How to stop living as if in a fog, get rid of the trash in your head and clear your mind?

How to stop living as if in a fog, get rid of the trash in your head and clear your mind?

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June, 2021

You can try the breath observation meditation. Just sit still and breathe through your nose for 20 minutes a day. Ideally, sit in the lotus position. But in general - ka comfortable. You can just sit on a chair with a straight back. Or even in a chair.

Personally, I just sit and breathe through my nose for 20-30 minutes, not bothering too much with posture and immobility. And also without bothering with a strict schedule. Something like washing yourself is not necessary once a day at a strictly fixed time, but you can also twice a day and twice a week (depending on the circumstances and mood). So it is with the "washing" of the mind. If there is no deep religious goal of achieving total enlightenment, but simply to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and concentrate, then posture and schedule, in my opinion, are not so important. Although, of course, if there is an opportunity to sit on a schedule, in the lotus position and under the guidance of an experienced guru, it will not be worse. But this already has to load oneself with some kind of Eastern religious system, which for me personally, as a person trying to be Orthodox, is not convenient.

In general, such a simple and very ancient psychological practice. To clear the mind and structure thoughts, nothing better has been invented.

Another option is meditative tea drinking alone, without music, books and TV, walking alone in the fresh air, without a player and phone, and not heavy monotonous physical labor (women, for example, "meditate" ironing their clothes ).

Answer 2
June, 2021

How to let something new into your life?

  • If you are obsessed with life
  • Routine, monotony ate all your time
  • Porridge in my head
  • It is not clear what to do and where to go
  • No ideas, no inspiration and creativity
    A very common problem in modern society.

There is a lot of information now, a very fast and stormy life process.

The problem is that you, both physically and mentally closed your stream . A continuous flow of vital energy.

Conscious and unconscious blocks on the path of this flow - constant thoughts, emotions, unnecessary things block the free flow.

Nothing should hinder the free flow of energy in the body and soul person.

Ie everything must flow - money, information, things.

Nothing can be delayed. You start saving money - you get stuck. Store a huge amount of information - flow decreases . Keep a lot of unnecessary thoughts - flow weakens . It's like a pipe through which water flows. You put all sorts of stones there - everything starts to clog until the water finally dries up!

There is no point in sharing emotions, money, thoughts, information - the essence is all the same - energy.

The most common problem is this is overload.

We are overwhelmed with information and other energy.

Information overload - TV, news, brands. Go to a large store and see how many people invents and buys unnecessary things, while keeping all this information in their head!

A modern person knows a huge amount of completely stupid information! The brain is full!

This greatly interferes with the flow of new fresh information and new fresh ideas.

We become unique personalities when we calmly pass a stream of information through ourselves, taking some then some of it. And that's all. Don't store terabytes that you don't need, thinking that you will need them someday!

It's like inhaling and exhaling. If you breathe in and out a lot, then you are dying.

Based on all this, I will draw a small conclusion

It is necessary to carry out a general cleaning

Surely everyone did it in their life

But we will do it a little differently

We need to throw out all the accumulated information, things emotions, old beliefs and everything, everything, everything that we not necessary! Even if we think that we need something, we should also throw it away!

But we'll start with the physical world.

This is a very important step and stage ... The physical world is where we live and should not be underestimated somehow.

The physical world is a reflection of your inner life and vice versa!

All trash that is around you - pulls you back . Whether you know it or not, whether you think about it or not! There is a huge amount of unnecessary things and information around us.

Any person, in fact, does not need all that surrounds him. And the degree of your attachment to these things determines your conservatism, inertness of mind and, in general, your willingness to change and bring fresh air to life!

The fact is that until you quit your old job, you will not work at your new one. If you want to quickly buy new shoes - throw out the old ones. And so on.

And in this case, you need to take a BULLDOZER and take everything to hell! Necessarily! Mercilessly!

Once again grasp the thought that I want to convey:

Until you get rid of the old, you will not get the new.

This is an axiom.

This has been confirmed many, many times in my life!

Warning. Do not think that everything that I will tell you about next has nothing to do with real life and will not affect it in any way! These are not trifles at all!

Especially if you are engaged in elaboration - poking around in your head, destroying old beliefs, thoughts, resolving conflicts. Yes, you just somehow improve spiritually. You have to understand that the world is real, manifest, physical - very, very important. This is where we live! And you can't separate the spiritual world from the physical and set priorities! And focusing ONLY on spirituality and reason is stupid!

Part 2 We throw out clothes and things.

You will immediately understand how much you have everything is bad

Immediately after reading or watching the video, open your wardrobe. And dump ALL things on the floor. Everyone!

And do it right away! Now! Why else are you reading this? Why are you wasting your time? Do at least something good in your life!

And we leave all the things that you are not ashamed to wear to work / birthday or just outside. If at least a little doubt or think that it would be useful in the garden / as a doormat / pajamas / to wear at home - throw it away! Throw it out mercilessly!

I say in advance - you will experience tremendous resistance from within.

If you resist very strongly and really do not want to throw out the junk, then you also cling to your old beliefs, thoughts, and the old in life. You all the more need to throw it all away!

How to throw it away?

Stuff all this stuff into a bag or bags so that it is not visible.

Next - give it to the homeless in the trash, give it to the neighbors at their dacha, give it to someone who needs it ! This is very cool - since you've kind of a good deed done to someone

Or just throw it out. Take it to the trash.

This is very important!

Feeling like holding something in your head?

Do it at once -two-three.

Count to yourself in your head - one-two-three and start the action. Those. despite all thoughts and feelings.

Do the same with the rest of the things in your environment.

Old tape recorders, players,postcards, phones, headphones, wires, chargers, shampoos, scissors, discs, cassettes, books, toys, notebooks, watches, jewelry ...

Leave only what you like and really necessary in life.

And throw your notes out of the institute.

How can you throw them away since you've wasted so much time? Very simple. Understand - that information becomes outdated in 3-4 years and most likely it is already out of date. And no one needs all this! Now there is an enormous amount of information on the Internet and in libraries.

You think this is valuable. There is really no value.

You will immediately understand how ready you are to change.

People say they want to change, but when they cling to the old and wonder why nothing changes? You need to turn this toggle switch in your head.

Click and that's it . You will now think in a new way.

And the point is not to throw things away. It's about starting to think differently . Stop clinging to the old. Skip the flow of energy.

I advise you to use boxes from IKEA or shoe boxes for the remaining junk.

Collect all your junk there and clean all its surrounding space . Put the boxes away. You will know where what lies, but it can be hidden further. So that around you there is always only what you really need!

Visual space should not be distracting! Minimalism ! Clean up visual junk!

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