How to treat cancer with folk methods?

How to treat cancer with folk methods?

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Oncological diseases are not treated with folk methods. Depending on the type, prevalence and course of the disease, treatment may include different blocks of therapy.

Surgical treatment - to remove a tumor, sometimes a diseased organ and regional lymph nodes. For advanced cancer, surgical treatment

Chemotherapy - drugs whose action is aimed at destroying malignant cells in the body.

Radiation therapy - so it is aimed at destroying malignant cells and, in some cases, secondary tumors (metastases) .

Immunotherapy - drugs that restore immunity may be needed after treatment, when the body is weakened.

Answer 2
March, 2021

"Traditional methods", unfortunately, do not cure cancer.
But let's figure out what the name "folk method" means.

In the treatment of any disease, including cancer, there are several types :

  1. Standard therapy - methods that experts have recognized as the standard for the treatment of this disease. For example, certain surgeries for bowel cancer. In order for the method to become a standard, large clinical trials are conducted that confirm that the method works.
  2. Complementary medicine (in translation from English - additional) - methods of treatment that are not accepted as standard. For example, acupuncture can reduce pain levels in cancer patients. These methods have been researched and there is evidence of effectiveness, but they are not recognized as standard. However, they can be used together with the standard ones.
  3. Alternative medicine - treatments that use instead of standard ones. For example, special diets instead of chemotherapy for advanced cancer.
  4. Alternative medicine can be dangerous because:

a) does the alternative medicine really work - no one has checked,

b) a person is wasting time postponing standard treatment;

c) dubious agents can be hazardous to health in themselves.

Everyone decides for himself whether to use "folk" methods. But it is very important to discuss this with your oncologist . Especially if you receive the main treatment in the form of drugs: chemotherapy, targeted therapy.

Many "traditional" methods imply that you need to take herbal supplements or dietary supplements. Intuitively, it may seem that natural can not be harmful. However, this is not the case. Many plants are simply poisonous. Many are not compatible with drugs used to treat cancer. For example, echinacea is incompatible with certain chemotherapy drugs and increases the toxicity of chemotherapy. Treatment from this does not become more effective.

And no one knows anything about many risks.

Answer 3
March, 2021

All folk methods that are really effective and reliable are quickly being introduced into official medicine. In “traditional” medicine, only those methods remain that have not received sufficient evidence.

Alternative or traditional methods are called methods that are not part of official medicine. Folk methods often look attractive because they use the human body itself ("mind", "soul") or things that are found in nature and everyday life. Most often they are cheap and simple, which also attracts the patient. Cancer is offered to be treated with herbs, homeopathy, baking soda, linseed oil, apricot seeds, fly agarics, yoga and a positive attitude.

Some folk methods - for example, auto-training and positive thinking - really do not cause physical harm. But others can be dangerous and even fatal, especially if consumed without the advice of a doctor. And do not be reassured by the fact that "natural" is harmless, because poisoning with herbs and mushrooms can lead to toxic hepatitis, leukocyte or neutropenia.

There is another danger in all unconventional methods: if you postpone, refuse or interrupt the standard treatment that your doctor has prescribed for you, then this can give the tumor a chance to grow and spread. Even early-stage cancers can become unresponsive if therapy is delayed.

So, before investing time and money in non-traditional methods, ask your doctor if they can help you fight the tumor?

Treating cancer at home without medical supervision can be deadly. Patients who choose traditional medicine over standard treatments are at serious risk. They abandon the only proven effective treatments for their disease. Yes, formal therapies - radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery - can be frustrating. But they have all been scientifically tested and proven to be effective. While their side effects can be serious, these methods can help fight a more life-threatening illness.

The abandonment of mainstream medicine in favor of alternative methods of treatment "at home" is a serious step. Be sure to discuss it with your doctor. Of course, the final decision always remains with the patient, but that is precisely why it is important to hear different points of view and compare their arguments and evidence.


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Answer 4
March, 2021

Dear ..., in order to assert something, you need to either check for yourself, or know personally the people who have chosen certain methods of treatment.
I, personally, knew ... For two years, 12 people who were treated traditionally: chemistry-operation-chemistry-radiation ... The stages of the disease were different, but unfortunately, none of these people survived. All had terrible side effects and torment from such treatment, and after their departure, huge debts in banks and grief of loved ones.
I am also well acquainted with two women who are at stage 4 with metastases .., from the first day of diagnosing an advanced form, they went non-rational way and, thank God, live. One of them was completely cured!
Of course, somewhere and someone else has other experience, but unfortunately, I am not familiar with these people ..
Personally, I concluded: when making decisions, you only need to listen your heart, cross yourself and go forward! No one knows or feels for sure which method of treatment: traditional or non-traditional will save the responsibility for this decision and life, only on the person himself.
I wish you all health and sanity!

Answer 5
March, 2021

Traditional methods of cancer treatment is a kind of socio-cultural phenomenon caused by superstition and high cost of drug treatment of cancer (it is important to note that for citizens of the Russian Federation cancer treatment is free and is carried out under the compulsory medical insurance policy).

When we talk about folk, non-traditional methods of treatment, we intuitively understand that somewhere near there is despair hand in hand with faith in miraculous deliverance .

When a person is confronted with a diagnosis of cancer, his natural desire is to be healthy again, to be cured. It is this disease that has a very strong association with dying: if I am sick with cancer, I will die. People are starting to search for the most effective methods of treatment; they need the best doctors, clinics, and medicines.

And if the treatment does not help, if there are no resources to look for the best and the best, then patients are ready to do everything to fight to the end. And if there are any ways to brew roots, dissolve soda or buy peroxide, people try because they do not want to lose hope of recovery.

It is official medicine that treats oncological diseases using verified methods.

It is absolutely certain that if there was a simple and reliable way to defeat this ailment, then it would be adopted by oncologists around the world and practiced everywhere. Unfortunately, this method does not exist yet.

Not everyone can overcome the disease and many patients are faced with the inability to live their lives naturally and naturally.

Choosing an oncologist to fight cancer, you make the right choice , using official medicine you use the maximum of opportunities and you can be sure that you are doing everything possible to defeat the disease. If, nevertheless, while undergoing verified treatment you want to add more alternative methods, be sure to consult with your doctor so as not to cause irreparable harm to your body (many methods of this kind can be toxic).

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