How to get pale skin?

How to get pale skin?

You Can Whiten Your Skin In Less Than 10 Minutes!

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Answer 1
July, 2021

In this case, we recommend using cool foundation colors. We recommend trying the following products:

1. Fit Me in shade No. 95 Light Porcelain, Maybelline New York

Lighter and colder in the shades of Fit Me, perhaps you will not find. If, immediately after application, it turns out that it is not 100% compatible with your natural skin tone , do not worry: the formula of the product can adapt to the skin. After a couple of minutes, the coating will literally merge with it. The composition contains powder microparticles that matte the skin, fill enlarged pores and smooth other skin imperfections; this makes Fit Me a godsend regardless of shade;

2. Skin Feels Good in shade No. 010C Cool Porcelaine, Lancôme

Another remedy that can adapt to skin tone. Among the five basic shades in the Skin Feels Good range, there is cold No. 010C Cool Porcelaine, which is suitable for girls of “summer” and “winter” types with very light skin. The coating will be almost invisible. The thing is that Skin Feels Good has a powerful moisturizing function: hyaluronic acid and glycerin are included in the composition. Moringa extract, which is also contained in the product, nourishes the skin and protects it from free radicals;

3. Maestro Fusion Make-Up in shade No. 4, Giorgio Armani

Among the shades available in the Maestro Fusion Make-Up line, there are some that would suit girls with medium skin tones and cold color type. This is, for example, No. 4 from the Maestro Fusion Make-Up collection. The product is a thin, weightless veil that gently corrects skin tone. There will be no noticeable lightening or darkening - just a complete fusion with the natural skin tone.

Answer 2
July, 2021

I will answer from the perspective of the owner of white skin, for which it is very difficult to find foundation.

First of all, moisturize it. Vitamin C products help, but with regular use. The current market has many moisturizing products with this vitamin in the composition.

Second: sunscreens with SPF! They not only help protect the skin from the effects of rays, but also resist harmful rays that can cause skin cancer.

I also advise you to emphasize the skin color with clothing (dark tones highlight light skin very much) or hair color changes. Look, experiment with which color your skin looks brighter.

And as a make-up product I strongly recommend Kat Von D, I use her tones and I don’t find more suitable tones for light skin in the vastness of Sephora.

Answer 3
July, 2021

For a start, don't sunbathe. Absolutely. And I'm not only talking about limiting exposure to the active sun from 11 to 16 hours. This is in any case useful to everyone, even if there is no goal to keep pallor.

Even through clouds, even in winter, a sufficient amount of UV rays pass.

Use sun protection. In the summer for the face and SPF 50 will not be superfluous (by the way, it doesn’t happen anymore, everything else is marketing)

In winter, 15 is usually enough. By the way, many day care products (moisturizers, tonal creams, powder, lip balm, etc. etc.) have sunscreen properties.

In addition to sunburn, various diseases (intestines, kidneys, liver) are possible, leading to local darkening of the skin. It would be nice to pinpoint and begin treatment, if necessary.

There are various diseases and conditions of the skin that change its color. Stagnant spots after acne, telangiectasia, lentigo and much more. You should not make a diagnosis yourself, contact a dermatologist in person.

If everything is fine with health, but pigmentation could not be avoided, there are a number of agents of varying degrees of effectiveness.

Hydroquinone, mercury, bismuth and hydrogen peroxide is strongly discouraged (!). Unfortunately, some sites still advise despite being banned in many countries.

Fortunately, there are other active ingredients.

At home you can use creams (in the morning) with kojic acid , vitamin C, arbutin, cassia extract. Periodically make masks based on the same components. In addition to ready-made masks, you can use the advice of traditional medicine, recommending masks based on parsley (its essential oils have a whitening effect), bearberry (contains hydroquinone in small concentrations), lemon.

Peeling once a week. Both mechanical and light acidic.

In a cosmetic clinic, you can be offered laser whitening, microdermabrasion and the same acid peels, but with a higher concentration of acid.

There are also camouflage cosmetics. It is used for spotting skin. If there are red spots, use a green corrector. If the spots are yellow - blue.

And, of course, light tonal creams (including bb-creams) and powder. The lightest I could find from Korean manufacturers.

Answer 4
July, 2021

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