How to drink correctly? Should you dilute spirits or should you drink it clean? Fast or stretching for the whole evening? The goal is to feel great in the morning?

How to drink correctly? Should you dilute spirits or should you drink it clean? Fast or stretching for the whole evening? The goal is to feel great in the morning?

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Answer 1
January, 2021


Doctors give the following recommendations to avoid a morning hangover after a good meal:

• Do not drink on an empty stomach, as alcohol enters the bloodstream faster, besides, alcohol corrodes the walls of an empty stomach, which also leads to negative consequences.

• Do not mix alcohol with soft drinks. This also applies to the alternation of drinking, and drinking alcohol with juice or fruit drink. All this can disrupt the secretion of the stomach and, as a result, result in a severe hangover.

• Rapid consumption of a large dose of alcohol will only lead to instant intoxication and hangover. Therefore, it is best to drink alcohol in moderation throughout the evening.

• Before your meal, consume activated charcoal, which will help absorb alcohol and significantly reduce the severity of your morning hangover.

The choice of drinks is also important. The better the alcohol, the easier it will be to wake up in the morning. You can try delicious cocktails, various types of beer, wine or vermouth in the bars of Moscow. And you can find a bar with good alcohol in the EatOut catalog

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Answer 2
January, 2021

Why drink strong drinks (all the more diluted) if you can drink delicious wine or beer? I was always surprised from the shots that choke on "whiskey on ice" without getting any pleasure from it. Whiskey, gin, etc. it makes sense to drink if you understand drinks and are able to distinguish and enjoy the taste (and ice in them in this case, if they put it just a little bit, not to mention soda).

If you really want a cocktail, take the classics. And even then a lot of people order some Negroni for show and then swallow it with a sour face. What for? Well, good whiskey + a mountain of ice and cola = cocktail "Idiot". About shots, I generally keep quiet, let teenagers in clubs fill their inability to go sober to contact with the opposite sex with them.

And to feel great in the morning, it is best to drink in moderation. From three or four glasses of wine at dinner (not every day, of course) healthy person will have nothing in the morning, and the "marginal usefulness" of each next will be low. You yourself have probably noticed that the pleasure of intoxication has an optimal point, up to which you only feel a growing nifty euphoria, and then the euphoria no longer grows, but, in fact, poisoning begins (nausea, dizziness, etc.). Moreover, 3-4 glasses are somewhere near the optimal point of the average man; for women and lean ones - less, for wild boars and often drinkers - more. And yes, water should be drunk not only in the morning, but also in parallel with alcohol, it will greatly help even if you drink too much.

What's the catch to get drunk? It’s fun to land a bottle of port at 16 and behave inappropriately. An adult should enjoy drinking. To turn off the brain, if necessary, there are more effective and interesting substances.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Drink as God wants you to - and here it already depends on what kind of god came to the rescue. Maybe Yahweh, maybe Thor, or maybe Shab-Niggurat =)

Answer 4
January, 2021

First of all, it is not recommended to drink cheap alcoholic drinks. The manufacturer can save on cleaning, as a result of which so-called fusel oils can get there. These are also alcohols, only of higher molecular weight. Some of them are "bad", some are "good". "Bad" are odd unbranched and even branched. Others can even have a positive effect: acting in the same way as ethyl alcohol, but longer, replacing the morning drunk. But it is not possible for an ordinary consumer to guess the composition.

It is also recommended to develop a sense of proportion. That is, drink until you can confidently control the situation and clearly state your thoughts. If you feel that you are losing control, it is recommended that you stop using these products. For a few minutes or completely stop participating in this event - it already depends on the body and the situation.

Don't drink too fast yet. I remember we had a corporate party on New Year's. And the organizer saved on a snack, and there was almost no break between the first and forty-eighth. Hugging the toilet after this event was common.

But to dilute or not is a moot point. On the one hand, not everyone likes the sensation of spirits. On the other hand, dilution is almost always done with sugary drinks, and alcohol with a lot of sugar is a strong blow to the pancreas. It is better to dilute if you do not plan to drink a lot. You should not dilute if you have stomach problems - alcohol destroys pathogenic bacteria.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Good afternoon,
There is no such thing as "right" in relation to drinking and getting pleasure from it.
There are traditions, fresh trends, individual preferences and new readings and much more, but the key is eat - before drinking 100% and before going to bed something to eat along with your favorite pain reliever, further as you wish.

Take whiskey as an example?)

  • In Russia, 5 years ago, almost every first person firmly believed that whiskey should be drunk from a glass filled to the top with ice, sipping sips like a hummingbird. (only now the ice was melting, the whiskey was diluted with cold melt water, which completely kills the bouquet)

  • The British, Scots and hedgehogs drink the same (and in fact, even a multiple of the best quality drink) whiskey in shots, without ceremony, like vodka.

  • Someone likes to dilute a portion of pure whiskey with water at room temperature, so it becomes softer, the aroma improves, it is easier to catch all the subtleties of barrels, aging, peat, etc. (but not many are ready to drink warm and strong drink)

There are still too many unstable variables. You can drink a whole vessel of some kind of drink (40 ° +), and in the morning you can feel yourself asleep, and some fusel liquor (fakes come across and you can't do anything about it = (() even a micro dose will be knocked out, at least sleep it will not be better to sleep until the organism has eliminated the poison.

Tequila is usually drunk clean and quickly, such a character cannot be helped.

Rum is conditionally divided into spills ( in cocktails baccardi, morgan, etc.) and solid, seasoned, in the taste of which you can slowly look for something interesting (Botucal, Ron Barcelo Imperial, etc.)

Jean and Genever contain many vegetable impurities, in addition to the main juniper and this must be taken into account in the context of assimilation. You can drink them as you like, ruining a good gin is almost unrealistic to me.

Cognac-Armagnac is traditionally drunk pure, someone dilutes XO cola and they are so happy, someone loves to add citric acids to the receptors burned by the degree ...

Absinthe is traditionally again diluted with water, but with cool special ceremonies)

In general, whatever you choose (if you take one size fits all, i.e. sooo average), if you drink 6 shots in an hour and two hours then you will actively dance while drinking some water = drunkenness will be approximately equal to = slowly sipping rum at a speed of - 1 portion (neat / diluted does not matter) in half an hour.

With the difference that in the first case, the body will process the toxin more intensively during activity, and in two hours you will be already on the descent from the alcoholic slide, and in the second case, the effect is cumulative and you will only be on the rise.

dilution can be twisted in terms of degrees, but here again I have no definite answer.

50 ml of alcohol with a strength of 40 ° - will quickly dissolve / assimilate


200 ml of liquid (rum + juice for example) = 50 ml. rum 40 ° + 150 ml. juice = 200 ml with a strength of 10 ° - dIt dissolves longer + mixed mash will always be heavier than a hangover than vodka.

P.S. And that's why the purpose of drinking KrAN is "it's good to find yourself in the morning", and not fervently to lose in the evening, I can't understand)))

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