does not have time for this - there are a bunch of waiting patients outside the door who need help. If you don't understand the first time, the guards will be invited. But if you show aggression, inadequacy, screaming, splashing saliva - then only in this case a team of orderlies will be called and you will be taken to a psychiatric hospital.

Answer 9
June, 2021

If you want to go to # no matter who #, just to prove that you # no matter who # you don't need - go to a psychiatrist / psychologist urgently. You have obvious problems.

It is very fortunate that # no matter who # in your case the psychiatrist, choose a better specialist.

your desire is very similar to the desire of people on every corner to shout that they don't give a fuck about something. If you don't give a fuck, you shout it.

Answer 10
June, 2021

if you're above it, why would you need to prove it to someone? childish some kind of approach.

realistically, of course, the specialist does not care about you, what you scratch your ego about, you come and go, until the end of the session he will suffer for your money (he still doesn’t do that). again, the specialist is able to quickly determine the real, and not verbalized, client's request. he / she will have something to laugh about later with colleagues. good luck!

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