How to lose a little extra weight and dry out at home / outdoors? What kind of exercise and diet should you go for?

How to lose a little extra weight and dry out at home / outdoors? What kind of exercise and diet should you go for?

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Answer 1
April, 2021

A combination of physical activity and proper nutrition will give a good result. Choose the type of activity that suits you, depending on your health condition, availability of time and desire: it can be morning jogging, cycling, at least just long walks. Try to move more, walk.

Add home exercises to cardio workouts: pump the abs, try burpees (energy-consuming and burns a lot of calories), lunges with dumbbells (bottles filled with water as an option) - walk around the apartment with them ... Push-ups will help strengthen your arms, and reverse push-ups will tighten your triceps.

All workouts should be regular and fairly frequent - at least 3 times a week.

To this add proper nutrition (with strict diets are very easy to break off). Reduce your intake of starchy foods and sweet, fried foods. Bake, steam, simmer and boil lean meat, fish, vegetables. Eat cereals (preferably in the morning) - they dull hunger for a long time. Don't forget about healthy fats - a few nuts or half an avocado will be good.

And force yourself to drink enough water: our bodies often confuse hunger and thirst.

Answer 2
April, 2021

How to dry your body without harming your health ??

Remember that any dietary restrictions, as well as physical activity may not have a positive effect on the state of the body as a whole ... Here are some tips to help minimize the risks:

1. Morning meal is the most important. Never leave home without breakfast.

2. Do not eat at night. If you return home late, then choose low-fat liquid dairy products (such as kefir or yogurt), vegetables and fruits for dinner.

3. Eat at least 3-4 times a day. Do not take long breaks between meals. And remember: the bulk of the nutrients must enter the body at breakfast and lunch.

4. You can not completely remove fats from the diet. This can lead to a complete metabolic disorder in the body. In addition, the absence of fats negatively affects vision, the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

5. Sugar and bakery products are incompatible with proper nutrition during drying. If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to dry your body, forget about sweets.

6. Forget about "gastronomic junk" - about ketchup, mayonnaise, chips and other snacks. They will not provide the body with the necessary nutrients. In addition, the flavor enhancers contained in their composition will only whet the appetite.

7. Those who want to dry the body should limit the amount of alcohol. It irritates the stomach lining and causes overeating. In addition, all the extra calories eaten with a high-degree drink go straight to body fat.

Body drying program for girls

To see the cubes on your own press, you have to train not a single month , while strength training is important to harmoniously combine with carbohydrate-protein alternation in daily nutrition. Such a drying program for girls is designed for 8-12 months, however, positive results are observed in a shorter time, subject to all the rules. Before you dry the body from fat, it is important to exclude medical contraindications. In the absence of such, the recommendations are as follows:

The basis of body drying is strength training, where the main recommendation is to perform intensively as many repetitions as possible with minimal rest breaks to burn fat.

By the general condition of the body regularly add working weight, thereby increasing endurance and your athletic performance.

As an alternative to strength training, you can choose a CrossFit workout program that provides additional cardio load, works your abs, and loses fat.

With regard to nutrition, light carbohydrates are completely excluded, complex ones should be consumed only in the morning. The second half is protein-free foods.

Control your fluid intake, otherwise your metabolism slows down and your body will dry out at a slower pace.

Want to lose weight? Then these articles are for you

List of permissionsDiet Foods

This list is based on low-fat protein foods:

Boiled or stewed meat,

Boiled chicken breasts,

less often),

Seafood - shrimp, squid, mussels, etc.,

Protein from eggs,

Low-fat cheese,

Vegetables in raw and stewed form,

Grains - buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal.

Protein diet for drying girls

Protein diet is a diet with an emphasis on the protein foods listed above, which virtually all professional bodybuilders sit on. In addition to the high content of proteins and refusal of fat-containing foods, you must not forget about the use of vitamins and minerals, at least in the form of tablets.

But do not forget that some fatty acids necessary for life, the body is not able to produce constantly , therefore, if it is not possible to consume them with food, you can use them together with vitamins in the form of badger or fish oil, which is also sold in the pharmacy. At the same time, the daily dose of the concentrated substance will be very small and will not affect the drying process, but it will greatly facilitate the body's existence.

The training regime for drying for girls

The training regime for drying is very individual for each person. Without knowing your level of physical fitness, it is difficult to give any specific recommendations.

All that can be said is that you should definitely continue strength training with the involvement of the muscles of the whole body. If you don't train your muscles, the body will destroy them in the first place, considering them "unnecessary burden". The duration of your workouts can be somewhat shorter than usual.

It is important not to overdo it with aerobics during this period. Aerobic training should complement strength training, but you shouldn't do aerobics until exhaustion. Aerobic training normally burns mainly fat, but since your body gets less nutrients on drying, muscles will start to be actively burned along with fat.

A professional trainer can choose the ideal set of exercises for you. But if you train yourself and carry out muscle drying at home, be very careful about the changes in your body. As soon as you feel a bias in one direction or another - adjust the program.

Personally, I have lost weight using an effective fat burner, which is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect. If interested, here's the link.

Answer 3
April, 2021

As for nutrition, I can say that when drying, the prerequisites are a calorie deficit and a carbohydrate deficiency. Calculate your daily allowance according to any formula (you should not rely entirely on the resulting figures, because everything is individual for everyone) and subtract 20-30 grams from carbohydrates, and 200-250 calories from the total calorie content. If within 10 days the reflection in the mirror does not change at all, then experiment. Cut carbs, add protein.

Answer 4
April, 2021

I remember at the age of 14 I was "overweight" and in order to put myself in order, I started building a healthy, but not "bodybuilding" body. I managed to shed excess fat and my body began to look beautiful (in general, I liked it). What did I do?

First, I started doing 3 times a week cardio workouts that my brother sent me. You can safely watch them on YouTube, I will throw you one of the playlists (Fat Burning Cardio Workout - Low Level)

Secondly, as soon as you start building your body, you will want to eat right. Be sure to eat 2 hours before your workout and 20-45 minutes after your workout on carbohydrates and proteins. Eat 5-6 meals a day. Start counting your calories (later, you will do it automatically). Remember to keep the interval between meals 2.5-3 hours. Drink at least 1.6 liters of water, always a glass after and before your workout. For an example of the caloric intake of a 17-year-old teenager weighing 75 kg, you need: 100 grams of protein, 100 grams of fat, 750 grams of carbohydrates. strive to take a variety of sports supplements (unless you are a professional athlete). I wish you good luck in building a healthy and strong body!

Answer 5
April, 2021

Drying is most effective when the body is undergoing cardio stress. So, for example, running with interval accelerations is much more effective than just running in one rhythm.

Strength exercises in their pure form are not very effective, so they are also better done in sets. Do this: break the set into 2 different exercises for 7-8 approaches, rest 30-60 seconds between sets, distribute the forces to all approaches so as not to be squeezed out on the latter. Example:

  • 10 push-ups, 60 sec rest, 10 squat jumps, 60 sec rest

  • 10 push-ups, rest, 10 jumps, 60 sec rest


  • 10 push-ups, rest, 10 jumps from a squat, rest

Shadow boxing. 3-6 rounds of 2-3 minutes each (see how you feel) and rest for a minute.

For nutrition, the general recommendation is as follows. If we divide the entire drying cycle into 2 weeks and 2 stages, then:

  1. Stage "water + carbohydrates-" for the first 10 days, minimize the amount of carbohydrates, especially fast ones (only without fanaticism, completely without carbohydrates, the brain becomes dull) and drink plenty of water. So the body will distill fat into glycogen without experiencing a water shortage.

  2. Stage "water - carbohydrates +". Now the body is already dry, but at the same time it is deficient in carbohydrates. During these 4 days, eat more carbohydrates (without fanaticism) and drink less water (also without fanaticism).

Summary: the body must understand that it now needs glycogen, not fat. And glycogen is consumed most by large muscle groups - these are legs and back. The main thing is NOT to starve for drying. A sane diet is about cutting your intake in moderation, rather than giving it up.

Answer 6
April, 2021

Google HIIT workouts, and you burn fat and build up some meat. Well, don't forget about food. 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140

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