How to restore your sleep pattern if you can't fall asleep early and just lie in bed until early morning?

How to restore your sleep pattern if you can't fall asleep early and just lie in bed until early morning?

How to Fix All Your Sleep Problems With Science

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Answer 1
March, 2021

I have a bad regime now, now it is 11:50 pm and I can’t fall asleep so that the regime is good
choose one day and fall asleep very late, but get up at 8 o'clock or 7, meaning fall asleep approximately at 23:30 or one in the morning, I don’t know, but you’ll get tired until the next evening, but because of this you will have to get up every day, not too late, of course I don’t necessarily say that, well, for example, in the interval from 7 to 9 in the morning, but before you do not need to get drunk with sleep, then it is more difficult to fall asleep, and recently I got so drunk and my stomach ached, you can have a snack with a sandwich so as not to be very hungry, but if you are not very hungry then hold on, if your body accepts lactose, then drink a small cup warm milk, and if you like, you can do it with honey ❤
I hope I will restore the regime like half a year ago 😥

Answer 2
March, 2021

I don't know if you managed to solve your problem with sleep. I managed. I visited a psychotherapist - a psychiatrist with additional psychological education. They diagnosed me, prescribed a prescription drug, and now I fall asleep earlier, I wake up sleepy. I would recommend visiting a psychotherapist (not to be confused with a psychologist).

Answer 3
March, 2021

If you just lie in bed awake until the morning, you will never restore your sleep mode! First, constant attempts to fall asleep lead to the development of the reflex of fear not to fall asleep. As soon as a person goes to bed, he begins to think about falling asleep, and this causes stress and further awakens the person.

Secondly, being in bed without sleep forms the following negative conditioned reflex: “ bed = insomnia. " If you put a healthy person in bed, he will fall asleep in 15 minutes and fall asleep in 30 minutes, even if he did not want to sleep before. If you put a person in bed with the formed reflex "bed = insomnia, then even if he wanted to sleep, the sleep will disappear.

Thus, prolonged lying in bed without sleep further aggravates insomnia and does not give a person the ability to sleep normally.

Moreover, if a person does not fall asleep until the morning, then he begins to sleep off before lunch. And after that he again cannot sleep in the evening. And then everything happens in a circle.

We must start not with early going to bed and attempts to fall asleep, but with earlier awakening. Set yourself a tight schedule for getting out of bed, say at 7 a.m. Get up in the morning even if you have not slept most of the night. At the same time, daytime sleepiness will accumulate and you will gradually begin to fall asleep better in the evening. It usually takes one to two weeks of adhering to a rigid schedule for getting up in the morning so that your body gets used to getting up earlier and, accordingly, going to bed earlier.

Yes, in your situation it is highly undesirable to take sleeping pills. You can get used to them very quickly.

The most effective treatment for this type of insomnia is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Actually, I have cited some of the therapeutic approaches above. More details about this technique can be found in the book: R.V. Buzunov, S.A. Cherkasova “How to overcome insomnia? Healthy sleep for 6 weeks. " You can find it in bookstores or book sites.

Recommendations for improving sleep can also be found in my book: R.V. Buzunov "Tips for healthy sleep 2.0". It can be downloaded for free on the Internet.

2 books about healthy sleep and insomnia_for Kew.jpg
Answer 4
March, 2021

In order to restore sleep, you just need to go to bed every day and wake up at the same time. For example, I go to bed every day at 11:00 pm and wake up at 7:00 am. You need to force yourself to go to bed at the same time for several days. The first few days will have to suffer, because, firstly, it will be very difficult for you to fall asleep quickly at a certain time, and secondly, it will be very difficult to wake up at the same time (however, it is very important to do this - an alarm clock and willpower will help ), thirdly, the first days you will feel sluggish and sleepy. However, after a few days of getting used to (provided that you observe all of the above: you will not sit on the phone when you feel that you cannot sleep, you will wake up immediately after the alarm clock rings, and not "lie down for another 5 minutes") you start to fall asleep quickly and feel fresh and vigorous throughout the day.

In order for the hours of anguish in the first days of getting used to the new sleep routine not too long, I advise you not to drink tea / coffee / energy drinks and do not eat anything 2 hours before bedtime. You can also fall asleep faster by exercising your muscles in the gym. Well, do not forget about complete silence and pitch darkness.

Answer 5
March, 2021

The question is serious and very global. Of course, we will find out the answer to this question from the scientific side from the couch connoisseurs who, with clever Google expressions, will write here, tearing out half from Wikipedia and half from Petrosyan's blog ...

Answer 6
March, 2021
  1. Include something monotonous but interesting while you sleep. With a slight beat, sync your heart with the sound flow.

  2. Try something intense / exhausting before bed.

  3. Shower earlier.

  4. Do not eat meat or solid food before bed.

  5. Give up activities before bedtime that puts you into a state of excitement: watching your favorite movie, listening to music. Try to talk on the phone with someone you don't like.

  6. Don't put something on the back burner. Try to solve all the routine daily tasks, even if the solution requires sacrifice.

  7. Try not to use any ginsengs and other rubbish. Do not get addicted to different chemistry. If there is a problem, then there is a solution. Finding a problem and solving it is the best medicine.

  8. If you are not satisfied with something, do not be afraid to admit it to someone.

Answer 7
March, 2021

There is only one working option.

This is not a typical list, consisting of such hard-to-do shit as KEEP PHONES, DO SPORT, and other tons of the same type of advice from the category ' 'Hey princess, less stress'

Step 1

Allow yourself your usual owl routine.

Stay awake until morning , watch TV series, eat pizza at 3 am, work, etc.

Step 2.

Morning has come.

Eyes are very tired, thinking has become harder, and ordinary things have become more annoying than usual - in short, you really want to sleep.At this very moment, grab your favorite snacks: cheese chips lace, beef doshik, strawberry nut, turn on your laptop and play your favorite TV series and burn in this way all day, endure until 23 o'clock and go to bed.

In my personal experience, I will say that the next day you will get up at 12-15 o'clock.

To facilitate the process of getting up , I recommend opening the curtains before going to bed: natural sunny light wakes up the body most effectively.

* I don’t know exactly how it works, but it seems to be due to the fact that when the light is on, the production of melanin gradually stops and the person wakes up *

If you have a lot of sunshine, I recommend solar alarm clocks.

Click here to see one of these

Two days of this therapy helps me I live a week in a good mood: I get up at 7-8 in the morning without the help of a phone, I fall asleep at 23 hours myself, without sleeping pills. But then depression covers, I can not sleep because of the depressive state and thoughts, the regime goes wrong again, I resort again to therapy, the circle is closed.

To restore the mode, you need to follow the instructions. I'll give them.

In order to restore the regime forever, you need to get rid of depression, for this x * d understand what you need, but I WILL NOT GIVE it.

Answer 8
March, 2021

My dream has gone astray, because I often go on business trips. During the day I felt a breakdown, absent-mindedness. A pharmacist friend highly recommended drinking Evalar tryptophan. During the week of admission, I began to feel like a man. Sound sleep, easy recovery and good mood.

Answer 9
March, 2021
  1. Around 12 at night you take an uninteresting, boring book (in my case, these are books with a detailed description of nature).

  2. You read 3-4 pages.

  3. You wake up in the morning, not knowing when you fell asleep (and thanks to this, you can re-read the same pages 100 times).

Answer 10
March, 2021

I had insomnia caused by depression and went to the doctor. On his advice, I am now taking the calmness formula tryptophan, evening walks for about 20 minutes and warm milk with honey before bedtime. And you know in a week how I feel better.

Answer 11
March, 2021

For some reason, I didn't see the quite expected mention of melatonin . Wonderful and natural for the body, the so-called "sleep hormone". It helps both to fall asleep in the near future after taking it, and to normalize the daily biorhythm, if you drink a short course. In general: normalizes circadian rhythms, speeds up the process of falling asleep, improves sleep quality and, accordingly, improves well-being after waking up in the morning. It is purchased very simply in sports nutrition stores, for example.

Tested from personal experience, it especially helps in those periods of the year when it is not at all possible to keep the regimen by itself (but it should be).

In general, if you suffer from insomnia / you have to take a session / had to play something addictive nonstop and the mode got lost - a must-have.

Answer 12
March, 2021

The worst option is to get sick and go to the hospital, local sleep patterns and nutrition will make you sleep well and a lot, and most importantly, go to bed on time and get up on time.

Well, from the good ones, judging by personal experience - 1 ) do not dare to touch the phone before going to bed and do not read the news feed 2) get rid of the attacks of perfectionism like: now in 15 minutes it will be exactly one hour, then I will fall asleep; you need to go to bed and try to sleep right away. 3) It is also worthwhile to load the body during the day, without sleep during the day, in order to sleep at the right time from fatigue. 4) Before going to bed, read something soporific, but not overload the brain with information. 5) Your room should be dark enough for a comfortable sleep.

Something like this, it won't work right away, but you can do it in a week for sure, if it's not a chronic disease, it's already worth going to a specialist

Answer 13
March, 2021

I have problems with sleep in my life and there are several ways: you can hold out on energy drinks all night and day in order to get tired by the evening of the next day. Another great way to fall asleep is to load your legs, because when your legs hurt and in a lying position they relax, you feel very tired and want to sleep. I (a moment of shame) wear my wife's shoes with heels at home for several hours instead of slippers, then when I go to bed my legs get so tired that I quickly fall asleep. You can also set yourself an alarm. For example, if you feel that you cannot hold out night + day, set the alarm for an hour and a half or two to get some rest, but not get enough sleep. In the late afternoon, when you want to sleep, you can take Persen and Valerian.

Answer 14
March, 2021

To a minimum of bright screens (monitor, TV, telephone), exclude tea and coffee from the diet altogether. Then - more sports, firstly. Secondly, if it's sunny season, try to spend all the time when the sun is shining. outdoors, fight sleep during the day (if you fall asleep, a vicious circle will begin. If there is no sun - sports, reading, meditation, plenty of fresh air all the same. In the morning try to eat heavier, in the evening - something light, but in general it would be nice to drink warm milk with honey, or an infusion of sedative herbs (valerian, passionflower, etc.) If your regime is simply out of order, and not some kind of insomnia due to depression or other mental disorders, this should help)

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