How to measure your self-esteem and self-confidence?

How to measure your self-esteem and self-confidence?

Jordan Peterson - Self-esteem Doesn't Exist

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Formula :

self-esteem = result of actions / claims.

Self-esteem - that is, an assessment of the image of oneself. How good I am: brother, son, husband, professional, etc.

Self-esteem - has an emotional color. As you can see from the previous formula, when you start an action, you have expectations.

For example, you invited a girl to the movies. She behaved coldly. Your expectations were high. As a result, if you take responsibility for yourself, your self-esteem drops, because the result of actions is below expectations.

There are many ways to improve self-esteem:

  • positive experience

  • recognition

  • praise

  • thanks

  • alignment by lowering the results of the actions of another person

  • comparisons, etc.

Not all are environmentally friendly, but we are basically listing the possibilities here, so it doesn't matter.

Self-confidence is defined by the formula:

Confidence = I want * I can * know how

For example: confidence in driving a car

Driving car = I want to drive * I can drive, physically * I have a license, I have already driven = a confident driver. When the ratios change, the result also changes

Answer 2
January, 2021

A ruler or a graph of parrots relative to raccoons, of course. Seriously, the very term self-esteem is controversial, not to mention enclosing it in some units and dying, in principle, like any other feeling. What is self-esteem? In its roughest form, this is how you assess your importance relative to others (at this word, Sartre's eyes begin to scatter), while importance is a form of demand for your activities in society, relative to the activities of others. In short, your ideas about your intended place in the hierarchy and how they relate to this, what you did / are doing, based on personal experience. Being confident in yourself means being able to do something, while knowing that it will / will be in demand. To have the experience of long-term reinforcement of activity. A lot of questions arise - hierarchy, hierarchy of discord, demand, demand in a certain period of time, too, the difference in areas, methods estimates, etc. If we really reduce everything to a rough form, then a confident person knows what is happening, and an unconvinced person fears the future as a result of ignorance or negative past experience.

If you already have this question, then most likely its ultimate goal is not to know the units or methods, but to ask, am I normal? Most likely, yes, the fear of uncertainty is normal (although there are no fewer claims to the question of the norm). How to become a confident person? Absolutely nothing, this is how our existence in time is arranged (no one knows what will happen), if in a specific area we find instructions (know about the actions that need to be performed and the expected result) and try, hone a skill, reflect on the result, with experience it will come as the ability to do something, for the sake of something. If you find a conditional instruction, then the question of norm and demand will be removed by itself. About self-esteem, measure less relative to others, but it is better to compare what was and what became in the activity. Because others are not someone specific or their sum, but a generalization of conditional representations of opinions about oneself, immediately general at the same time no one.

What is the result? Be less concerned with questions of how you can measure self-esteem or self-confidence, better do what you see yourself in. More use for a boulet. The question itself is good and deep, but obviously not for 1.5 beer for which I am writing an answer, and not for answers in the question.

Answer 3
January, 2021

I think the level of self-esteem can be determined in the following situations:

1) meeting new people

2) choosing a new job, project, task

3 ) how a person defends his ideas: does he have a desire and arguments for a calm conversation

4) does a person feel his expertise in any areas and how many of them

5 ) does he know himself from the outside and does he like the image that he forms in others

6) how a person reacts to compliments and criticism

Answer 4
January, 2021

- We must love our neighbor.
- Who is closer to a person, if not himself?

I am sure that by request "Self-assessment test" you can find many all kinds of psychological gizmos. But everything is simpler. If you take apart the words in parts, you get an assessment of yourself and self-confidence. How do you rate yourself. How determined you are. This is the right question, because the concepts are very interrelated. Let me give you an example. A very figurative example.

There are 2 people. Before them there are two options for the development of events. The first is to go to bed, the second is to answer a question and help someone. Both answer the question by sacrificing sleep. One appreciates himself and is confident in himself, the second is the complete opposite. What's the difference?

Answer: priorities. For the first character, helping others is higher than sleeping. He seems to be helping another, but he gets a buzz from it. He helps others, but for himself. And the second character helps, sacrificing himself, he does not get pleasure. His priority is to get enough sleep. Therefore, in the first case, a person highly values ​​himself and achieves the goal without any internal conflict. The second character's goal is sleep, and with normal self-esteem and confidence, he should give up and go to bed. But he is not sure of himself, therefore, for some kind of confirmation in the eyes of others, he helps with an answer. Not for yourself, but for others. Although if he went to sleep, no one would have said or thought anything.

Therefore, I believe that in order to conclude about your self-esteem and self-confidence, you should scroll through some such branches. How often have you sacrificed yourself, your highest priorities, for your lowest priorities? How often have you gone against everything for your own sake? When sacrificing something outwardly, are you always really sacrificing, and not doing it for yourself? A general picture will be drawn, maybe even some important priorities will seem.

It is very important to see the difference between helping another for yourself and helping another in spite of yourself. Often the highest priority is being a martyr. And many benefactors are still selfish. Therefore, even in the most extreme situations, they do not look sorry, they do not have a conflict of confidence and self-assessment.

Rate on a ten-point scale? If in doubt, the conclusion about confidence suggests itself. And no one will be able to assess self-esteem, because it will be biased, everyone has their own priorities.

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