How to lose weight without dieting?

How to lose weight without dieting?

10 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Diets are not the best option for losing weight. Yes, on extreme diets (protein, liquid, etc.) people usually lose weight very quickly, but they have 2 drawbacks:

  • As a rule, they are unsafe for health and are suitable only for people with ideal health, the rest will have exacerbated chronic diseases. Although a healthy person can easily "earn" some kind of gastrointestinal or kidney disease on extreme diets.
  • The weight comes back very quickly. You will not be able to sit on these diets all your life, and as soon as you return to your previous diet, extra pounds will quickly return .

Therefore, the best alternative to diets is eating right with reduced calories . A calorie deficit (when you burn more than you consume) will help you lose weight.

Eliminate high-calorie unhealthy foods from your diet: fried, starchy foods, fast food, mayonnaise, sweet soda, etc.

Add sports, lots of movement to your life - this will help you burn more calories, which means you do not have to significantly reduce your diet and starve.

Best of all "burns" excess weight running and other types of cardio (cycling, orbit track, dancing, brisk walking, etc.). Circular intensive training in the gym will also be very useful: in addition to losing weight, you will also have a beautiful muscle relief.

Answer 2
January, 2021

On counting calories.

This method is more reliable, and the results can be saved for life.


I've been counting calories for three years myself. I use the mobile app and weigh my food before every meal. During this time, I lost 27 kg and built up high-quality muscle mass.


Calorie counting helped me not only to bring my weight back to normal, but also to thoroughly study the issues related to basic metabolism - both in relatively healthy people and in chronic non-infectious diseases.


If you want to lose weight and keep the results using the calorie counting method, download any calorie counter, calculate your daily calories using the built-in tools and follow these recommendations.

If you need help from a weight loss specialist, contact me on Direct .

With care and understanding,

Angelina Buvaeva,

sports nutritionist, weight loss specialist with hypothyroidism

Answer 3
January, 2021

Losing weight without diets is actually nowhere easier. From my own experience, I say that the most important thing is desire. Now I'm losing weight thanks to the fact that I'm participating in a competition from TNT, a ticket to the Seychelles is being played out, of course for the sake of such a desire and an incentive to lose weight. don't help.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Diets are generally ineffective for weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to start following the principles of intuitive eating. This is described in detail in Bronnikova's book Intuitive Nutrition.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Beginning to eat only what Dadamo advises on my blood type. The first impression is surprise. It turned out that I love all the products that are shown to me and eat with pleasure. Only combining these products is wrong. For example, she loved meat and fried potatoes. Is that bad. I switched to meat with salads. I could hardly refuse sandwiches with sausage and butter. But still she won. Somehow, unnoticed, bread, rolls, sausage, pasta and noodles, fried potatoes were excluded from the diet. I switched to sweet potatoes. Six months later, 30 kg imperceptibly disappeared, the skin did not sag, just the clothes began to dangle.

Answer 6
January, 2021

First, you need to understand the reason why you are gaining weight. If this is excessive food intake, then maybe first find out why this is happening. If the refrigerator and nearby fast food outlets have become best "friends", perhaps we are talking about bulimia nervosa. Also just watch what you are consuming. If carbohydrates, then this is most likely stress that you need to get rid of. Those. first, it is necessary to eliminate the cause that affects food intake, otherwise, at best, the weight will remain the same.

Further stabilize the nutrition. Oatmeal in the morning, protein and vegetables for lunch, fruit afternoon snack, protein and vegetables in the evening (cottage cheese can be used). Don't stay hungry. Eat every 3 hours. By grams - you need to write a program for you. Once a week you can do a deload - eat sweets.

The gym can help, but this is 10-15% of what is needed. The main thing is nutrition.

You will lose 1 to 2 kg per week. This is the best option. If these methods do not help, then see a doctor. Check thyroid, blood, etc.

Answer 7
January, 2021

First, I think it's worth asking why, for whom, why did you actually have a desire to lose weight? With the answer to this question, a lot can change in the goals / motivation / plans of the person

Answer 8
January, 2021

I would recommend checking out the Youtube channel - Freshlife28. This is not an advertisement. The author of this channel, for nothing and in simple language, explains all aspects of weight loss. You just need to change your lifestyle, once and for all. In short:

  • Fractional and proper nutrition

  • Sports (optional)

The result of your weight loss depends on nutrition by 80%, and sports by 20%. The author of the channel provided all the necessary diet in his videos. He also has his own website -

Answer 9
January, 2021

Personally about myself.

Initial data - 32 years, 134 kg at 196 centimeters. Lots of cigarettes. No physical activity, gluttony.

Up to a hundred left in 2 years approximately - a month on the "egg diet" + walking and then running. After that, I didn't go on diets. But I'm used to not eating sweets, drinking soda, I'm used to a relatively controlled amount of meals and the amount of food in these meals. KBZHU and all this has never been considered.

This is an introduction. Let's just say.

Last summer I was at my brother's wedding and from 93 I managed to leave for 101 ...

I tried to lose 3 months and nothing (in general, I know this. Kilograms below a hundred leave extremely hard). I didn't want to dry hard or go straight on a diet. And I found myself intermittent fasting. 8 hours - during which I can eat, 16 hours - during which I cannot eat. For me it looks like this (on average) - from 10 am to 6 pm a window in which I can eat (globally, without restrictions, but of course there is no point in having breakfast, lunch and dinner with cakes). At 10 I have breakfast, at 12 + - a small snack, at 13: 30 + - lunch, sometimes at 15:30 a light snack, at 17:15 dinner (always a "smoothie" of 2-3 bananas, eat oatmeal and kefir / milk). As a rule, I don't eat anything from 17:30. Of course, you can drink water + at 7 am I drink black coffee.

And here I am on this mode after the January holidays. And I weigh stable 92. At 40 years old and all the same 196 centimeters.

In fact, this is not a diet (there are no strict rules on what you can and cannot eat), but a diet. You get used to it in 5 days. It takes a little longer to adapt the process of cooking and packing food with you (it turns out that all meals are during working hours), this is the only inconvenient moment, but I have already adjusted everything and it does not hover me.

Answer 10
January, 2021

sign up for a gym with a good trainer or for fitness, dancing - whatever you like) but you will still have to make some restrictions in the diet: give up fast food, carbonated drinks, etc.

Answer 11
January, 2021

There is such an approach: Flexible dieting. The author is Lyle McDonald. The basis of this is compliance with the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. There are many calculators on the net that allow you to determine this. And the idea is that there are no prohibited foods. The main thing is not to go beyond the BJU. That is, if you ate a chocolate bar and gained your permissible fat allowance for the day, the rest of the day you eat only low-fat food. To lose weight, you need to cut calories by 10-20 percent of the maintenance rate. Plus the intake of Omega-3 and the mandatory inclusion of vegetables in the diet.

Answer 12
January, 2021

If you really want to lose weight without dieting once and for all, then study the question of intuitive eating! It works 100%

Start with Goloshchapova's book Goodbye Diet.

Answer 13
January, 2021

See, there are a lot of answers here, but they are long. It all comes down to one thing: either a decrease in food intake or an increase in energy consumption. You discard the first option, which means that the second is left - to go in for sports, more activity, aerobics. There are really working drugs that increase the basal metabolic rate (these are subtleties), but they are toxic and are not recommended to be taken.

Answer 14
January, 2021

Vegetarianism .

I never wondered about diet, but asked questions of a philosophical and spiritual nature. One day, one fine winter day, he decided to give up meat and all food that is associated with some kind of murder. As a result, literally in two weeks of such a decision, I threw off all the extra pounds, taking into account the fact that the ideal weight is (your height) - 110 = (your ideal weight). I want to point out that I approached this issue not from the point of view of diet, but from a completely different one.

Answer 15
January, 2021

The first thing to start with is to determine the cause of weight gain .

In 98% of cases, it is wrong eating habits. During the day, most people rarely eat, but in large portions, alternating meals and snacks with sweets .

Eating rarely, we interfere with the normal functioning of our body, and in those hours when we starve, our body uses all resources and reserves as fuel . For example, it uses muscles as a source of protein.

Therefore the first and most important rule: eat often and in small portions .

The second rule is we limit snacks to sweet, giving preference to the right snacks : we take nuts, fruit or a protein bar with us to work / school. If there is absolutely nothing without sweets, look at pp-recipes - you can make an analogue of absolutely any sweets from the right products (for example, chocolate pancakes or oatmeal pancakes). Well, if you are not very skilled in the kitchen, you here. The Fit line has a large number of various sweets that you can please yourself with without gaining a gram.

Third: we remove fast food, sauces and very fatty foods . You can eat tasty and varied food without it: include grilled dishes, turkey, fish, seafood - I guarantee you will like this diet more than mashed potatoes with a cutlet for lunch. If you and the stove are not compatible concepts, go up to the point above. Grow Food they will do everything for you: cook deliciously, calculate KBZhU, put it in portions, bring it whenever and wherever convenient . The menu includes a large selection of dishes, from grilled chicken breast to wok, lasagna, hummus and drinking porridge. Grab the "Question" promo code and get a discount of 300 rubles on your first order.

And here are some more tips on how to improve your shape without diet :

  1. Woke up? We drink a glass of water! Start your metabolism.

  2. Don't skip breakfast. This is back to metabolism and avoiding unnecessary snacks.

  3. Let's train! Fitness room, jogging, swimming pool, dancing - whatever. Today there are an incredible number of activities, of which you will definitely like something. Just 2-3 workouts per week, and in a month your form will be much better.

  4. We count calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By the way, what I love Grow Food for is that they have already calculated everything. This is, of course, very convenient.

And by the way! If you follow these tips diligently, you can indulge yourself in a well-deserved pie this weekend ! So good luck to everyone in losing weight!

Answer 16
January, 2021

Losing weight without a diet is quite possible, but it will require willpower from you:

  • change your diet (vegetables, protein, correct fat - yes, bread, sweets, pasta, sauces, fast food - no, potatoes only on holidays),

  • reduce portions,

  • get a pedometer, make sure to walk at least 10,000 steps daily, walk on an empty stomach

  • go in for sports

Slowly but surely you will begin to lose weight.

Answer 17
January, 2021

Well ... you can fall in love. Nervousness on the basis of unrequited love burns even superfluous kilograms well. Unless, of course, you do not seize stress with cakes and ham.

You can also get a dog, preferably from a puppy's age, so that at night it does not let you sleep, large and mobile, like a setter - and three times a day for an hour at a brisk pace, or even running, holding on to the leash, to walk ... Works well too.

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