How to talk to people if
the head is empty and convulsive
"What to ask, what to ask"?

How to talk to people if the head is empty and convulsive "What to ask, what to ask"?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

There is an interesting way - you need to repeat the last phrase of the interlocutor with interrogative intonation.

"That time the uncle said to my mother:“ What a nice girl you have ”, and I asked:“ Do you have have children?" And he said: “No, I'm unmarried.” And I asked: “Unmarried?” And he said: “Well, it didn't happen.” And I asked: “Didn't it happen?” And he began to tell me all his life. " Gloria Mu "Back in the Trail"

Answer 2
July, 2021

As an option (in addition to those already listed) - to tell that you want to talk about something, but you can't come up with a topic. This technique is often played up in comedies, when the character moves out due to the fact that he jokes about his awkwardness. Just by admitting that you want to say something, but cannot come up with a topic, you will already reduce the uncertainty of the situation and tension, plus this is an excuse to ask the interlocutor a question like "Have you had such that you want to talk about something, but nothing in your head won't go? ".

Answer 3
July, 2021

Don't talk. It is foolish to talk to people in order to talk to people. Quit talking and do something that interests you. In the process, you will not be up to conversations, and you will calm down.

If you really need to start a conversation with a specific person (and not just "with people"), then do not ask anything. The manner of communicating with endless questions is exhausting. Share what is in your head at the moment - let it relate to your environment, for example. And do not look ingratiatingly into the eyes of the chosen interlocutor, do not wait for his reaction to your words, do not try to determine whether he wants to talk to you. Just stand by your side and say a couple of phrases into the air. Express dissatisfaction or boredom at what is happening. Most likely, the interlocutor will share these feelings with you - people experience negative emotions more often and share more willingly. If the chosen counterpart is silent, then continue to stand next to him in silence, thinking about yours. The pause will sooner or later start to get on his nerves, and he will speak.

Answer 4
July, 2021

Oh, okay, if your sparkling humor didn’t kindle a fascinating chat, but only a feeling of awkwardness in general, then you should not strain too much and look for a topic. Ask yourself how much you need to get stuck in the dialogue about the weather, yesterday's news release, and the discussion of everyday life. Not sticky and not necessary, I think so.

But if you are pursuing certain goals and it is important for you to maintain contact, then improvise, show a little observation, casual comical remarks and assumptions on any topic. And yes, it is interesting for a person to listen and tell about himself, listen to a hilarious story about a morning walk with a cat, pay attention to the detail in appearance and try to think at least something in common. This is enough to avoid playing with glances and sighing in heavy silence.

Answer 5
July, 2021

Look around and you will see tons of conversation topics!

  • Oh, it's snowing! How great it is! I love snow so much! .... And you too? Do you like spring?

  • What an interesting watch you have! Are they rare / vintage? ... Oh, my grandfather was so addicted to watches! He was also fond of ...

  • Marinochka, you look so wonderful today! This dress suits you very much! Where did you find this? ... And here I am ...

  • Have you changed your hairstyle? No? You just look so nice in a new way today!

  • But in this bookstore, which we are passing by now, there is a sale now. I want to go there this weekend. Have you ever been to it? What have you been to?

  • Mmmm ... smells like something tasty ... It looks like a casserole. I really love the mushroom casserole. It's still so easy to prepare ...

  • Love this time of day ...

  • You have an eraser on your table. I got accustomed to this the other day. Does she wash well?

The topic can be sucked out of any finger) The main thing is not to think about "what to say", but what subject to choose in order to develop a conversation around it. A person interested in communication will be happy to help you

Answer 6
July, 2021

to talk is to exchange thoughts about and without .. if thoughts do not add up by themselves, then this means blocking the body or blocking the soul .. there are two ways out of this situation ... playing sports (gymnastics and a cold shower) ... and work to change yourself ... the perception of the world and your communication with God .. (moral cleansing of the soul and conscience, repentance) follow the lunar calendar (for example, today it is not recommended to communicate at all)))) - and every day listen to the lectures of A. Osipov and S. Lazarev.

Answer 7
July, 2021

I also have the same with people. There are several solutions:

  1. Don't talk to people. If you don't know what to talk about, then why shake the air in vain?

  2. You can talk about yourself, tell some interesting life stories.

  3. Asking questions about a person. Every person loves to talk about himself more than anything else, so it will be interesting and pleasant for any person to talk to you if you are interested in him. You can create top questions for communication with any person. For example, what does he do? Does he / she enjoy studying / working? What films has he / she enjoyed lately? What does he / she think about the meaning of life? How did he / she become (who is he there by profession)?

Well that is you can come up with questionnaire questions in advance and ask them to people with whom you want to talk. You can use Marcel Proust's questionnaires (see Wikipedia).

That is, first you need to answer yourself the question why do you need to talk to this person? What's the goal? Entertainment? Get to know a person better? Or something else. And then speak or not speak.

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