How to increase immunity at home while in quarantine?

How to increase immunity at home while in quarantine?

Foods to Boost your Immune System against COVID-19

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Why immunity decreases
There are many reasons for this, and here we can list only some of them:

Drops for immunity during quarantine

Prolonged stress. And in the fall we get out of vacation, a new working year begins - so much stress for you. Stress impairs the function of the main cells of the immune system - white blood cells.

Drinking alcohol. Of course, we are not talking about a glass of wine once a day. Excessive alcohol consumption weakens the immune system - so it's best to know when to stop.

Smoking. Tobacco literally clogs the lungs, which cease to be cleansed of harmful environmental factors - it weakens not only general immunity, but also local, aimed at destroying bacteria in the respiratory tract. Not to mention, smoking is one of the top risk factors for lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. All smokers suffer from chronic bronchitis, which is aggravated by the cold autumn air.

Obesity, being overweight, and a sedentary lifestyle all weaken the immune system. But to walk in the park in autumn, or even to jog - what could be better?

An excess of sweet and fatty foods. The largest organ of the immune system is the intestines! Therefore, proper nutrition, with a predominance of vegetables, fruits, dairy products and lean meats, is the key to good immunity.

One of the biggest enemies of immunity is lack of sleep. During sleep, all cells are restored, including the immune system.

Of course, a good advice is to avoid stress. But how to bring it to life when there is no rest at work, the children are hooligans and the spouse makes claims? Indeed, sometimes we cannot change this situation. But to change your attitude towards her is quite real, to learn how to adequately respond to the difficulties that you have to face in life - you need it. And one more thing - you must definitely get enough sleep, try to comply with the daily regimen. Our body, like all living things, is subject to the so-called circadian rhythms, that is, daily fluctuations in the intensity of its function, the release of hormones, and so on. Therefore, the daily routine is not an invention of idle doctors, but an urgent need. Of course, the hardest part is for those who work in shifts, and there is good advice - drink water instead of coffee. This will prevent dehydration and give you strength. And also try not to gorge yourself at work at night - take some light food, apples, carrots, other fruits or vegetables with you - at night, nothing is digested anyway.

Especially against the background of all these flu Honey saved herself. We use the whole family. So, we all strengthen ourselves as we can. Thank God no one is sick.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Exactly the same as in non-home conditions without quarantine - eat wholesome food and vitamins, exercise, get enough sleep, be less nervous.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Hello !

Quarantine allows you to take care of immunity. It helps to strengthen it:

  1. good sleep - try to get enough sleep and rest

  2. vitamins - organize proper nutrition, more vegetables, fruits and berries on the table

  3. be tempered - start with cool douches on hands and feet, then add a douche of the whole body after a shower, sleep with an open window

  4. use Viferon gel on the nasal mucosa to protect against viral attacks


Butuzova Olesya

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