I visited the gynecologist just yesterday, when I said that I was a virgin at 25, I was advised to go to a psychiatrist ...
Is there really something wrong with me?

I visited the gynecologist just yesterday, when I said that I was a virgin at 25, I was advised to go to a psychiatrist ... Is there really something wrong with me?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

I would advise you to go to the head physician and write a complaint! If the doctor is such an idiot that he makes psychiatric diagnoses by looking at the perineum, then the diagnosis should be made to him, not the patient!

Answer 2
January, 2021

All gynecologists dream that you get sick with some kind of venereal disease, so that later you can be treated for a lot of money !!! Girls have always cherished their innocence and gave birth to strong and healthy children. And now, after the universal destruction of young people, the birth rate statistics are terrifying.

Answer 3
January, 2021

You are a White Crow in our depraved world! I congratulate you, you have saved yourself as a person, as a girl for a serious relationship, specifically for marriage. In my experience, I grieve because I did not save myself for my beloved husband. Stay with the same opinion, you will definitely meet a good person and then you will not be ashamed to look him in the eye. And besides, fornication, relationships before marriage is a mortal sin!
Do not listen to anyone, because of such pure girls, maybe our world still holds on

Answer 4
January, 2021

Real story. 57 years old. Not married (although there were, of course, applicants). No kids. Two higher educations. There are publications in scientific journals, I am writing a book on social psychology. Labor veteran, social benefits. Own apartment in Moscow. Reading the answers to questions and comments on this site, yet another time I am convinced how lucky I am in life. Communication with gynecologists was minimized - only for professional reasons, since my intuition drew conclusions from some events that were not unique for women in time (each can tell her own stories). In the 10th grade, at the clinical examination, the gynecologist strongly moved her fist into the crotch. Then, at 23, during a routine examination for honey. books, another doctor, already very elderly, tried to get her fingers into the anus, said that it was necessary if she was a virgin. It was the clinic of the KGB Military Medical Academy (this department included the educational institution in which I then worked). In the future, I came across more or less tactful, only one, when I was already over 40, expressed surprise and asked if I had never had a sex life (I have no external or internal defects, the erection of the clitoris is normal).

I don't have a single friend (of different ages) who would find happiness in family life. Sex only when necessary to avoid divorce and not share an apartment. Therefore, everything is forgiven - both betrayal, and blackmail, and insults, and humiliation, and diseases acquired through the fault of the husband. Or is it "love"? Oscar Wilde also said that love makes a wreck of a woman. At the other extreme - by trial and error, half of their lives were looking for an ideal, and now, after abortions, treatment of "female" diseases, with illegitimate children or children left after a divorce, they have turned to religion. At least I look better than my peers. Just in case, women don't appeal to me. Although, when I was a little over thirty, there was a jump in the brain (like a vaccine against a serious illness). It was very bright, lasted more than three years, but without consequences. "Object" did not even know anything, since she was my student for two years. Otherwise, no one would have known - I understood that it had to pass and passed, although neither before nor after I experienced such emotions. Something similar was only at school to a classmate (recently I saw on the street - quite an old man).

Now I sometimes enjoy looking at sites with naked young men, although I understand that these are gays and for gays. There are so many joys in modern life, and pair sex is far from the main one, especially considering all the disadvantages. In general, girls, if you don't give a damn about social and social pressure, you can perfectly do without all these problems that you have seen on this site. Not that time, not that century. Everyone can be the mistress of their desires and not desires. You should also discuss how women are treated during childbirth (both women and men midwives), and what women in labor have to listen to.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Everything is fine with you. My friend, your age and she also retains her virginity, because it is important for her that a man is alone for life. To some, this does not seem very reasonable, because they say, it is easy to make a mistake. And I think that on the contrary it is worthy of respect. If it works out, then there will be a beautiful and harmonious story in life, and if it is mistaken, then I think it will somehow survive the absence of sex before)

Answer 6
January, 2021

Let's just say that a consultation with a psychotherapist has definitely not hurt anyone. The doctor discovered that you have a rather strange and atypical feature for your age, which may be (but not necessarily!) A symptom of some mental disorder. Follow her advice. See a doctor. Chat. It is very likely that she will come to the conclusion that you are perfectly healthy, and you will go home with a clear conscience. And if suddenly not, you will remember your wise and far-sighted decision more than once with a kind word.

Answer 7
January, 2021

The gynecologist is an idiot.

And you get the HPV vaccine while you can!
Insure yourself against the risk of cervical cancer.

symbols symbols symbols symbols symbols

Answer 8
January, 2021

No. Age and virginity cannot be used to determine whether psychiatric treatment or even counseling is needed. Virginity at 25 is certainly not the most common case, but your sex life is only yours and only you can control it. Another thing is if there is a need for intercourse, but you restrain the desire to masturbate. Then (and still not a psychiatrist) it is worth thinking for what, since the lack of satisfaction of the sexual need can hardly be called useful, and masturbation copes with its satisfaction (what is called "well, it is necessary for health").

Yes, there are times when a person, having the usual attraction for the majority, avoids any sexual activity for very absurd reasons of the format "Sex is the result of foreign propaganda", "Fornication from the Unclean" or simply the hand is taken away when you want to be satisfied. Then yes, you need a specialist consultation. But not a psychiatrist, but a psychotherapist. For here pills are not needed, but to understand yourself in order to live comfortably, and not to endure hardships due to imaginary fears.

If a person is simply not interested in sex, he does not feel such a need, or, understanding all the incoming and outgoing, decided that this way his life will be of better quality, then this is his full right to freedom of personal life.

Well, change the gynecologist and don't go to this anymore. Such (and indeed, doctors, but even more so) should have a well-developed tact, and even if a psychiatrist's consultation is really needed there (which I very much doubt), then it should be sent to it politely and explaining the reason and reassuring, not like this.

Answer 9
January, 2021

Everything is much more prosaic, I was not in love.

not more prosaic. sex doesn't have to be about love. I indicated the item “You are waiting for“ that very one. ”This is what it is. There is nothing wrong with that, until a certain age, because you can be without sex, children, marriage until the age of 40. At least one of a man needs this list. Searching for that one does not forbid you to have short-term relationships. no one says that you need to sleep with everyone.

here is a story from real life - the girl was far from sex at all, with strange looks I found myself a man and immediately offered to marry her, they did not even sleep, they knew each other for a week.Of course, she was refused.Found some strange guy who agreed to such conditions.It took six months, she felt bored and interested, started cheat on him, realized that he was no match for other men in bed and began, sorry, to fuck recklessly.

Some things in life should be tried in time and correctly, in moderation, in order to have experience and not be torn from reality human and sensibly understand why the same sex is such an important component life of any person.

Answer 10
January, 2021

I won't be as optimistic as the rest of the unsubscribed. The fact that every second doctor in our country does not know what professional ethics is, especially those born in the USSR and now in a state of crazy old people - yes. This is a separate topic. On the other hand, I will note this: Dr. House is a cool character, adored by millions, but believe me, you will never come to him for a second appointment because of his rudeness and arrogance. This is a cinematic version. The patient likes to be treated with respect, even if he speaks nonsense, he can be reasoned correctly, although there are exceptions, of course.

About virginity at 25 years old. No, this is not a mental disorder, of course. But a reason to think. I completely agree that not having sex until the age of 20-22 is quite normal. Let's say a child is obedient, intelligent and modest, first studying at school, then at a university, other priorities. But 25 years old is already an adult, for the most part already working and having an active sex life. It `s naturally. At one time, Freud said that there is only one real perversion - the absence of sex.

It is important here why you didn’t have it (or maybe you were one of those who "once does not count with Vasya around the corner, and so I, except Vasya, no, no"). There are such people too, people sometimes are beyond any idea of ​​adequacy, alas.

Are you having problems with your appearance? Real or imaginary?

You are waiting for "the very same".

You are a convinced asexual, or frigid.

You are a religious fanatic.

It seems that you may not need a psychiatrist, but it is still worth going to a psychologist and understanding your life. The fact that you can "feel comfortable" is self-deception, you can replace the concept of healthy comfort with fear of change, fear of sex and growing up.

Answer 11
January, 2021

Let's see.

The very fact that you are 25 and you’re not quite right is nothing “wrong.”

If I hadn’t happened to meet a cool guy with who would like to sleep, I would also not be that and no matter how much time would have passed (although, of course, purely physiologically it will now be more painful).

YES, and in general it is not at all necessary to have sex with guys in principle, some all their lives can live as virgins and be completely happy and contented with life.

But if it bothers you, you yourself are not happy about it and you want to change the situation, but you cannot, then yes, something is wrong with you. it’s not so, but you don’t go to a psychiatrist but to a psychoanalyst.

You definitely don't need a psychiatrist in any case. In this sense, nothing is wrong with you, virginity is not a sign of psychopathy.

Answer 12
January, 2021

Gynecologists are a special kind of aunts (not all, of course), what I heard from them during the forced minutes of receiving and communicating with them is the thought that I am all covered in dirt and I will never wash myself. It is more pleasant to communicate with the last bum, believe me, than with some women gynecologists. Such impishness and disrespect, probably, does not exist anywhere else in any field of medicine. Even the old proctologist with the coveted eyes looked like an intellectual and aesthete in one Belarusian clinic in comparison with them. Don't listen to them. You're all right. It's just the bottom and its inhabitants, who do not know what is the difference between a face and a vagina, probably because they see the second more often))

Answer 13
January, 2021

Send this gynecologist herself to a psychiatrist. If her whole life revolves around one place, this does not mean that the lives of other people should revolve in the same place. And also pass on the fact that let him be engaged in his core occupation, and not seek out "mental problems" from others. Are you okay. Live how you want, do what you like, enjoy life. If you do not see the need for a life partner, then so be it. Good luck!

Answer 14
January, 2021

No, something is wrong with gynecologists, who believe that they have the right to get into people's private lives. Fortunately, such gynecologists should receive a service reprimand, as well as those who advise their patients to get pregnant for health.

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