How to persuade a heavy adult smoker to quit if he does not want to do this and does not see that his health is at risk?

How to persuade a heavy adult smoker to quit if he does not want to do this and does not see that his health is at risk?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

I’m 66 years old, 50 of them smoked, the last 10 years I have not left the thought of quitting, but there is no will-power., problems all my life, only a cigarette distracts a little, soothes.

Answer 2
May, 2021

Why do they start smoking ??

Some people take a cigarette at school, others are at work, and still others think that it is possible to ignore it. But let's get it clean. People are kypyat because it is profitable comy-to. These are not only companies that produce cigarettes. Often this is beneficial both for clinics that treat for dependence, and for manufacturers of plates for craving for kyreniye. Ppimechatelno chto kypenie pokazyvayut, HOW nechto vzpocloe and ppivlekatelno, poetomy molodyx kypilschikov in ctpane vce bolshe and bolshe.

Bezyclovno, if ye pebenok nachinaet kypit, znachit zdec ect ypyschenie poditeley. Most of all in the family who are eating or the relationship between the members of the family is very shaky, so the child assures the obsessive opinion of the classmates. It is important for residents to remember that children will look at them at first, and if you, father, you smoke, then you do not have the freedom of speech to prevent this from happening. Start with yourself for the children and the future. But today, think about how to quit smoking, but not how not to start.

Reasons why it is difficult to quit smoking

Your surroundings of kypit. If people are among you constantly with a cigarette, quickly or later, you will close it. This is due to the psycho-logical factor of craving for social confirmation.

Show that I am an adult. Children mistakenly think that kyrenye is a step towards adulthood. Often the peers, who are kypyat, dare to parents, teachers, lead themselves caller.

Stress and tension. So, adults think that thanks to a cigarette they will be able to relax, get euphopia of well-being.

Wishing to just try. Often starting with one cigarette, a person will continue to smoke their whole life. Moreover, many people think they can quit, they just don’t want to.

Kto verily gonyaet cpinnep, dpygie packladyvayut pacyanc, ny a nekotopye peshili pazvlech cebya cigapetoy, ppedpolagaya chto Shout paz ne navpedit.

In tselom, ppichinami kypeniya vo vzpoclom vozpacte mozhno nazvat nepvnoe nappyazhenie, ocoznannyyu ppivychky and zhelanie to be “as all” who surrounds you. When a person is holding a cigarette in a pykax, then the attention is concentrated, and also the efficient performance of a smoldering fire. Every person has his own reason for which he started to smoke. If you wish to quit smoking, it is recommended that you find these roots, and try the initial problem. Then you can think about how to quit smoking yourself.

What happens with the organization when you take it?

So craving is felt even longer after making a conscious decision. However, this is not a physical traction, but rather a psycho-logical one. In order to understand how to quit smoking, you need to think about how tobacco affects your organization. This, by the way, will be the first step to the fight over dependence.

Nicotine dependence is already applied with the seventh chosen nicotine, this type of copy.

Daily birthing is able to drink your pumping receptors, as well as snooze. For example, the food that you takee every day, it can be completely different, if you stop smoking.

Nikotin can be compared with poison. Such a poison is capable of causing periodic headaches, nausea, and numbness.

Cursing effectively kills. 5.4 million people die every year from Cyprus. Such a number of people can be compared with the succession of the poluostrova Krym, multiplied by 2! Could you give another packet, it can be easy. "

Immune system and oncology. Usually the smoker thinks about the problems with health too much. Everyone thinks that it will not affect them. But the statistics are a cyber thing. In many cases, you cannot avoid oncology. Spending money on cigarettes now, you increase your health in the future.

It turns out, smoke a little bit just for a little, what is it for? Yes, just like that. Moreover, the passive smoker breathes in even more harmful tar than you yourself. What will happen to the lungs of your friends or child after 10 years of passive circulation? Nothing good, believe.

How to quit smoking?

We looked at the photos, asked questions to those who already tried to quit, but also why. In total, we will provide 10 tips on how to quit smoking by yourself or with help. There are a lot of options, the main burning desire is to bind with this substance.

Stop smoking in stages. Half a day will pass and you will go to the store. Quite possibly, a method of step-by-step getting rid of the habit will be suitable for you, especially if you are an avid smoker. Create a description for a couple of months in which you will clearly write down how to quit smoking. Suppose you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Begin to reduce the number of cut out cigarettes by 1-3 pcs. in the day. Chacto, takoy podxod pozvolyaet podgotovit cebya and to Change The opganizm, poetomy chepez On Time y VAC ne will be played and will be played cilnoy traction pposche ckazat "no».

From Izbavtec vcego chto o napominaet tabake.Vozmozhno, ctoit xoposho vyctipat throw out the clothes, throw out the ashtray, throw out the cigarette butts. At this, when there is a desire to "close the last time", you need to show the power of will. Literally steam, after having passed the cravings, you will feel strong and confident.

Let's start a cigarette. This is one of the methods, which is available in English. This is to ensure that the smoker concludes the agreement with his non-smoker friend, so that if he smokes the cigarette again, he will give the car away. The document is noteworthy. It is important that in this case, the thing was incredibly valuable, that you are not ready to lose even in the face of death.

The Bible. It seems to be a classic. It is often said that the Bible changes people. Some are free from alcohol dependence, others from drinking tobacco and other cues. Because kyrenie - this is a psycho-logical problem, so that reading the Bible can really help, lead to this book everyone is related, howto the sacred word. The psycho-logical factor will begin to give consciousness. But again, this option is not always suitable.

Use speed. And how else can you quit smoking, if you can't replace this one? When you go to sport, it will cost you a pack of cigarettes and a cup of coffee, but this is more useful somewhere. Find your place of residence with a sports center with a personal trainer. It is important that you have paid the lesson for a month, and better than 3 ahead without the possibility of a return. More than that, the trainer can tell you what you want to do, so that it assigns the right exercises.

Someone else's money. This is not a method. Take a sheet of paper and calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes per day, month and year. Then decrease this number by 5 (the average number of years of the smoker). Now dive in, how many the manufacturer is working on you. Usually a Russian person loves to count other people's money. But in this case, save your payments in a visible place. When you want to close, remember your note. It is important for this to plan to buy something instead of eco-friendly media.

Libo she (he), or a cigape. Would you like to go out for something? Take a look, perhaps, such a person is already nearby. And the first step from your side can be a rejection of the usual habit. Probably, a hint, how to quit smoking yourself, walks next to you and waits for you to make changes.

Get out of the cooler zone. For example, get up at 5 in the morning on a run. Make yourself a day after day to do what you have planned. When you drink your inner self, it will be easier to say "no" to cigarettes. Quite realistically, you will quit smoking just by voluntary decision.

Replace the curling with another activity. When a person is busy, he / she has to find it. Take a look at how the kids work at the case in McDonald's. There is simply no physical time for adjusting the items during the change. Your goal is to occupy yourself in such a way that there is no time to "clean". It pulls to close, it means the time has appeared. Take a book, an audio course, a video course, learn a foreign language. What is it? Just borrow yourself!

Social networks are there to help you. guys, what do you know how to quit smoking and now go to this goal. Turn off the daily posts about your achievements. This will motivate you to watch for yourself. In any case, some of this helped.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its pros:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the urge to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here's a link to a helpful article.

Answer 3
May, 2021

To quit smoking, as well as to stop any addiction, as well as to start doing something, only the person himself can force himself. The only way out - not the best, but effective - is either blackmail (and here your side should be a priority, for example, "I will leave you and take the children if you don't stop drinking" or strong motivation like "if you don't quit smoking right now, you will die of cancer in two months ") But even that sometimes may not work. It all depends on the priorities of the person himself.

Answer 4
May, 2021

In fact, this confrontation will be won by the one who loves more - either the smoker loves you and is ready to quit smoking for the sake of your peace of mind, or you will understand that this is your desire and it is selfish to impose it and stop the pressure.

If the question is acute and a person's health depends directly on smoking (diseases of the lungs, blood, throat), then convey to a person the idea that his life is the most important for you is possible only through fear.

We are all afraid of dying, so use this in your arguments, and it should be truly scary real facts, and not the well-known "Ministry of Health recommends"

Answer 5
May, 2021

No way, unfortunately. You can't quit by force, for this you need a strong will, and your own will, and not from the outside. The answer is from my own experience.

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