How to motivate yourself to exercise, eat right and take care of yourself?

How to motivate yourself to exercise, eat right and take care of yourself?


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Answer 1
January, 2021

Try to take a picture of yourself as it is, not well-groomed, not wearing makeup ... hang a photo in a place accessible to yourself, but not for others, so that you can constantly see ... and next to it, hang a photo of yourself well-groomed, makeup, hair, your favorite dress. There is a difference? How do you want to live? Provide that after a couple of months of proper nutrition and physical activity, you will be able to tell the story next to you and the third photo where you will also lose weight. I hope a good example of herself motivates you;)

Answer 2
January, 2021

Convince yourself that you will live much better if you start to eat right, play sports, take care of yourself. In fact, this is true, but first you need to believe it.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Motive is a motivation for action. Pain or dissatisfaction with oneself can become a trigger mechanism, but continuing the path and performing daily actions to maintain the result is a more subtle art.

My main secret is to stay in the environment, communicate with like-minded people, look for new directions in this life spheres. I work in #sekta, I study at the University of Physical Education, I go to sports events with my children, to races - all this inspires, and you stop seeing work in sports and proper nutrition. It becomes a part of life, natural and loved.

Many of our graduates come to us to work as volunteers - when you transfer knowledge to others, they work even better in your life. Also, being a teacher is a responsibility: you cannot teach what you do not do yourself.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Fat guys, with big bellies and huge thighs, beautiful, slender girls do not like ... This information is the best motivation for a young, handsome guy who started himself .... The situation is similar with girls.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Reasons to be sharp !!

To change your body in the best way, it is not sufficient just to do what you need to do. Having made a decision to change yourself, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the psychology of oxygen. She learns how to find and not lose the incentive, where to take the strength to go to the end and not give up on the halfway.

The right motivation and good luck. In order to get the right mood, you must first define for yourself the reason for which you need to go. Opportunities 10 dovodov in polzy poxydeniya and zdopovogo obpaza life:

• Iccheznyt ppoblemy co zdopovem you ctanete aktivney, ylychshitcya nactpoenie

• Poyavitcya vozmozhnoct ekcpepimentipovat c obpazami, nocit obtyagivayuschyyu and kpacivyyu odezhdy. .

• Manage to get rid of the usual clues and warnings.

• You can say “My example will look into the eyes of a girl. > • You will become confident in yourself, you will be able to communicate with your colleges, continue with the complexes.

• View the service. Having lost 5-10 kg, you will visually rejuvenate for the same number of summer.

• You will be able to wear a separate bathing bag and not include an excess of cappo from the beach. • You will discover new colors and opportunities in a sexual life for yourself.

• New interests and friends will appear.

• Families and loved ones will be proud to be here.

> If you take into account the advice of psychologists, it is extremely important to ask yourself a few questions, and it is precisely: for what is it for me, how would I be happy, and how would you like Be sure to answer yourself honestly. IT'S pomozhet oppedelit glavnyyu tsel, padi kotopoy you bydete ctapatcya nA tpenipovkax and ne poddavatcya zhelaniyu vce bpocit

For a kogo verily camaya cilnaya motivatsiya -. IT'S cpop or vozmozhnoct dokazat komy verily cvoyu ppavoty for dpygix - zhelanie Do not hear scrambled body movements and excess weight. Every case is a cyber individual.

Mopal constituent

Thinking how to find an incentive to enjoy and enjoy a gray tea, Attract on what will be difficult. It is very important to be at ease with the changes that occur, and preferably with a good introduction.

You should not think that you are going to go on a diet. Today's weight reduction programs are so different that you can boldly choose a gentle mode that will not make you hungry. Pepiodichecki cledyet balovat cebya vkycnyashkami, Nr DURING verily, nado pykovodctvovatcya ppintsipami pazymnocti

if ye unto you, Po-ppezhnemy, ne xvataet motivatsii, neobxodimo ppiclyshatcya to cledyyuschim covetam and pekomendatsiyam:.

• Zavedite block where you will record your achievements. An excellent solution is to create a blog on the Internet where you can sharewith friends, victories and results.

• Find a way to cheer yourself with no food. As a bonus for each kilogram, women can use the pockets in the movies, buy accessories, cosmetics, take a saloon. This will allow you to keep laziness under the control and not to feed it.

• Do not reach the head of the head for a short time, just a short length of 10 kg. It is important from the outset to strive for long and satisfying work.

• Understand that the changes that you want to achieve are necessary for you. Blagodapya ctapaniyam you bydete chyvctvovat cebya zdopovym chelovekom, let y pocle 50 VAC ne takie poyavyatcya neppiyatnye cimptomy, HOW octeopopoz, boli in cpine and cyctavax, cepdechnaya nedoctatochnoct.

• Delayte celfi kazhdyyu nedelyu. Thanks to the pictures, you will be able to track the changes that are taking place, and take a quick look at your photos before and after you have friends and loved ones. After a month of training and proper nutrition, you will simply get used to the new schedule, and it will no longer be difficult or cool for you.

every day

You don't have to just before you go on a diet or buy a subscription in the sports hall. It is important to nourish your interest every day, remind yourself of the goals for which you are changing your way of life. Start your morning with a smile and the words "I am the best and strongest, for me there is nothing impossible."

Also in the form of visualization of the day. Take 3-5 minutes for yourself, sit in silence, close your eyes and imagine how you will look when you are stepping down. This method is one of the best for both men and women. Psychologists assert that this is a powerful cyper motivation.

You should surround yourself with motivating images and words. Print quotes and phrases about exposure to leaves, you can think of your expressions, read them at home, for example, take a picture with the source files Find a photo of old girls, be famous and take with them, for example, try to reach the same parameters. Read books and watch films, transmissions about activity, study the reviews of those who have achieved the set goals. Real histories are very stimulating and impregnating.

Download the phone and computer desktop with slots that impart to you the contents. It is unlikely that you will think about it, if the phrase “If you want to walk, look at your own belly!” Appears before your eyes from time to time.

Perhaps it will be family members who will support you and help you create the necessary atmosphere, or support. Change your style, add a cure to your salon, make a pedicure, manicure or new shampoo.

I personally lost weight with an effective fat burner that is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, where it is told about safetyThe most powerful fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect . If interested, here is the link

Answer 6
January, 2021

1. Pleasure in every drop

Nothing helps a loaded donkey to walk forward like an alluring sweet carrot tied in front of its nose. At least that's what they say - I didn't torture animals myself.

And in matters of personal care, sensual pleasure helps wonderfully: pleasant textures, pleasant aromas, and even beautiful jars and bottles. For example, I have a shower gel, the smell of which I simply adore: and at the very thought of "meeting" it, I run to the shower, even if I am completely tired and exhausted. And how many lotions or body creams I had that were so pleasant to apply that I just didn't want to skip this step in my personal care! Either the most delicate texture of whipped cream, or the aroma from which you literally tremble. Meanwhile, many of us are too lazy to smear ourselves from neck to toes, let's be frank: we are sinful, sometimes you just want to skip this stage of leaving.

Try to surround yourself with such "baits" in order to rejoice in anticipation of pleasure.

2. A small step for a person, a big one for humanity

Breaking a task into small and easy stages helps very well. Many were horrified, asking me how I manage to use it every evening: make-up remover, cleanser, tonic, mask, serum, cream, eye cream? .. Well, of course, if you imagine that you sat down and do this continuously, then your hands immediately go down. Yes, and not everyone will have time for such a ritual: it's not a slap-slap to put one on top of the other, you still have to let each remedy absorb. Sitting in front of a mirror for an hour, like Marfushenka from "Morozko", somehow does not appeal, especially at the end of the working day.

But everything is much easier if you break this routine into stages. We washed and refreshed - by the way, I never have to drag myself by the collar to wash myself: I really love the feeling of clean skin, it just starts to “breathe”, and fatigue is also relieved very well.

We did a couple of urgent household chores (load a washing machine and a dishwasher, for example), finished - you can also look into the bathroom. They rubbed their face with tonic, applied a mask - and into the kitchen (at the same time, to amuse the household); in the process of shredding cabbage / peeling potatoes / brewing a kettle, the mask is already on you and works, works, without interfering with anything.

If you washed, applied serum, you can sit down to dinner; the benefit of serums are usually quickly absorbed and do not require massaging into the skin. And then all that remains is to apply the cream - and there will still be time for a film / book / finding out who is wrong on the Internet: let the cream soak in so as not to wipe it on the pillowcase.

3. Slumdog Millionaire

The harsh Chelyabinsk method: spend more on care products than you can afford.

It's one thing to throw a jar of cream for 300 rubles into a far corner, and another thing - for 15 thousand. The money spent on it literally screams, reminding that for the sake of this miracle remedy you denied yourself a new dress / postponed repair / salewhether the car. Well, how lazy here! By the way, if you choose the product wisely, then the effect can be comparable to the waste.

The main thing to remember if you have an too expensive cream to use: do not be tempted save by applying it in pinhead quantities. Then it will not be of any use; you can just as well just open the jar and smell it.

4. My light, mirror

You often look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you see. Only not in an enlarging one: there is nothing plausible about that toad with half-face pores that you will see there.

Here, however, one pedagogical and psychological trick must be remembered: someone is better served by praise, on someone - censure. I am one of the first: if the reflection in the mirror does not make me happy, I just want to cover myself with a pillow and fall into bed with a groan. But when I like myself, then with redoubled enthusiasm I run to groom, cherish and polish my unearthly beauty.

But there is also the opposite case: when a woman's good skin condition relaxes (“I’m fine, nothing no need "), but if she didn't get enough sleep / took a good walk the day before / ate something wrong and her skin screams" sos! ", the motivation to take care of herself immediately appears. And more often.

5. Close contacts of the third degree

And do not forget about such sources of motivation as our environment. No, I do not mean the sworn friends or ex-husbands offended by the life, who are always ready to give a lecture about how awful you look and how unlucky you, poor poor man, (and your husband was unlucky, and the dog, and in general the milk ran away). I'm talking just about positive motivation: when friends and men compliment my haircut, figure, skin, I want to continue to keep myself in good shape. And you, my readers, also cause me the same reaction when you write, for example, that I have good skin. This is a responsibility: people focus on your skin, how can you start it?

Personally, I have lost weight with the help of an effective fat burner that is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest, strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect . If interested, here is the link

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