How to determine your skin type? And advise a cleanser after which the skin does not dry out or flake off?

How to determine your skin type? And advise a cleanser after which the skin does not dry out or flake off?

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Answer 1
April, 2021

Good afternoon!

Your question about your skin type is answered in detail by this video, but, in general, it is easiest to focus on the size and condition of the pores, as well as the appearance of oily sheen during the day.

Dry skin will never shine, the pores on it are practically invisible, but oily or combined has an increased size pores, a tendency to clog them. Therefore, even if your skin "tightens" and it flakes, but at the same time the pores are clearly visible and clogged, there is an oily sheen during the day - this does not mean that oily or combination skin has become dry, it only means that it lacks moisture or that it is badly and slowly renewed.

For washing, it is better to choose soft products, without aggressive surfactants, such as laureth or lauryl sulfate and their derivatives, a good option would be Geltek cleansing gel on coco-glucoside. And be sure to use a toner or hydrolat after washing to restore the pH.

Answer 2
April, 2021

To determine your skin type, you can apply a thin paper towel to your face and see what it has absorbed.

- If the tissue remains completely dry, then your skin type is called that.

- If the napkin has absorbed a greasy shine on all your face - you have oily skin.

- If traces remain only from the forehead and nose (T-zone) - you have combination skin.

As for washing your face and feeling dry or tight. It is important to remember that it is not only the product that matters, but also the quality of the water you wash with, the amount of water you drink. But if you go back to products, try hydrophilic oils. It is pleasant to wash with them in the process, they do not leave a feeling of tightness on the skin. It can be left by means after which the skin, as they say, is clean "to a squeak." This effect can be expected from foams for washing (especially Japanese and Korean ones), but many people like this effect.

Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after washing to smooth out any discomfort, if any.

Some adhere to the habit (including for your reason) to wash their face with the product only at night, and in the morning rinse with water so as not to dry out the skin once again. We will neither advise such a principle nor refute it, just keep in mind. :)

Answer 3
April, 2021

Valeria wrote to you in great detail about the type of skin. I agree with her :)

On the account of washing: your request that the skin does not dry out after washing is almost impossible. The fact is that in order to cleanse the skin well, you need, in fact, to wash out all the fat from it. Only then will you remove all the dirt. And if you wash it all off, then your skin is completely fat-free, a feeling of tightness appears.

To do this, after washing, you should definitely apply a moisturizer that matches your skin type.

By the way, do an experiment and don't put anything on your skin after washing your face. You will see that after a while the skin will perfectly moisturize itself)

On the account of washers, I can advise the following:

  • if your budget is small, then take a closer look at Nivea, Green Mama and mine beloved Himalaya-Herbals. In particular, Nivea has very good cleansers for different skin types.

-if your budget is medium, then try BIORE (Japan), PAYOT, CLARINS, CLINIQUE.

- if you can afford luxury cosmetics, then try ESTEE LAUDER, SHISEIDO, GUERLAIN, BOBBI BROWN.

And do not forget to consult a beautician before choosing. Good luck! :)

Answer 4
April, 2021

There are 4 types of skin:


Its signs:

• There are almost no pores

• There are peeling

• Sometimes there is a feeling of tightness

• Thin skin, does not shine during the day

  1. Oily

Its signs:

• Tight skin

• During the day begins to shine

• The pores are enlarged, most often there are rashes, black dots

  1. Combined

Its signs:

• Combines two types, most often: T-zone is fat, on cheeks - dry / normal

• Occasionally rashes appear

• Peeling is present

  1. Normal

The rarest type

Its features:

• Even tone

• Matte skin

• Lack of shine

• The pores are not enlarged

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