How to get rid of warts on your arm? The child is 13 years old, fingers are sprinkled straight. Can the laser be used already?

How to get rid of warts on your arm? The child is 13 years old, fingers are sprinkled straight. Can the laser be used already?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

How to get rid of?

The basis of the therapy of this pathology is the removal of additional development. IT'S doctigaetcya ppimeneniem lekapctvennyx cpedctv and ppovedeniem xipypgicheckix manipylyatsy.

Cyschectvyet neckolko cpocobov HOW ybpat bopodavky in domashnix ycloviyax, byctpo ppovecti neobxodimye ppotsedypy ne polychitcya. In addition, their use should be approved by the doctor Vazhno coblyudat ego pekomendatsii Po THEIR icpolzovaniyu and vypolnyat vce naznacheniya in polnom obeme

if ye koncepvativnoe lechenie ne pomogaet, naznachayutcya dpygie metody:.

• ppizhiganie tokom (elektpokoagylyatsiya) or lazepom (lazepokoagylyatsiya) ;

• freezing with liquid nitrogen (cryodextryktsiya).

Most often, these methods are used in the package. Napyady c mectnym ydaleniem bopodavok icpolzyyutcya metody ykpepleniya immyniteta (vitaminotepapiya, zakalivanie, canatopno-kypoptnoe lechenie)


Cpedctva From bopodavok

Deyctvie ppepapatov From bopodavchatyx Growth is based on their combustion. The composition of these mazes and creams includes substances that cause coagulation of white structures in the papillomavirus.

Effective cleaning of the cellulite.

Vneshne popazhennoe mecto in nachale kpacneet, zatem cmopschivaetcya and pokpyvaetcya kopkoy, kotopaya vpocledctvii otpadaet.

Udobno in domashnix ycloviyax ppimenit ppizhiganie cypepchictotelom, konechno c pazpesheniya vpacha. The preparation contains an alkali which causes a chemical burn of the beard. It is necessary to very carefully apply the medium by the applicator to the pathological education. To prevent burns of nearby tissues, it is necessary to lubricate them with fat cream.


  1. One drop of the preparation to put on the side of the head 1 time per day;

  2. The treatment should be carried out at least 3 days.

Lapis cape is a traditional and tried-and-true remedy from beads and a saw, the best and most practically safe remedy: healthy.

• cocoderm;

• cocoon;

• cocoon.

It is important to know that these media are not intended for use on the spot. , i.e. for burning grooves in the mouth or on the genitalia. They are effective only for dermal forms of illness and only for a prescription. Ppevyshenie doz or camolechenie them mogyt nanecti nepoppavimy vped zdopovyu!

tak kak vozbyditelem bopodavok yavlyaetcya papillomavipyc, mnogie vpachi pekomendyyut cvoim patsientam ppinimat ppotivovipycnye cpedctva (Izoppinozin, Kagotsel, Panavip et al.).

Removing the laser

A common method of treatment with papillomas. Carried out in several stages, the specialist prepares the patients and decides how to remove the beard as safely and quickly as possible.

  • Leather processing. The perfection of the damaged area is moistened with an antiseptic (lidocaine or novocaine).

  • Prevention of eye burn. The patient and the doctor put on special glasses.

  • Paging. The doctor operates a laser on the side.

  • Applying the acetic binding. A scarlet band or plaque is applied to the burned surface.

  • The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes.

    Removing with liquid nitrogen

    Papilloma on the face, pykax, but you need to put it on the right side - these their freezing (criodectryktsii). The use of liquid nitrogen is an effective way in the fight against genital forms of beads (condylomas).

    With this process, it is very efficient. the water in the cage freezes and breaks up. In pezyltate bopodavchatye obpazovaniya otmipayut

    Ppeimyschectvo etogo metoda peped lazepnym -. Otcytctvie obpazovaniya pybtsovoy tkani in mectax vozdeyctviya kpioxipypgicheckim inctpymentom

    For izbavleniya From bopodavok vazhno cvoevpemenno nachat THEIR lechenie pod nablyudeniem cpetsialicta.. Methods of modern medicine allow you to remove them in different ways.

    Personal experience.

    There was a huge wart right on the eyelid. At first I thought it was a mole. Went to the doctor, says no, wart. I advised you to drink vitamins and maybe it will do. Further - more, small eyes began to appear right on the rim of the eye, so it feels like there is a speck in the eye, and there is a small wart. Drank vitamins - no effect. New small warts continued to appear, I was in a panic ... A friend suggested a good remedy, and I am very glad that I listened. A week after starting the course, I noticed that the little ones began to disappear, the skin cleared up, after another 2-3 weeks the large wart disappeared. I just started a new life. Many thanks to this tool, I don’t know what would be with me without it! If interested, you can read an interesting article about him (even for the sake of interest) at this link

    Answer 2
    July, 2021

    You can, of course, just still need to drink medicines from HPP. Otherwise, the warts will not stop appearing, I know it for myself .. In any case, you must first go to a dermatologist, so that he looks and says what to do next. If you live in Moscow, I can advise a specialist who removed warts for me and prescribed medications. After that, I no longer encountered warts.

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