I feel inferior, although, it would seem, why. What is wrong with me?

I feel inferior, although, it would seem, why. What is wrong with me?

How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument - Jordan Peterson


Because of this, I'm scared, I'm angry all the time. On yourself and others. It's hard for me to find friends, I don't even have anyone to walk with. Making friends with someone else? I tried it. But I'm kind of weird. I get dumped the next day. Now I have thrush. Mom doesn't believe. I now have a feeling of absolute uselessness. What is wrong with me? I didn't go to a psychologist - it's scary to go alone, there is no support from anyone. Now I lie and reproach myself for the fact that I constantly whine, that I wrote all this. What's wrong with me?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Stop doing nonsense, stop feeling sorry for yourself and scratching what does not itch, you drive yourself into a depression, read at your leisure Valery Sinelnikov "Love your disease", "Vaccination against stress", Alexander Sviyash "Reasonable world". Yes, and thrush can be both from stress and from taking antibiotics. try to look at yourself from the outside would you like to be friends with an eternally displeased whining person ?! Learn to enjoy the little things, you are young, beautiful, your hands are in place. There are a lot of people who are much worse, but they do not despair, and rejoice at everything that happens to them. Good luck, the author, pull yourself together, drink vitamins to the brim, check do an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, sometimes a malfunction of the thyroid gland leads to a depression.

Answer 2
January, 2021

How do you feel your inferiority? How is this reflected? When communicating with other people, or do you think so of yourself, looking in the mirror, or just listening or reading someone?
If you want to understand, understand, increase your self-esteem, please contact.
Best regards, Vera Molchanova

Answer 3
January, 2021

Valeria, hello! Good luck and positive! 🌻🌻🌻
The beginning of autumn gives us wonderful sunny days, leaving summer!
And believe me, there is no reason for sadness and nostalgia!
🧔👱‍♀️👩‍🦱👨‍🦱Of course, we are all human, and mood swings are common to everyone. But here, to feel unnecessary, it is absolutely useless. You write about mom, believe me, she really needs you! And there are many people who really need you. 🌟Just just want it and look around.
📝You write about the disease of thrush. This occurs when the local immune defense is reduced or the body is generally weakened.
In this case, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist, as well as adhere to certain dietary advice.
Diet for thrush (candidiasis) is not the main method of treatment, but only supportive. However, those who are experiencing such problems should still follow it.
1️⃣Make sure to include in your diet natural yogurt with active cultures and foods rich in probiotics
If you are in doubt about the presence of live cultures in a purchased product, then you can easily learn how to make yogurt yourself. To do this, simply purchase a starter culture from the pharmacy and follow the instructions. Beneficial bacteria counteract the growth of yeast.
2️⃣Be sure to include in your diet as many vitamins as possible
They are found in vegetables and unsweetened fruits: cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, green apples, lemons.
3️⃣ attention to the use of olive and flaxseed oil - They are better to replace vegetable and butter.
4️⃣Include sauerkraut in the diet
Sauerkraut fills the intestines with beneficial microorganisms.
There are many other useful tips.
😇 As for communication with a psychologist, I invite you for a consultation and a conversation in our Family Clubik, which is located in Moscow, Volgogradsky prospect 64k1.
Best regards, psychologist, family psychotherapist, Tatyana Vasilievna.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Everything is so with you !! You just don't know yourself, how can you tell others about yourself? I'm figuratively, and that's just my opinion, but !!! You have to start getting to know yourself (it's difficult).

Answer 5
January, 2021

There are a lot of such people with such thoughts, uncertainty in life, just a LOT !!! Look on the Internet, not why, but how!)) Smile more .. just in front of the mirror to yourself)) When you write to a friend, put smile brackets ... attract positive to yourself !!!)

Answer 6
January, 2021

The description of your condition is rather disturbing because it looks like depression. Do not be alarmed!) It is treated, and not necessarily with medication. You should see a specialist. This does not necessarily require the support of friends. A good psychologist will immediately provide you with a comfortable environment and help, interacting with him is not at all scary, but life can change dramatically.

In any case, try to understand what exactly provokes such a state. Don't be strict and demanding of yourself; even if something obviously bad and large-scale has not happened to you, this does not mean that you have no reason to be sad and there is no excuse for weakness. One of the most terrible tortures is when drops fall on the victim's head for a long time. Just a drop! The same destructive and painful effect can be caused by minor annoyances that happen regularly. Determine if you have a source of these "drops" and try to distance yourself from it. Try to walk alone without headphones, try not to stay within four walls. Remember that even if you have downsides, this does not mean that you cannot be loved or that you are a bad person. And do not hold emotions if you suddenly want to cry or get angry - it will only benefit.

But, again, if possible, consult a psychologist. Get well soon!)

Answer 7
January, 2021

some nonsense ...... and who is full-fledged here? .... if only Christ, the Son of God ..... everything that distinguishes you from Christ is your inferiority .... eliminate the shortcomings become full ... just business ... all saints are full ... a person is born for holiness

Answer 8
January, 2021

Don't worry Valery. You are not the only one. I also have no friends, I mean real ones, about whom they write in books and show films. And if you need communication, please, we will communicate, On the Internet, of course. And if you hunt for something, buy a house, there will be problems, your head will be constantly in thought, a new circle of friends, etc. ... Well, if you need advice, you are always welcome!

Answer 9
January, 2021

Baby, we need to stop expecting something from people.

They leave you, and what are you, a cat?


You need to stand in front of a mirror, and look at yourself well ...

You are young, you have everything in place ... you are beautiful, if only because of your youth.

You're not stupid ...

So what's the matter? Do you need to become a cripple in order to understand the value of your life?


You are "thrown" because you probably behave the same way with people ... whine, complain, expect to be sorry?

Have you noticed for a long time how beautiful this world is?

How wonderful it is to be young, beautiful?

Yes, I don't care about people, their opinions about you ...

Don't give a damn about thrush ... it can be easily treated with nystatin ...


Understand, human joy, optimism - he is not outside the person, he is inside.

Would you like to communicate with a sad whiner - pessimist?

And even if you don’t show your inner discomfort, you think people will not read it ?


Besides, there is such a thing - empathy. This is the direct perception of other people's emotions. For example, irritation is very contagious.

It is difficult to be around people with a sexual interest. There is such tension.

And you are probably literally projecting your emotional negativity onto people.


Understand, even if you really are inferior ..


Girls nowadays, I apologize, are such morons.

Young girls are supposed to be fools. Otherwise, the human race would have died out. But now it’s some kind of perversion.

Fools are fools, but such self-confident boors. Hopefully not all.

Here they, somehow, from their obvious inferiority, do not suffer.


In short, everything is in you.

Some people like to suffer. Women often take on the role of victim ...

But, baby, you have one life. There will be no other.

So is it worth spending your precious life on all sorts of nonsense?

Answer 10
January, 2021

Thrush is a rejection of yourself as a girl, anger at the male sex.

Let's look for your best features)) write to me what others appreciate in you or what you like yourself.

How old are you?

The morning practice helped me a lot.

I stood in front of the mirror and said to myself “I love myself, I am beautiful” “Everyone loves and appreciates me” “I am a treasure” “I forgive everyone, I forgive myself.

I let go of grudges. Now they are free and I am free. "

It may seem silly, but it is very important to love yourself and not be offended by others.

You are a wonderful creature. The world created you to be happy. Through illness and sad thoughts, your body lets you know what you need to work on in yourself. Appreciate it And change your look.

You are so alone, perfect in all your manifestations. He loves himself so much🙏

Answer 11
January, 2021

There will be many letters, master everything. Not all adults will understand, not even every so-called psychologist will be able to correctly determine the cause that comes from within. They have a limited set of methods that they try on for each of their clients. By using these patterns, clients mostly treat themselves, this is due to a variety of distractions. Yes, for some this is enough, it may be worth starting with this, if possible. Abroad, such visits are considered the norm, but we are not used to it yet. If suggestion and distraction do not help, then they recommend taking drugs that affect the work of consciousness. Chemistry cannot cure what comes from the inside; it is only possible to remove negative symptoms for a while. In fact, this is the same distraction, just on a different level. That is, to make the consciousness not notice what remains in the physical body. For example, if you have a headache - take a pill with an anesthetic and the pain will go away. It seems to be yes, but still not quite. In fact, the pain remains, you just stop feeling it. There is a difference. The cause of the pain is also not eliminated by the pill, it is just that the source of pain (where the cause) loses its activity over time, as long as the pill works. After a while, the headache may appear again, since the source (cause) remains. The head can ache for various reasons, both as a result of obvious disturbances in the work of the physical body (for example, hemorrhage, etc.), and as a result of internal stress (different types of disturbances in the work of consciousness, stress, overwork, etc.). These are all examples. I hope it became clear to you that there are internal reasons and there are external reasons for anxiety, which can reflect on the physical body in the form of some kind of disease. Now more specifically about how you can cope with your problem yourself. And for this you do not have to go anywhere, but then you will have to try personally. I'll keep it as simple as I can. Some places will seem strange to you, this is quite normal. You mentioned feelings, so we are talking about inner anxiety first of all. We will not understand in detail how you are doing in your family, school, etc. let psychologists deal with this. From your two words it was clear that not very much and no doubt it can be interconnected. We say that emotion evokes feeling. The emotion of anger is a reaction to a feeling of self-rejection (inferiority, uselessness, etc.). Without accepting yourself, you cannot accept others. By accepting weaknesses in yourself, it is much easier to accept them in other people. Such a relationship. This feeling receives too much attention energy and sends a signal of sensation to the body of emotions, which express them in the form of reactions - these are emotions. Consequently, at the same time, all other feelings do not receive this energy of attention and remain deprived. This means that the cause of anger is your inability to control energy. You have entrusted the distribution of this energy to such a part of your consciousness thatcalled the lower mind. This is his reaction to events around him, affects your inner state (gives the energy of attention to a certain feeling). The mind decides what is pleasant for you or what is not pleasant. Simply put, it deceives the mind. It is he who does not accept you for who you are. It is he who does not see the goal and considers everything useless and meaningless. If he doesn't see it, then he doesn't, but it is not. We do not see much with our eyes, but it is there. As you have the other part of consciousness, we will call it mind or intellect. This part knows (can see) what can be useful for you, although it is unpleasant. That is, how through the unpleasant, to get the useful. Draw an analogy. Any seemingly unpleasant feeling can be useful, i.e. usefulness can be derived from it. Including such strong feelings as fear and anger. How can this be done? By balancing energy and achieving balance between the centers of the senses. How can you balance them? Of course, one kind of feeling can be balanced with other feelings. For example, a feeling of desire to achieve a goal, the intention to do it and the belief that it will come true. By what means? Using your mind, which, while pondering the situation, binds the energy to a certain center (channel) and activates the feeling. How does it bind? It binds by creating an idea, that is, a project (mental image) of how exactly to achieve what you want and what will happen next. Better to do it this way. You lie down and cover yourself with a blanket up to your throat. You put the palm of your left hand on the area just above the navel - a feeling of fear appears there. Put your right palm on the solar plexus (google the location). You close your eyes and start breathing through your nose, first with your belly, and then with your chest. You feel like on inhalation, the left hand goes up, then the right. Exhale, too, at the beginning with the stomach, then with the chest, i.e. the left hand down with the belly, then the right hand with the chest. Control this alternation, it will not let you fall asleep. Next comes the simultaneous work of thought through representation. In other words, you start to fantasize. It's easy, but follow the rules. So you have to mentally imagine a certain ladder from your current position to achieving your dreams. Moreover, at each stage it is possible to put any circumstances (events) convenient for you, which will lead to the goal. But remember that you need not just to imagine yourself in these events, but to experience them, i.e. with feelings and emotions in view. Otherwise it won't work. The first steps will be your feelings of fear and anger, which are simply necessary on the way to your goal. Without them, there will be no desired. You should be glad that you feel them, this should reassure you and serve as confirmation that you are on the right track and everything is fine with you. Then, with every step and every event in your imagination, those feelings will change. Objectively, they simply do not exist, they exist only thanks to you and your attention. This is a sign of the beginning of the path, your start for a further change in the state of consciousness. If it requiresXia, you can change the past in this way, i.e. to relive again what has already happened. Change the events that have already happened in your memory as you need. Relive them and follow along. People do not know how to fantasize, all their fantasies are unrealized probabilities. Make the whole picture (the ladder to the desired) look complete, i.e. do not skip the steps, do not allow too incredible in them, do not save the world, it does not work that way. If you give something to yourself, realize why you need it. The closer to the familiar reality, the better, the fewer contradictions the better. Do you catch what I'm talking about? Take your time, there is time, walk up the steps to the end of the stairs and imagine that you got what you want. Pay attention to your feelings, experience them. It is a feeling of joy and satisfaction. You can return to them at any moment, since time (moments) does not really exist. Come back and know your future. This can take more than one evening. Will not work right away, repeat next time. Don't quit, don't complain, don't feel sorry for yourself. Are you okay. All is well (always nice) cannot be, but you can handle it. And you are not alone, they will help you. You know what to do. Now go ahead.

Answer 12
January, 2021

Probably, everyone in life is overtaken by such experiences. But if this worries you for a very long time and even worsens the quality of life (you cannot think about anything else, there is no motivation to do anything, you literally cannot break this circle), then you should turn to a specialist - a psychotherapist. Various mental disorders (for example, depression) significantly worsen life and do not disappear by themselves. Do not be afraid of doctors, no notes (about your disorder) will affect either your employment or the attitude of people towards you (everything is strictly confidential, only you yourself can tell about it). Also, you cannot be forcibly hospitalized if your behavior, of course, does not threaten others or yourself.

Do not wait until this condition goes away by itself, it either does not go away or worsens.

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