How to get rid of acne?

How to get rid of acne?

Teen Acne: What to STOP Doing

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Answer 1
January, 2021

The causes of acne can be very different.

These include the following:

  • Improper nutrition;
  • Digestive problems;
  • Emotional state;
  • Climatic factors;
  • Improper skin care;
  • Bad habits.

It is important to get timely expert diagnostics - then the fight against such an unpleasant phenomenon will become effective.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Tip # 1

Try using Benzoyl Peroxide (benzoyl peroxide) for acne. It is available in every pharmacy and is very effective in fighting acne.

Tip # 2

Thoroughly rinse the affected areas with two once a day with warm water and unscented, non-greasy soap, and treat them with calendula tincture, which will not only relieve inflammation, but also reduce the likelihood of scars. And never use face scrubs, as you will only make things worse and spread the infection all over the face.

Tip # 3

Don't pop pimples! No matter how much you want it and it seems that it is this one pimple that spoils your whole image. Otherwise, inflammation may occur and other areas of the skin will be affected. As a result, acne will appear in double, if not triple the amount.

Tip # 4

Pay attention to the fact that the cream and other cosmetics you use do not clog your pores. Pore ​​clogging is the main cause of acne. If you use foundation, be sure to give your skin a break and do not use it at least 1-2 times a week.

Tip # 5

Be careful not to touch your face with dirty hands, let alone scratch. Sometimes this happens automatically when you are deeply absorbed in something - watching a movie or reading a fascinating book. But there are people who constantly touch their face becomes a habit. If you are of this type, you should remember that the more often you touch your nose, forehead, chin, the more likely you will get acne on them.

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Answer 3
January, 2021

I wrote my own book "How to get rid of acne" (Evgeniy Tamkovich), there he described his experience in detail.

Answer 4
January, 2021

In most cases, acne appears due to increased work of the sebaceous glands on the skin (from this blockage, infection, inflammation, that is, a pimple). This may be a hereditary predisposition, knocked down by the hormonal background, a skin mite (this is less common). Nutrition is usually not always an indicator. I know a bunch of people who eat the most vile and junk food, plus alcohol, smoking and even drugs, and their faces (skin) are clean. So, first of all, it would be nice to go to a dermatologist to have your skin looked under a magnifying glass and take a smear. Second:

  1. Wash your face daily in the morning and evening with special cleansing gels (URIAGE, avene, bioderma). It is better to buy pharmacy brands, since almost 99% of them are non-comedogenic (it will be written on the packaging), and this is important for you.

  2. There are special remedies to combat acne (pimples). Zenerite (very good, but quickly stops working) and a bunch of similar ones, just google it. However, I would recommend Klenzit-S and Klenzit.

The course of treatment is 3 months. 1 month smear Klenzit-S (with antibiotic). Very strong, wildly dries the skin (peels off, like from a snake, so some moisturizing is also needed), smear with a thin layer and strictly at night . Do not use in summer.

After 1 month of Klenzit-C, switch to regular Klenzit. And smear until the packaging ends or 2 months, you can use a little more. The skin will dry out, at the beginning of therapy, acne will worsen, but then it will be very, very good. Long lasting effect.

  1. Don't touch your face at all. Reduce to a minimum the frequency of orders to the face (on the street, in a store, on the subway, when your hands are dirty). Only when you wash or use special napkins to wipe the skin from excess sweat and so on.

  2. WIPE ONLY FACE WITH DISPOSABLE WIPES (the store sells special for the face in cardboard boxes, there are paper towels). Forget the towel altogether. The face is now a separate territory. There are bacteria, there are rashes.

  3. Change your bedding often, in particular pillowcases. As often as possible.

  4. 1-2 times a week, you can make masks from blue, white clay. Or with the addition of these components. Cleans the skin, removes some of the stratum corneum. Also use tonics, but don't overdo it.

  5. Scrub down! In fact, it is a myth that skin scrubbing is good. Only when there are NO rashes on it. Or only natural scrubs (ground coffee, for example).

Third. In fact, normally by the age of 20-21, acne usually goes away on its own. But even in this case, you need to wash your face daily, observe hygiene, eat fruits, vitamins, and moisturize your face.

And finally! Do not squeeze pimples. This is bad, it is the introduction of infection, its spread and further scars ! It is better to dry the pimple with something (salicylic acid solution, boronalcohol, Klenzit, Klenzit-C and so on). In the morning it will be smaller and more invisible. You can buy a special spot corrector to visually hide.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Nutrition is, of course, very important, but the question, as I understand it, is not related to prevention, but to treatment. I ate the dog on this. And expensive sulfadamide drugs and ordinary ointments, but salvation came suddenly. Dimexide solution. It costs about 50 rubles, for a start, dilute 1 to 3 (with boiled water), then you can gradually reduce the concentration, as a result, apply clean to the skin. There will be a burning sensation and redness, as well as a slight wrinkling of the skin at the site of application - do not be afraid to pass without a trace in the morning. The solution is just his mother's wonderful - it removes inflammation, has a peeling effect, and if you squeeze out a pimple and apply Dimexide on it, then it will surely heal and there will be no re-inflammation, since it kills any bacteria on the applied surface. I personally do not understand at all why no one talks about this drug, no cosmetologists, no one. In general, use it and pass it on to others, we will bend the farm company)

Answer 6
January, 2021

In general, all people have a different reason. Acne can be due to poor diet, permanently closed pores (dirty work or excessive sweating). And acne "lives" in an alkaline environment. You can try to neutralize them with a light salicylic acid solution. I have a friend whose acne only disappeared with time

Answer 7
January, 2021

Eat right and pay more attention to your grocery basket, as well as hygiene products.

Regularly visit doctors for medical examinations.

In general, you need to monitor your health .

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