I'm 18 and drink beer almost every day. Is this normal?

I'm 18 and drink beer almost every day. Is this normal?

The Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal

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Answer 1
June, 2021

I do not consider it normal to drink every day, because it is detrimental to your body. But it is difficult to say something without knowing your dose of alcohol. In any case, I do not think that you stop at one mug, and every day this dose will increase, and you can hardly refuse.Therefore, I think you should stop and deal with this problem yourself, but if you fail to do this yourself, you need to contact a specialist

Answer 2
June, 2021

Read this carefully, this is IMPORTANT!

Friday night. Behind weekdays and a bunch of work problems. So he wants to enjoy life and thank himself with a foamy and intoxicating drink.

The hand reaches for a gracefully curved glass, the eye is pleased with the amber tint, the hot, salty taste gives a feeling of lightness

. I want to go to the weekend: a little light, a little dark, maybe bottled and canned ...

Sign? Congratulations, you are intoxicated captivity! Otherwise, the excessive consumption of yes, namely beer, inflicts a slow, but sure blow on your precious health.

Contrary to popular belief, the composition of beer is not limited to useful yeast and vitamins. Each glass you drink, in addition to benefits, will bring harmful elements to the body.

For example, after enjoying the thick and aromatic foam, you will treat yourself to a portion of cobalt salt or no less toxic compounds of foam stabilizers. HARMFUL COMPOSITION OF BEER FOR THE ORGANISM

Subsequently, the penny dainty threatens with thickening of the heart walls, arrhythmia, tachycardia, painful shortness of breath, varicose veins and even heart attack

>. just a glass of beer, you saturate yourself with ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, fusel oils, carcinogens and even phytoestrogens.

The more often beer habits, the greater the concentration of harmful substances in the body. / p>

The proportion of ethyl alcohol in beer ranges from 3% to 14%, that is, even a small dose of the intoxicating drink affects the central nervous system. Alcohol, gluing blood corpuscles, leads to blockage of the cerebral vessels.


The blood does not break down and the cells are saturated.

Gradually, I felt over the glass, disordered coordination, memory deteriorates, reason becomes dull, visual acuity is lost.

The psyche also suffers from the influence of ethanol. Euphoria is replaced by lethargy, apathy, depression. Without a life-giving penny, headaches begin, insomnia comes, strong addiction arises.

The psychological aspect in the culture of drinking takes a special place. Often, they become intoxicated slaves in moments of mental weakness: corporate meetings, friendly sittings, and self-training according to the method of cocking, and even deep experiences on the other side of the road

Therefore, it is possible to turn the craving for beer by applying the complex. Someone who is fairly strong will and taboo, the less stubborn will need support from loved ones and professional medical help.

Beer alcoholism is a serious illness that requires frequent medical treatment. The effectiveness of treatment in many ways depends on the individual characteristics of the body and stagedisease.

At the first stage, the amount of consumed drink - up to a liter per day. The state of health as a whole does not bother, but the body requires the continuation of the banquet.

And here it is, the second stage creeps up unnoticed. Now even three liters is not enough.

Without regular dose and the light is not pleasant. The hangover is heavy, the mood is suppressed, the flour is no longer tormented, and the body does not stop at what has been achieved.

The chase for liters leads to the last third stage. Now more hot drinks are mixed with the penny.

The degradation takes on threatening proportions, the process becomes uncontrollable, systematic binges occur.

The boundaries between the stages are very complicated. A psychologically weak individual will have enough and several months to overcome them.

Therefore, experts recommend not to waste time and seek help at the first alarming symptoms, which always come down to a frequent and increasing desire to


. The first two stages are predictively favorable: a cure is possible, but the last stage is practically incurable.

Awareness of addiction is the most important step on the long road to recovery. The main thing in the fight against beer ailment is to turn on the mind in time, saying no to the next glass. Life is wonderful, and even in the gloomiest everyday life there is always a reason for sober joy.

I strongly recommend reading a useful article about a natural and very effective remedy for all stages of alcoholism that can be used without the knowledge of an alcoholic. If interested, here's the link

Answer 3
June, 2021

The commentator is higher or, if he is lower, is completely wrong.

First, let us refute the popular belief that beer is available only in Germany and the Czech Republic, but in the rest of the world there is no beer, and this is some kind of slippery substance. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Not only is there beer, for example, also in the UK, as well as in Belgium, and these countries are rightfully considered very beer and leading in this business, but it also turns out that even in Russia quite decent and excellent beer is brewed, and even craft beer quite at the level of the world.

Secondly, beer alcoholism is really just alcoholism, but let's face it, we are all a bit alcoholics here. And yes, there is no difference from beer alcoholism and any other. BUT! There is a clear difference whether to drink a bottle of two beers a day, or half a liter of vodka. And two bottles of beer a day is a normal and not even very harmful amount of beer. For evidence, you can refer to my past answers.

Third, ahahahahahaha, what the fuck. About beer obesity, I also answered here.

Well, I will not go further.

Just to say, any booze is not very good when there is a lot. But in a small amount of booze, there is both a therapeutic effect and a kind of physical effect, and again, with a small amount, these are positive effects. There is, of course, a slippery slope; evidence and articles of clever scientists are leaning in one direction or the other, but this only means that this small amount has absolutely no significant effect on health. About a specific amount, again in my previous answers.
But a lot of beer, each one, will indeed have a very detrimental effect on health, and it is not necessary to do that.
I will also say that it is better to drink beer in a company, moreover, in a good, smart, friendly and cheerful company, thus your level of happiness, satisfaction and life expectancy will increase, it is also better to drink beer in clean, pleasant and interesting bars, so, again, not to plunge yourself into the stressful situation of a dirty parade and a crap shop. And you will not interfere with children, passers-by, old people and normal people in general.

And answering the question: yes, it's okay if it's not one and a half in one person, and if it's a delicious interesting beer, one bottle zero five, zero three, in the evening, then it's okay. Everything else, no matter at what age, not very much, is also tolerable)

Answer 4
June, 2021

PAVEL, I will explain in short. No, it is not normal at 18 to consume beer every day and every other day.

Firstly, because what is produced next to the Czech Republic and Germany is not exactly beer, it is some strange substance that, in my opinion, is related to beer due to its name alone. / p>

Secondly, because about "beer alcoholism" and about "beer is not as harmful as ..." was probably thought up by either evil people, or inclined to "allegories" (so I will call it ). All this is simple and stupid - alcoholism, no more, no less.

Third ... It is believed that beer and other "low alcohol" drinks are nothing more than a "substitute" (analogue) of mother's milk. And the "love" for beer rather indicates a problematic infantilism and a high level of anxiety (which must be constantly lowered with the help of an analogue of mother's milk), but not about special taste preferences or anything else. "Beer obesity" and other "delights" are already a consequence.

Fourthly, "pussies will fall off, girls will stop loving" - this is the truth.

In short, tie up with this yellowish liquid!

... Now uncles_brewing_fans with "female" boobs and "pregnant" tummies will mince me))

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