How to find yourself, understand your "I"?

How to find yourself, understand your "I"?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

For a more complete answer, I will highlight 2 parts in this question:

  1. "How to understand yourself more deeply?"
  2. "How can I find a job in which I could fulfill myself more fully?"

1. "How to understand yourself more deeply?"

You can use 2 ways of self-exploration for this:

  • Internal - "I about myself." These include: keeping diaries, introspection, observing yourself, your beliefs, aspirations, abilities, behavior, etc.
  • External - "The world is about me." These include: typologies (socionics, human temperaments, enneargamma, system-vector psychology, spiral dynamics, etc.), schools for the study of man (psychology, physiognomy, religious and spiritual teachings, etc.), as well as opinions other people about your personality.
    2. “How can I find a business in which I could realize myself more fully?”

The most complete satisfaction comes from the undertaking that is most consistent with you. As you deepen your self-understanding and “taste the taste” of each craft, you begin to see more clearly what is closer to you - “your own”. The opposite is also true - through the activities to which you are drawn, you learn something about yourself.

Success in your search!

Answer 2
January, 2021

I suggest that you treat the search for a work in life as a research work, and enjoy the process. Most likely this question cannot be answered quickly. It will probably take you a year, maybe two.

At the end of the message - a small gift - a poem by Kipling.

First, you should take into account the initial data.

1) You are 25 years old.

2) If you lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of yourself, do not start illnesses, you will be able to actively live up to 75 years.

3) Therefore , it's about how to spend the next 50 years of life.

4) It is wise to spend 2-4% of this time looking for what you will enjoy doing the rest of 96-98% of your life.


The following seems reasonable to me:

I) Study what other people have written about your problem.

II) Expand your horizons and erudition in order for you there was plenty to choose from. Most likely, you just do not yet know what interests you and what fascinates you.

III) Surround yourself with enthusiastic people from different fields of knowledge.

IV) Keep a diary in which you will describe your impressions, make comments that will help you figure out your preferences in the future.

======================== =====================

In addition, I will say that now there are a lot of sectarian seminars, in which people are supposedly helped to find themselves, but in fact they are washed brain. It is wise to stay away from them. As well as from any esotericism, where, under the guise of an incredible discovery, people are offered common truths.

* * * ***** * **

Now for more details:

I) * Examine what other people have written about your problem *

I think the first thing to do is read the non-exhaustive list of books that can lead you to some useful conclusions or serve as a guide to action.

1) Viktor Frankl - "A Man in Search of Meaning", "Psychologist in a Concentration Camp"

Frankl went through Auschwitz and how no one else knows a lot about the meaning of life.

2) Vladimir Levy - "Where to live?"

Levi acts as a friend-advisor, leading the reader to an answer.

3) Eugene O'Kelly - "In pursuit of the escaping light"

O'Kelly, an outstanding leader of the American company KPMG, was delighted with the news that he had 100 days to live because of brain cancer. O'Kelly conducted an audit of his life and developed a strategy according to which he lived until the end of his days. The last chapter was written by his wife.

4) Fyodor Uglov - "The Heart of a Surgeon", "Everyday Life of a Surgeon"

Fyodor Uglov is an example of a person who is passionate about the profession since childhood. The book will once again remind you of what passion and passion for work is. It is also interesting from the point of view of the events described. It is easy to read and in one breath.

5) Tina Seelig - "Do it yourself"

Tina believes that people often stop themselves fromdeliberate restrictions and because of this they do not achieve success. She gives examples of interesting unconventional behavior that helps to resolve difficult situations.

6) Arthur Schopenhauer - "Aphorisms for assimilating worldly wisdom"

The enthusiastic misanthrope Schopenhauer throws up seemingly obvious ideas, which sometimes elude attention. For example, that you should take care of the kind of education and activity that suits your personality and inclinations, and avoid everything else.

7) Chesterfield - "Letters to Son"

Chesterfield is a British politician who lived in the 1700s and shares ideas that are still valuable today. He has a lot of sound advice on ethics, honor, duty that you can introduce into your life.

8) Dan Kennedy - "Tough Time Management"

Dan shows how time is valuable in monetary terms, and teaches them how to properly manage.

II) * Expand your horizons and erudition *

Read books in various directions:

  • Biography

  • Fiction

  • Psychology

  • Technics

  • Biology

  • Policy

Watch various video courses:





III) * Surround yourself with passionate people *

Try attending events that discuss topics you are unfamiliar with. Topics vary: art, business, languages.

If you're having a hard time making new connections, try reading and applying networking articles and books. For example, here is a good article:

In St. Petersburg, good lectures are given by:

  • Hermitage Youth Center:

  • Business incubator "Ingria":

IV) * Keep a diary *

A diary will allow you to organize the accumulated impressions, refresh some memories, evaluate how effectively you spend your time. In addition, it will allow you to keep track of how your worldview changes over time.

* *

Control yourself in the midst of a confused crowd

Who swears you for the confusion of all,

Believe in yourself, in spite of the universe,

And let the unbelievers forgive their sin;

Let the hour not strike - wait without getting tired,

Let the liars lie - do not condescend to them;

Be able to forgive and do not seem, forgiving,

More generous and wiser than others.

Be able to dream without becoming a slave to dreaming,

And think without deifying thoughts;

Equally meet success and desecration,

Don't forget that their voice is deceitful;

Stay quiet when your own word

Cripples a cheat to catch fools,

When all life is destroyed and again

You must recreate everything from the basics.

Be able to put, in joyful hope,

Everything that you have accumulated with difficulty is at stake,

To lose everything and become a beggar, as before,

And never regret that

Be able to force the heart, nerves, body

Serve you when in your chest

Everything is empty for a long time, everything burned out

And only Will says: "Go!"

Stay simple when talking to kings,

Stay honest when talking to the crowd;

Be direct and firm with enemies and friends,

Let everyone, in their hour, reckon with you;

Fill every moment with meaning,

Hours and days of elusive running, -

Then you will take possession of the whole world,

Then, my son, you will be Human!

* *

I wish you success!

Answer 3
January, 2021

The most anecdotal thing is that you need to look for your own I.

It is impossible to say simply that I am I. Because having said that you did not say anything. This is an age-old philosophical problem that lies in the self-reference of our consciousness. How can the eye see its sight? No way. Only by seeing and witnessing the seeing of the other eye can he do this. Another testifies and postulates our I.

But in fact he can only do this. Postulate and not know. Since we are pitch-black for each other.

What is the solution to this problem?

I will only say one thing:

"God, let me know you knowing me" (Augustine )

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