How to find a psychologist with an adequate rate in your city? And how do you know that he won't make it worse? How do people find them, other than word of mouth? Trial?

How to find a psychologist with an adequate rate in your city? And how do you know that he won't make it worse? How do people find them, other than word of mouth? Trial?

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Hello, Eugene.
Sites, word of mouth and other methods, of course, work.
But you will have to try, there is no escape. Even on the recommendation of a good friend, the psychologist may not be what you expected. Best of all, you will feel "your" specialist - "not your" in a personal meeting. The first meeting is usually introductory, at which you get to know each other, discuss important nuances of future interaction. Here both look closely and decide yes or no. It also happens that a psychologist may not take up work with a client. It is a reciprocal process and everyone has their own reasons for "matching". As a rule, the first meeting is cheaper than the usual reception.
Skype is also an option, but I will say for myself and personally from experience, it can be in addition to personal meetings, since it still introduces a certain formality and does not provide sufficient depth of interaction between the broom and the psychologist and the client. It is best used as an auxiliary tool for online help.
Good luck!

Answer 2
March, 2021

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My advice:

1) Focus on Skype: not worse, but a choice for Grodno it increases by three orders of magnitude

2) Students and beginners (strongly intersecting subsets) are ready to work for little money and experience; look in the communities of psychologists in general and by direction (schools of psychology) in social networks

3) Yes, reviews and your impression

4) Worse - hardly: our psyche has good "protection from fool ". Unless, of course, you will not rush to execute directives like "break up immediately !!" or "give me your clothes and your motorcycle !!"

Answer 3
March, 2021

I recommend that you try online therapy via Skype. For residents of big cities, it is much more convenient, and there is more choice. And you can find the most suitable psychologist with whom you will get a quick and high-quality result on the website. There you can watch the Psychologist's Video to feel him as a person, and using the Search box, find the psychologist who has the most experience for your type of request.

Answer 4
March, 2021

Mostly by trial, yes.
I recommend choosing a specialist through the site There you can read publications of psychotherapists / psychologists from all over Russia and not only, see reviews and even get a free demo consultation. There is an opportunity to receive therapy both in person and via Skype. The specialist profile indicates the areas of work.

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