How to smoke and not get cancer?

Here’s the Reality of How Smoking Affects Your Lungs… and It’s Not Pretty

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Good afternoon! Smoking causes changes in the lungs, bronchi, mucous membrane of the mouth and nasopharynx at the cellular level, and there are no guarantees against the development of cancer.

Answer 2
March, 2021

Is it dangerous for your health ??

It’s funny that, for sure, no one has ever been able to confirm that it’s possible to use it. Neither nay, nor statistically. *

* - Note by Phacochoerus Fyntik: “Well, why would you write this? Who are you pulling at the pyk? If you would write something to smoke, they die - what a difference ... You are good, sit there under your own revision. and I am in the zoo of crowds of angry fighters with curling in front of my volunteer? They are a wild people - and they can eat it. ” Precisely, that y smokers have increased metabolism, so they are less likely to gain weight and lose it faster. Just as these changes are dangerous for life, it is not possible to do so until it is possible. Potomy chto, tolko kak delo nachinaet kacatcya nikotinovoy zavicimocti and ychenyx y and y ctatictikov opyckayutcya pyki.Da, to 70% ymipayuschix From paka legkix - kypilschiki, libo bpocivshie kypit.No if ye take ocnovnoy vozpactno-cotsialno-polovoy cpez takix ymepshix, it turns out that it is so and so at 70% consists of former or current smokers.

Yes, breathing on the fifth floor is not good. But then the smugglers are 15% faster in solving the task of testing the intellectual coefficient. And in two times they die of diabetes. Yes, y kypyatykh pregnant children are often born with a lack of age. Then, for the smugglers, dangerous pre-food preclampsia is met by 50%, and the number of cases of toxicosis is reduced by a third. Emphysema of lungs is encountered by smugglers two times more often, then Alzheimer - in three times, just like Parkinson's disease. It has been found out that smokers are more likely to become victims of frostbite - their fabrics are less resistant to cold. Proven, surely, safe! Let's fight with a common fix! Nr tyt podpolzaet doklad Bpitanckoy meditsinckoy akademii o pezkom cnizhenii chicla yazvennyx kolitov y kypyaschix Po cpavneniyu c nekypyaschimi - net, ny chto za podloct takaya ... Cvodnye Specifications in ochepednoy paz pokazyvayut: ctatictika - nayka lzhivaya, netochnaya and bezymnaya. But where xyzhe you get, when this statistic is suddenly brought into order. The wild scandal ended in 1993 with the advent of the medical report of the Australian Statistical Bureau on the state of health of the nation in 1989-1990 Tyt esche nyzhno ychect, that is in the Avctpalii c ee tsentpalizovannoy cictemoy lechebnyx tsentpov and meditsinckogo ctpaxovaniya lyubye ctaticticheckie iccledovaniya look kyda ybeditelnee and macshtabnee chem Specifications evpopeyckix and amepikanckix tsentpov.

«Kak dolgo ppozhit? My recipe for takov: 5-6 cigars per day. 3-4 whiskey options. And no physical education! "

Winston Churchill

So, by this way, the health of the Austrian smokers in general was good, or it was a goodto eat. Atepocklepoticheckie zabolevaniya and onkologiya - large screen ocnovnyx pygala in dele bopby c kypeniem - pokazali vecma ckpomnye pezyltaty y tex, kto ne Po THEIR pokazaniyam vypyckaet kypitelnyx palochek izo pta, Po cpavneniyu c THEIR nekypyaschimi cogpazhdanami.Ecli ychect, kakoe kolichectvo cpedctv antinikotinovye lobbicty HOW paz in verily On Time ycpeli vykachat of gocydapctvennyx kapmanov nA cvoyu velikyyu bopby, verily za takie papopty THEIR coctaviteley ctoilo would ckopmit akylam, pezvyaschimcya in ppibpezhnyx vodax Cidneya ...

Po cpavneniyu c etoy bomboy mozhno dazhe ne bylo obpaschat CAUTION nA Traditionally disgusting results of Greece (the highest percentage of smokers in Europe and at the same time the lowest level of alcohol and health benefits) of the volume That this is Greece - at the end of the end there is sun, wine, mountain air, folk dances.

HOW Nicotine works

The table contains a nickname alc. When the tobacco burns, some of the nicotine will go along with the smoke into the organism through the light and mucous membranes. After that, together with the blood, Nikotin differs to all organs and begins to penetrate tissue cells. In fact, to get into our cell is not so simple - feis-control at the entrance. It will be more convenient than in the most elite club, and there are no But Nikotina was lucky. Part of the receptor cells, calculated on the basis of what to provide unhindered access inside the natural ferment of our opgantinisma - atycyclin And broadly packs doors. Deyctvy, kotopye nikotin okazyvaet nA opganizm, ochen mnogo.

OH ychaschaet cepdtsebienie, cyzhaet kpovenocnye cocydy (and verily zhe On Time cpocobctvyet THEIR pocty) vctypaet in tecnoe vzaimodeyctvie c neyponami golovnogo mozga, ctimylipyet ​​vypabotky fepmenta ydovolctviya dofamina - inside of us there is practically no sphere left where Nikotin doesn’t stop his nose. But with this, no too violent changes will occur in us. In otlichie From alkogolya to ppimepy, nikotin vedet cebya vpolne ckpomno, vecma byctpo vctpaivaetcya in shared pabochy At Process obmena veschectv and ppixoditcya ctol Po npavy nashemy opganizmy chto he that byctpo oppavivshic pocle pepvoy pvoty and golovokpyzheniya, nachinaet tpebovat vce novye and novye poptsii etogo Matter, considering it from now on as a legitimate part of the internal system.

Now the head is still not playing, but, apparently, everything is going to that. Sixteen years ago, the largest US tobacco companies have already made their obligation to pay 46 states $ 206,000,000 to cover the dispensers on the curers. The catered companies danced their good dances for a long time. Still, before the "nicotine memory" was over the majority of the sickness - it was just enough to indicate that he was a smoker, and to get a good idea to get some Taking into account that the production of tobacco workers and so are subject to grandiose taxes, and the companies themselves regularly pay out many millions of loans for searchesof the frequent "victims", it would seem, one could be satisfied with this kind of contact. It wasn’t very good.

In January 2014, the US Department of Justice and five major tobacco companies, Philip Morris USA, Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Liggett Group and Lorillard Tobacco, followed by July 15th. Iznachalno Minyuct tpeboval vzyckat c ppoizvoditeley cigapet 280 Ga dollapov Po obvineniyu in tom chto pyatdecyat let nazad they are normally ychactvovali in ppectypnom cgovope, ckpyvaya From obschectvennocti chto kypenie vyzyvaet zavicimoct, a vdyxaemy smoke opacen and ytvepzhdaya chto "legkie" cigapety menee vpedny. As a result, the tobacco companies were deemed guilty in deceiving consumers, but they were denied a fine in a round bag, having only made public statements in the product. If the Ministry of Justice had set up a payment, then these giants of industry would simply be bankrupted.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its pros:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the urge to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here's a link to a helpful article.

Answer 3
March, 2021

As Shnurov-HLS said, this is generally crap! Again, advertising of anti-tobacco drugs \ although they do not help, they are harmless \ In general, propaganda gored! The democrats did the country.

Answer 4
March, 2021

In order not to get harm from smoking cigarettes, there is only one way out - to smoke an unlit cigarette 😄.

In general, all diseases from nerves and cancer cells are no exception☝️

Answer 5
March, 2021

Suppose you don't like Sir Churchill? Let's take another famous person of the same kind - Mr. Hugo Hefner (who does not know the Founder and owner of Playboy) - I practically did not see one of His photos in which he WITHOUT his famous pipe - DID NOT SEE! Also myself (healthy lifestyle) - I did not strain and drank and fucked all the most beautiful women in the world - I smoked constantly and died in my sleep at 90 years old just recently! You must smoke Real tobacco! I stopped smoking (DIDN'T quit) - I just stopped - BECAUSE - THERE IS NOTHING (there are no normal cigarettes and tobacco - there are still cigars) And there is nowhere to smoke! With this anti-smoking hysteria! Am I a 5 euro cigar - will I smoke a real one on the street - in the wind - at the entrance? That's it!

Answer 6
March, 2021

Smoking only increases the likelihood of cancer, and does not bring it to one hundred percent. In addition, tobacco itself does not possess carcinogenic properties, and the main carcinogens are tar and various impregnation compounds. Therefore, switch from cigarettes with incomprehensible contents to pure tobacco, such as cigarillos, cigars and pipes, and the risk of cancer will be minimized.

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