How to get an alcoholic relative not to use if he is prone to despotism, absolutely does not give in to persuasion, and without vodka can be angry and sometimes violent?

How to get an alcoholic relative not to use if he is prone to despotism, absolutely does not give in to persuasion, and without vodka can be angry and sometimes violent?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Choose the right moment !!

There is no point in trying to persuade someone to stop drinking when they are drunk. At this moment, he is in a state of euphoria and absolute satisfaction with his life. It is also not advisable to carry on a conversation during a hangover. At this moment, the alcoholic is ready to promise you everything to please, just to finish the conversation as soon as possible and drink a saving dose of alcoholic drink.

It is better to start a rampage, when allegations arise. This could be a wage earned, dismissal from work, a wrecked car, or the emergence of acute family problems. In this case, it will be easier to bring to the alcoholic, which is why it is so important to stop drinking. That this is not just your whim, but an urgent need.

Decide on the tone of speech

Do not start coax person refuse from alcohol drinks with help reproaches and accusations. So you only set him up against yourself and will not get the desired result.

  • Speak calmly, without raising tones. In no case do not go over to screaming, this can cause a response. Under the influence of alcohol, the nervous system of such people is not stable and the conversation can turn into a scandal, and even beatings.
  • Be confident and adamant in your right. This will allow you to understand the seriousness of your position and firmness of your opinion.
  • Do not try to put pressure on pity and cry about an unsuccessful life due to the fault of a drinking husband. This will also look like an accusation and will not produce the desired result.
  • Leave blank threats. If you are betting on a choice, you must be sure to actually deliver your ultimatum if you continue to drink.

Addiction is the enemy in the fight against alcoholism

Very many people living with alcohol suffer from addiction. This psychological factor significantly interferes with persuading a drinking person to begin treatment. Therefore, first of all, his relatives will need psychological help. Today there are many centers where they work not only with drinkers, but also with their loved ones.

If you want to achieve success, stop covering alcohol and adhere to the following rules.

  1. Do not solve his financial problems. If he drank for a long time, let him give the money himself. He took a loan inadvertently - now this is his problem.
  2. Do not cover him up in front of his superiors. If you missed or missed a working day, let him justify himself.
  3. A man who came drunk as an insole does not need to undress and put to bed. It doesn't matter in what form he fell asleep, let him see his appearance in the morning.

Dependency leads to wife siltand mother turn into nanny for adult person. Although often this role is given and a man, if he is wife, sister or mom abuse alcohol. It is very important to accept the fact that the person close to you is an adult and independent person, therefore it is quite capable of answering for your actions.

If you continue to bake, you do not want to bake. After all, he drinks, as much as he wants, and all problems are solved by close people.

Tips: how to help an alcoholic stop drinking

In the end, you can highlight the basic moments that are close to convincing people to start treating them.

  1. Prepare carefully before starting a conversation. Think over all the arguments and be prepared for any response. If necessary, consult a psychologist. He will show you how to conduct a conversation correctly.
  2. Choose a suitable moment. A person must be sober and in good spirits.
  3. Be adamant in your right. Speak calmly and confidently.
  4. Explain that you are ready to help you walk the difficult path of getting rid of alcohol addiction. The patient should feel that he will not be alone with his problem and can count on your support.
  5. Suggest possible treatment options. Explain that it is not at all necessary to go to the hospital, that you can be enchanted or treated anonymously and even at home.

If the first serious conversation does not give the desired result, do not give up. Continue this difficult work and the result will certainly be.

Have you persuaded? What to do next

So that your efforts are not wasted, you must immediately complete the following steps.

  • Do not postpone your visit to the doctor. As soon as you have agreed to be treated, go to a drug addict, who will be prescribed the necessary therapy.
  • Remove all alcoholic beverages from the house, as they can become more tempting.
  • Protect the drinking person from communicating with booties. Eliminate any drinking alcohol.
  • Let me understand that you understand how hard it is for your kindred person, but you are ready to always be there to help.
  • Try to find some new hobbies that will help you distract yourself and turn your attention to more important and interesting things and events.

Persuading to be treated for alcohol addiction is not easy, but the result is worth it, just imagine how the life of your whole family can change.

I strongly recommend reading a useful article about a natural and very effective remedy for all stages of alcoholism, which can be used without the knowledge of the alcoholicand. If interested, here is the link

Answer 2
June, 2021

Unfortunately, alcoholism is not cured. A person who abuses alcohol is ALWAYS at risk. You must remember this.

It is not uncommon for an alcoholic to quit drinking and hold on for several years. The reasons may be fear for their health, the health of loved ones, an attempt at suicide in a state of delirium.

The patient's desire to do something to solve the problem is of great importance. For example, narcologists do not go to drunken alcoholics until they give permission for the procedure for withdrawing from the state of alcoholic valhalla.

if a person does not have a desire to be treated, you cannot radically change the situation. You can only move out of the apartment and look after your relative. Alas. That's all.

Answer 3
June, 2021

Can't force it. Moreover, treatment / coding does not help either, this is money wasted. Just shield yourself from this person, if possible, and do not meddle in his relationship with your other relatives.

Answer 4
June, 2021

You cannot force it in any way. An adult capable person himself bears responsibility for his life and his decisions. And what does "force" mean? "How to make him do what we like and become so that we feel comfortable with him"? It's his choice to be an alcoholic. He preferred alcohol to his family. If the family is satisfied with this, they can continue to endure him, persuade him to give up violent antics, try to correct his "tendency to despotism." Not satisfied - they can refuse codependent relationships. If fists or threats are used, the police are there. If he arranges an unbearable life for the people living with him on the same living space, there are appropriate legal procedures. In any case, persuading an alcoholic, trying to re-educate him is the role of a victim. He has the right to choose such a life for himself, the family has the right to choose another. Don't take on someone else's responsibility.

Answer 5
June, 2021

My father used to drink in my family. He was using so much that he could raise his hand both to my mother and to me, up to broken noses and bruises. At the age of 15, I called the police - my father was imprisoned for 15 days, which stopped him for a year or two. Later, his despotism was stopped by the fear of losing his job (the accumulating statements still had some kind of force + each statement was a court and a fine), later his father began to cling to the remnants of the family and practically stopped abusing. Medical facilities were never seriously considered, as it was believed that this would disgrace the family and, naturally, no voluntary steps on the part of my father were observed. Probably, every family is different, but maybe it's worth finding something that a relative values?

Answer 6
June, 2021

I'll tell you from my own experience. Indeed - no way. Only the damage occurs in the human brain. This is an irreversible process of cell destruction. The consequence of this is dementia, addiction and other unpleasant consequences. Hypnosis or drug addiction clinic will help you.

Answer 7
June, 2021

On your own? No way.

And I'm quite serious.

Sometimes there is an opportunity to forcibly hand over somewhere. And there a person is pumped out and his body is cleaned. But since the damage is not in the brain but in the human will, in fact it does not help.

I would advise you to pray.

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