I am 17 years old, "crow's feet" and a net of wrinkles under my eyes began to appear !!! How to remove them, and how to prevent their further occurrence ???? Every day care: foam + tonic + cream ....?

I am 17 years old, "crow's feet" and a net of wrinkles under my eyes began to appear !!! How to remove them, and how to prevent their further occurrence ???? Every day care: foam + tonic + cream ....?

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July, 2021


A weak inactivated botulinum toxin is injected using injections. It causes slight muscle paralysis, relaxation and smoothing of the skin around the eyes. After such a procedure, the muscles remain in good shape for six or even eight months. Experts recommend that such injections be carried out twice a year.

The procedure should be performed by an experienced specialist with a good reputation

Many women worry about the possibility of unwanted side effects. No specialist can give a 100% guarantee, because it is not known how your body will react to botulinum toxin. An important role is played by the professionalism of the master and the injection technique.


For age-related wrinkles around the eyes, experts recommend fillers - intradermal fillers. The most popular in our time is hyaluronic acid. Each of us has it in the body, but its production decreases with age. The acid penetrates deep into the skin without disturbing its relief. To evenly distribute the substance and to avoid the appearance of tubercles, the master massages the injection site of hyaluronic acid. The procedure lasts about twenty minutes, but the effect lasts for a whole year.


The essence of the procedure consists in the introduction of medicinal "cocktails" deep under the skin. The basis of such a cocktail is hyaluronic acid, which is supplemented with trace elements, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts. B vitamins are usually used, which restore water balance, blood circulation and even have a mild analgesic effect.

Of the microelements, the following substances are used:

cobalt. It has regenerative properties;

zinc restores skin color and retains hyaluronic acid molecules;

magnesium protects the skin from the adverse effects of external factors.


This is a biological skin rejuvenation that fights against the effects of sun exposure, skin thinning, and also prevents age-related changes. At the cellular level, the skin becomes more elastic. Stimulation of regeneration occurs due to the introduction of hyaluronic acid in combination with coenzymes and amino acids. It will take four treatments at intervals of about one month. The specialist can then prescribe supportive injections.

Personally, a cool and inexpensive tool that can be used at home helped me a lot. I will not blur my thoughts along the tree, I will just tell you what happened to me while using the tool.

Week 1. The skin became smoother, more rosy. The bruises and bags under the eyes began to disappear. The crow's feet under the eyes have noticeably decreased, despite active facial expressions.

Week 2. The contour of the face has become clearer. The forehead is no longer associated with a Shar Pei dog. Redness has disappeared near the nose. The pores are much smaller.

Week 3. There are almost no facial wrinkles left. The bruises and bags were gone completely. Cheekbones became clearly visibleand chin. The face is velvety, and I just want to touch it all the time.

Week 4. Perfect face contour. Perfectly smooth forehead. Shining eyes. Smooth skin tone. Perfect face. For the first time, probably in my entire life, I cry with happiness, looking at myself in the mirror!

Even now, as I write this, tears involuntarily come to my eyes. I am beautiful, my God, beautiful !!! There are no ugly women - there are unkempt and there are unloved. Taking care of myself, I became on the way to love - to myself, the world, others.

For those interested, you can read an interesting article at this link

Answer 2
July, 2021

Once upon a time, 35-40 years ago, when I was a teenager, one adult woman was an authority for me. And she told me the words that I have remembered for the rest of my life: do not wrinkle your forehead, do not squint your eyes, wear sunglasses and forget about tanning. How grateful I am to her for those advice !!! It works! But grooming is also important. "Smart" creams + exfoliation (peeling).

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