How to relieve back pain?

How to relieve back pain?

3 Exercises to Help Relieve Back Pain

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Stretching, exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

If there is no inflammation, a bath.

Massage, manual therapy in the absence of injuries, acute and severe pain, exacerbation.

In case of severe back pain, consultation with a specialist doctor and medical treatment are required to stop the exacerbation.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Good afternoon!

First you need to understand the cause of the pain. Very often, such a cause is an intervertebral hernia and the problems associated with it.

I have extensive experience on this issue: at first I solved this issue myself, then I created the AXIOM medical center, specializing in non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias of lumbosacral and cervical spine and intervertebral disc decompression, and now I have been in charge of them for over 15 years.

The method is called "Internal local decompression", developed in the late 90s by Axiom Worldwide, USA in collaboration with NASA scientists. The treatment is carried out on the DRX9000 (lumbar) and DRX9500 (cervical) machines, using modern technology that gradually and targetedly removes pinching of the nerves. In the course of treatment, the intervertebral space increases, the hernial protrusion decreases, the external ligaments and muscles are strengthened, the hydrophilicity and mass of the disc increase. During the procedure, only the treated segment is exposed, and the entire spine remains at rest. A pump effect is created inside the segment. The intervertebral disc gains mass, restores volume. The percentage of the herniated body weight to the disc body weight changes significantly. The hernia stops pressing the nerve root, i.e. be aggressive, and due to the pseudovacuum effect, it is gradually partially "drawn" inward. The main thing is not that the hernia disappears (more often it decreases significantly in size), the main thing is that the pain goes away. The course of treatment consists of 20 procedures on the DRX9000 apparatus and 18 procedures on the DRX9500 apparatus. The method not only makes it possible to successfully cure herniated intervertebral discs, but also provides an opportunity to restore the disc after neurosurgical surgery, provided it is intact and there are no metal structures on the operated segment. In parallel, we work with a muscle corset using the methods of manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy. At the final stage, we connect exercises on the Exart apparatus. Result: 95% without re-visiting spinal doctors within 5 years (observed period).



General Director of AKSIOMA LLC

Golovina Tatiana Vitalievna.

Answer 3
January, 2021

For back pain, it is important to make an appointment with a doctor to get adequate help. Self-medication can relieve symptoms, but the disease will progress. To relieve soreness, it is useful to apply the following techniques:

• Medication prescribed by a doctor. Patients are recommended muscle relaxants, NSAIDs, analgesics, antibacterial, vascular, diuretics.

• Physiotherapy using magnetotherapy, magnetolaser.

• Hardware traction.

• Acupuncture and massage.

• Exercise therapy.

• Balneotherapy.

• Surgical treatment.

Prevention of pain is adherence to a healthy diet, weight control and daily dosed physical activity with adequate rest.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Ambulance for a lumbago!

How to quickly cure a back with a lumbago? We lie down on a flat surface so that the muscles relax a little. After a couple of minutes, we turn over onto our back, raise our legs to a dais so that the hips are at right angles. The pain subsides quickly. Mechanism of action: relieving stress from the spine. If you lie down without raising your legs, the spine will still be loaded. After the pain subsides, we gently rise without jerking movements. To do this, we turn over on our side, get on all fours. We hold on to the support, straighten our back and get up.

We take a pill of anesthetic, for example, ibuprofen. The medicine can not only get rid of back pain, but also eliminate the inflammatory process.

We fix the lower back with a special belt or an ordinary terry towel or scarf, so as to cover the surface just above and below the sore spot.

If there are no painkillers

How to eliminate back pain if there are no medicines at hand and the discomfort is getting worse? We apply cold to the sore lower back. It will help to temporarily ease the suffering of a person. It can be a plastic bag with ice cubes; a wet towel (previously laid in the freezer); frozen meat or other product from the freezer.

A cold compress is tied to a sore spot until the pain subsides.

Heat is used for the same purpose by applying a heating compress to the affected plot. It can be a heat wrap, a heating pad (salt, electric, rubber). Remember not to overheat the sore spot. A good way to get rid of back pain is with a high humidity bath. Going to the sauna will not help you get the desired effect. You can alternate heat exposure with cold, changing the effect every half hour. Such procedures will improve blood circulation, eliminate pain.

Light physical activity

It's unusual to hear, but another way to relieve discomfort in the lumbar region is physical activity. It will help to stretch muscles, improve blood circulation, increase muscle elasticity. It also has a distracting effect.

• Slow walking in the park, on the street or on the simulator will relieve the muscles;

• In case of acute pain, the patient lies down on a hard surface, relieves the load from the spine, leans kicking the wall. After that, the person squeezes and unclenches the gluteus muscle, lifting his feet up;

• It is useful to stretch the muscles. These exercises are performed while lying or sitting. Legs are neatly extended, bent, neat slow bends in the back are performed;

• You cannot swing your legs, swing your abs and squat. Do not overload the spine and lower back with heavy exercises that require strength and flexibility.

Therapeutic massage

The answer to the question of how to quickly get rid of pain is simple - massage. It will improve blood circulation, make muscle tissue more elastic, relieve clamps and lymph congestion. Doctors recommend using for quick cpain relief massage with vacuum cups, relaxing, stone massage, shiatsu, etc. The type of massage and the duration of the course is set by the doctor.

After the massage, the following exercise is done: the patient lies on a hard surface, turns on his side so that neighbor. If the pain is localized on one side, then the patient should lie on a healthy side. If discomfort is felt on both sides, then the exercise is done alternately on each side.

The patient bends in his back, bends it. The leg on which the patient lies is bent at the knee and hip, and the upper one hangs freely. With the pelvis, the person turns to the surface. Turns the head away from the hanging leg. He holds the surface with one hand in order to maintain balance.

Under the weight of the hanging limb, the lumbar region will begin to strain, raise the leg a little, exhale, hold the breath for 30 seconds. Inhaling, we turn towards the hanging leg. Relax again and let the leg hang under your weight. We repeat the exercise several times.

You can also massage your lower back to yourself, if no one is around, and the lumbar region is grabbed. For this, a person sits on a flat surface. You need to put your thumb on your lower back and bend your knees. We do stroking movements for three minutes, from top to bottom towards the tailbone. We begin stroking the ribs, gradually moving towards the spinal column. We make movements first on one side, then we rest and move to the other side.

I want to tell my story about how I cured osteochondrosis and hernia. Finally, I was able to overcome this unbearable lower back pain. I lead an active lifestyle, live and enjoy every moment! Several months ago I was twisted at the dacha, a sharp pain in the lower back did not allow me to move, I could not even walk. Doctors at the hospital diagnosed osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, herniated discs L3-L4. I prescribed some medications, but they did not help, it was unbearable to endure this pain. They called an ambulance, they put a blockade and hinted at an operation, all the time I thought about it that I would be a burden for the family ... Everything changed when my daughter gave me an article on the Internet to read. Can't imagine how grateful I am to her for that! What I learned from the article literally pulled me out of my wheelchair! In recent months, I began to move more, in the spring and summer I go to the dacha every day. Who wants to live a long and energetic life without osteochondrosis, take 5 minutes and read this article. For anyone interested, you can read an interesting article in detail at this link. I wish everyone to defeat this disease!

Answer 5
January, 2021

Back pain is a serious problem with which, of course, you should immediately run to the hospital. Since pain is just a signal from our body about failures and problems in its work. And in order to prescribe painkillers even for you, you need to find out the reason, since different drugs act differently. I give you an article to read, maybe she will rationalize you, it describes how to deal with back pain with the help of pills, but also examples of back problems are given. If you are already afraid to go to the hospital, at least for yourself by your symptoms determine which part of your back hurts and what it may be.

Answer 6
January, 2021

The best option would be to see a doctor. Because the cause of your pain is not clear, where it came from, etc. Perhaps he will prescribe you a course of treatment, preventive procedures, massage, etc. If there are no special reasons and indications from your health, then you can purchase a massage cape and use it regardless of the reasons and relieve your condition by relaxing your tired back.

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