I eat a lot of junk food, and I eat everything in a row before my eyes, the weight has already exceeded a hundred, I can’t take myself in hand, I don’t want to do anything, there are still problems with my personal. 176 weight 103 26 years old?

I eat a lot of junk food, and I eat everything in a row before my eyes, the weight has already exceeded a hundred, I can’t take myself in hand, I don’t want to do anything, there are still problems with my personal. 176 weight 103 26 years old?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Be sure to go to an endocrinologist. It may well be that you are developing hypothyroidism or another thyroid disorder (the symptoms are similar).

Losing weight with hormonal disruptions is quite real. Even if the metabolism is slowed down, extra pounds are taken "out of nowhere", you constantly want to eat.

I talk about losing weight with hormonal disruptions in my blog on Instagram. Read the posts. They may already have answers to your questions.

Be healthy.

Answer 2
January, 2021

This is a sensitive question, and in my opinion, in addition to the hormonal background, it is also worth making an inventory at the psychological level. Honestly, I would very much like to help you with one practical advice, and so that tomorrow your problem will go away, but alas, if this universal advice existed, we would all be slim and healthy. Ask yourself a few questions: when, after what did the problem appear? What could have triggered this eating behavior? Very often you can see that we begin to accumulate weight (subconsciously, of course) after experiencing stress, as a way of protection. In general, then, psychosomatics and psychology in a compartment offer many explanations for this phenomenon. Sometimes we start to gain weight in order to explain to ourselves the problems in our personal life, so the subconscious mind seems to explain to us that we are not good enough and removes the conflict and the questions "why do I have no personal life?" Also, weight can be the cause of fatigue, hunger and thousands of other reasons. Dig in your head and try to find the source of the problem.

This was a boring and subjective introduction to psychosomatics, and now a few words about motivation. I will give you the words of the Japanese writer H. Murakami, in one of his books, he talks about his hobby for running, where he complains that he is inclined to be overweight, unlike his wife, who does not care about anything, while he should run every day to stay in shape. Here, the author expresses his gratitude for the tendency to overweight, arguing that it was daily training that "forged" his character and made him who he is. Therefore, each problem overcome makes us better, remember this.

Of course, the tips below are very practical, it will definitely not be superfluous to check the state of hormones and motivation. Basic physical activity will disperse the blood, and if you endlessly want to chew, chew vegetables, only the benefits will be.

Set a goal so high that it inspires you to solve the problem and, of course, do not replace the joys of life with the joys of food.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Manage Your Life - A Few Tips From One Magazine!

You're in the mood to eat right, but does this ice cream cake look so delicious ?!)

“The prudent sees the calamity and takes cover, while the inexperienced go ahead and are punished.” .

prudence will help us avoid situations that interfere with the achievement of our goals. This will put us in a better position

Make the bad habit harder and the good one easier


  • Make it harder to follow a bad habit. For example, if you want to switch to a healthy diet, don't keep foods at home that you know are bad for your health. Then, if you have the urge to eat something harmful, it will be more difficult to succumb to the temptation than deal with it.
  • Make it easier to follow a good habit. For example, if you plan to exercise early in the morning, prepare a tracksuit in the evening and put it next to your bed. The easier it is to get started, the more likely you are to follow through on your plans.
  • Be careful when choosing friends. We become like the people we spend time with. Therefore, limit your association with those who encourage the habits you are struggling with and spend time with those who encourage you to do good.

“He who walks with the wise will become wise” Proverbs 13:20.

“The plans of the diligent lead to success” Proverbs 21: 5.

The Bible is a treasure trove wise advice used by people all over the world! She also answers the questions of concern to many people:

  • what is the meaning of life?

  • why do we age and die?

  • what future awaits us?

-how to find good friends and get along with others?

  • what is the secret of family happiness?

  • what happens after death? etc ....

Answer 4
January, 2021

The hormonal background has changed, here no "pull yourself together" will help. Get tested for hormones, blood sugar, thyroid gland - often hypothyroidism leads to obesity. My appetite relieves homeopathic Fucus vesiculosis x3, 3.- a means to reduce appetite in obese patients. But the habitual attitude towards food remained in my consciousness, I feel that my stomach has "calmed down", and my hand reaches for food). Here it is necessary to connect a constitutional preparation, and this is individual. I had to do the moistening.

Answer 5
January, 2021

This is because there is no motivation, everything is fine anyway. You need a goal to stop eating for. I knew one obese aunt, she also could not stop. Result: diabetes, gout, death. And yes, cons in the rating of the comment will hardly help you.

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