How to choose the right sleep pillow?

How to choose the right sleep pillow?

How to pick the right pillow ?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

A properly selected pillow provides an even position of the spine in the cervical spine, relieves of pinching, dizziness in the morning and chronic fatigue syndrome.


The shape of the pillow can be any, most importantly, comfortable for you. The most comfortable are orthopedic pillows, as they ensure the correct position of the head and cervical spine, relax muscles and remove clamps.

When choosing a pillow, pay attention to important indicators: height, rigidity and composition:


Length and width. Most often, orthopedic pillows are presented in standard sizes: 40x60 cm and 50x70 cm. When choosing, take into account the size of the head and your personal preferences. A 40x60 cm pillow is perfect for children, teenagers and fragile girls. 50x70 cm - a pillow that is comfortable for most people.

The height of the pillow. The selection of the ideal height depends on many factors: shoulder width, favorite position and mattress firmness. It is important that the neck is in the correct position. The softer the mattress, the lower the pillow should be. For sleeping on the side, pillows with a height of 12-14 cm are suitable. For sleeping on the back, a height of at least 10 cm. For those with wide shoulders, choose a pillow higher, and vice versa.


Orthopedic pillows are soft, medium hard and hard. The soft pillow is perfect for sleeping on your stomach and side. Medium hardness - for sleeping on the side and back. Hard - for those who like to sleep on their side.


The filling of the pillow should be elastic and keep its shape well. For the Vitaflex pillow series, we have chosen a soft, hypoallergenic foam. It is completely safe for health, suitable for children, the elderly and people prone to allergies. This material is highly breathable and does not induce back pressure. The Antistatic smart jersey cover eliminates static electricity, removes negative energy and ensures excellent sleep every night.

Vitaflex orthopedic pillows take care of the correct position of the head and neck during sleep. All models are presented in three colors and two sizes: 40x60 cm and 50x70 cm. There are 3 pillow options in the series:

Vitaflex SOFT. Soft hypoallergenic pillow with swan down effect. Great for sleeping in any position.


Vitaflex MEDIUM. Medium firm pillow for those who like to sleep on their sides. With low response pressure and excellent head support.


Vitaflex FRESH SLEEP. Gentle head and neck support, precise adaptation to body contours, soft foam padding and innovative cooling coverage.

Fresh Sleep Pillow.jpg
Answer 2
August, 2021

Surprisingly, there is not a single unpaid answer to this question on the Internet :)

I'll tell you about my experience. I found the choice of a pillow during a period of quarantine and minor repairs, when it was impossible to test either the pillow or the store. After reading dozens of articles, at home we calculated the following sequence of actions:

1) You need to understand how you sleep : on your back, on your stomach, on your side. The shape you need depends on this. And there are really a lot of them:


What surprised me the most about this story is that sleeping on your stomach is not right, because the organs are" pressed "and blah blah blah. Sleep properly on your side or back.

(spoiler, we eventually took home universal pillows, because no one really knows how he sleeps πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)

2) You need to understand if you have enough height pillows: It turns out that if you sleep, for example, on your stomach and put your hand under the pillow, then the pillow height is not enough for you. To understand what height you need, you just need to measure the distance from the neck to the end of the shoulder - this is the optimal pillow height for you.

3) Choose the material of the pillow: if you are allergic, you will have to to be attentive. From what fits the parameter of an orthopedic pillow, now there are latex pillows (generally hypoallergenic) or from memorix (that is, with a memory effect, the material was invented for astronauts).

Regarding the second material, there is a fun fact: this material is often offered when choosing mattresses, which is generally wrong - the mattress should not remember anything, it is a mattress. The choice of a mattress is another story altogether.

Bottom line : we took home universal pillows from memorix. The first few nights it was difficult to retrain myself to sleep properly, and then I completely forgot about pain in my neck, back, and so on (before the new pillows and mattress I thought I was getting old).

It turns out that quality sleep is very important)

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