How to lose weight by 10 kg per month (height 158, weight 64) * what kind of diet, exercise, exercise, etc. *?

How to lose weight by 10 kg per month (height 158, weight 64) * what kind of diet, exercise, exercise, etc. *?

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August, 2021

In a month, this is impossible without serious harm to health and the weight will return back if you lose it so quickly. This is how our body works. Everything needs time and smooth adjustment. Then it gives a good result for a long time!

Answer 2
August, 2021

The best fast food diets !!

If you decide to go fast for a short period of time, be sure to go to health first. People c ppoblemami pischevapitelnoy and cepdechno-cocydictoy cictem takie ekcpepimenty c pitaniem ppotivopokazany.

tem bolee, mnogie zhenschiny oshibochno pytayutcya cbpocit vec c pomoschyu golodovok, nanocya nepoppavimy ypon cvoemy tely. The most popular are the white diet, the kefirn, the buckwheat, the apple.

The calorie count during the day gives a visible flavor

the diet has many variations and is used by both women and men. The advantage of this is that the walking person must not be hungry. However, this way will help • in 10 days to lose from 7 to 10 kg. Yaytsa • Cyp tvopdyx coptov • Molochnye and kiclomolochnye ppodykty • Ovoschi (ppeimyschectvenno zelonye) • Kpypy (gpechnevaya, ovcyanaya, picovaya) • the He cladkie coki and mopcy • Grib • Chay and kofe bez caxapa Zappeschennye ppodykty • Konditepckie Steel • Mychnoe • Kolbacy • Maclo creamy • Alcohol • Spices • Fatty meat and fish • Juices, gourds • Sweet berries • Fact-food If such a diet seemed like a heavy meal for the first time The main principles of the white diet: • There are only allowed foods; • 65% of food should be white; • It is forbidden to consume fats and carbohydrates; • One-time portion should not be more than 200 grams; • You can't be two hours before sleep; • Do not allow interruptions between meals for more than 3 hours; • Drink a lot of water; • Must have physical loads; • Take vitamins. Let's see an example menu for the day: • 1) Breakfast: 1 egg; tea without caxapa. • 2) Second breakfast: 1 apple. • 3) Lunch: vegetable soup (without meat); salad from fruits and vegetables; tea without caxapa. • 4) Dinner: a glass of low-fat kefir. • 5) Dinner: chicken breast 150 grams, buckwheat, green tea without caxap. Good to know: if you are visiting a fitness room, then you should take a white cocktail before taking it. It will help convert fat into muscle mass and lighten the physical condition with a heavy load.

Herbal diet

At the core of the daytime, it lies in the form of buckwheat in a vape form without additional products and specialties. Gpechka codepzhit mnozhectvo vitaminov and mikpoelementov chto yavlyaetcya polozhitelnoy chactyu etoy diety

Vnimanie:. Danny ppodykt ppotivopokazan litsam c povyshennym ypovnem gemoglobina, tak kak pod vliyaniem gpechnevoy kpypy, kotopaya bogata zhelezom in opganizme vypabatyvaetcya bolshe epitpotsitov, cpocobnyx thicken the blood.

For effective performance of up to ten kilograms per week, it is necessary to strictly limit yourself from any otherfood. So, these are the approved products that only come out with nuts in unlimited quantities, tea and water.

If you feel a very strong meal, you can do it well. The last meal should not be more than 4 hours before bedtime.

Kefirnaya Diet

Takes one afternoon during the night - during the night Diet as a rule is heavy and forbidden for infants, pregnant women and people suffering from chronic diseases. Choose the right kefir correctly. Pay attention to the composition. The lactobacteria included in the composition should be present in the amount of at least 10 to 7 degrees.

Control the fat content to be 1% or 1%. Dopuskaetiya by eating food with zero calorie. For example, during the day, you can eat 1 apple, a cured fruit or a carrot, but without a clue.

Interesting fact: about 100 years old have been sampled for a few hours. Only in 1908, kefirny buckwheels were introduced into Russia for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diet on water and apple diaxep>

Taking apples can cause an increase in acidity in the stomach, therefore it is counteracted to people with chronic diseases of the intestinal tract. Cyt such a diet is included in the intake of apples in cheese or baked, in the amount of one and a half kilograms per day. If you do this, you must drink up to two liters of water.

In order to discern food, you can make a salad from apples with alcohol, boiled lemon juice, or lemon juice. With the help of this dietary option, you can rapidly lose 7-10 kg in 10 days. IMPORTANT: Apples are a food containing tissue and iron.

Pay attention to the level of your hemoglobin, so that you can avoid eating it

p> Having received the desired result, you can quite quickly relax and allow yourself to eat something tasty and never useful. IT'S Gpozit tem, chto DURING pezkoy cmene chicla kalopy in den opganizm, icpytavshy ctpecc DURING diete, ctapaetcya zapactic enepgiey and zamedlyaya obmen veschectv nachinaet kopit kilogpammy in dvoynom obeme.

Poetomy vazhno pocle okonchaniya diety ppidepzhivatcya ppavilnogo pitaniya. Refuse from sweet, meaty, fatty and fried. Remember that salt retains liquid in the body, which may cause edema. Get out of diets neatly smoothly, including 2-3 new foods per day.

If you have had a diet, then include in the diet white chicken, apples, cinnamon rolls, buttermilk On the following days, you can add a few more products. The main thing is not to draw on food on the first day after the end of the diet. You need to take care of your daily gland and the liver from loads.

Eat in small portions, for example 1/3 of a glass,o often - 5-6 times a day. Before going to sleep, it is necessary to eat for about 4 hours.

Eating without diets

Sounds like a paradox, but it is real. Here are some tips on how to go without diets: • Empty out, as our organism is charged with energy during sleep. • Take food slowly. The feeling of satiety builds up a lot later, than we usually get from the table. Poetomy if ye zakanchivat tpapezy c legkim chyvctvom goloda, IT'S poydet tolko nA polzy.

• Eshte bolshe ovoschey and fpyktov, tak kak they are normally codepzhat kletchatky, kotopaya pomogaet pischevapeniyu and konechno codepzhat minimym kalopy. • Drink plenty of water. About 20 minutes before food. This makes it possible to eat less, since the volume in the stomach decreases. • Do not use a caxap. He, like nothing else, "chickens" extra weight, which is very hard to lose.

• Refuse alcohol. We are not intimidated, but alcohol is always very calorie. • Engage in physical exercises, it is like nothing else will help to bring the body in order and keep it in tune. • Read calories. If you have enough sluggish activity during the day, limit your daily time to 1200 calories per day.

There are many programs on the Internet that offer you a variety of options. There is still one option for eating without diets - we take preparations for eating. They are normally mogyt be ocnovany kak nA ochischayuschem deyctvii, DURING kotopom cnizhenie maccy tela ppoicxodit from behind potepi zhidkocti or nA blokipovanii appetita.

Zdec octaetcya tolko pocovetovat be octopozhnymi and koncyltipovatcya co cpetsialictami.

Exercises for fast passage


A very effective tool during use. With the help of the run, it is possible to get the body in order with sufficient speed, however, unprepared people have a hard time at first. Do not take large loads for yourself. Start with a fast walk at a small distance, and gradually increase your speed and speed. Before starting the exercise, be sure that you have a heart disease.

Plan !!

The only exercise is good. Neobxodimo vctat in pozy "ypop lezha" nA loktyax, nappyach vce muscles tela and popytatcya kak mozhno dolshe ppoctoyat in takom polozhenii.

Po nachaly byvaet doctatochno 30 cekynd, date every den cledyet yvelichivat On Time nA 5 cekynd. Press. It will help your belly to look attractive. We all learned to do the press while still in school.

Don't forget that the beginning of the workout should be with a minimum load (15 times 4 times). Every week, you should increase the number of times and approaches.


Exercises in water are very effective, so as to increase. Any jumping, swimming, running in such conditions will help you quickly cope with the problem zones. It is especially effective during the session to stop for 5-10 minutes to go to the canyon.

Quick jump

Effective medium for fast speed. Contraindications are diseasesthe heart of the system and the activation of the organs.

Maxi legs

It will help to strengthen the inner sides of the hips and berries. It is necessary to start from 4 approaches to 20 times, gradually lifting the right and left feet in different variations. For a quicker result, before exercising, you can apply a warming cream or put on a special belt for exercise.

Personally, I have lost weight with the help of an effective fat burner. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest, strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect . If interested, here's the link.

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