How to choose the right set of exercises for weight loss?

How to choose the right set of exercises for weight loss?

How Do I Choose The Right Weight? (LIFT RESPONSIBLY)

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Answer 1
May, 2021

The correct complex will be the one that does no harm. When losing weight, do not approach the issue fanatically. Everything needs to be done smoothly and gradually, rebuilding your eating behavior and introducing more activity into your life. The main principle is to spend more calories than we replenish. It doesn't matter what kind of activity you are doing - choose the one that you like and enjoy. Set long-term goals for yourself, define intermediate goals and move towards them step by step. If you choose the gym as your main activity, then add more cardio: a treadmill, or better a bicycle / ellipse - less traumatic.

Answer 2
May, 2021

Any fitness trainer will tell you that 90% of success in losing weight is nutrition, and only 10% is sports. Therefore, by and large, it is better to choose the type of physical activity that you prefer - even if it is walking. Doing an unloved sport will quickly burn out and quit.

Answer 3
May, 2021

Muscle workout is an obligatory start of training !!

Legs We do swinging movements on the toes, we first lift the knees to the middle.

nA shipine plech, pyki nA poyace, nado delat povopoty vppavo and vlevo, naklony vpepod c opyschennymi to poly pykami.

Pazminka plechevogo poyaca Vepxnie konechnocti nA plechax, podnimaem and opyckaem lokti in ctopony, delaem kpygovye dvizheniya kictey , on top of that.

Neck Warm Turn the head right and left, forward and backward.

As a charge, you can also turn the music out. It is best to spend three - five minutes on warming up the body.

Basic exercises for beginners

Exercise smoothly, breathe smoothly. We carry out all the repetitions in 7-10 times.

Curling the Log on the mat, the legs in the area of ​​the step are fixed, the pins are held on the back. Lift the locking brake upward until the required angle of about 45 degrees is formed. Correct movements, when we go down, but not on the floor. Gleefully trains your muscles.

Push-ups We rotate on the stomach and push up from the floor. The back is straightened at this, and the back is lowered to the extreme point, almost adjusting the floor. If in the first week it is difficult to do the declared number of times, it is possible to reduce the number or perform a simplified option. In this case, the legs are not stretched out, but bent in a knee. Push-ups are produced with support. With this, as in the first version, the muscles of the back, shoulders and forearms are strengthened.

The legs are almost narrower than the width of the shoulders, the backs of the shoulders. Walk down with a straight back to form a corner in the knees. It is not recommended to lower the flesh to preserve the effective health level of the ligaments in the area of ​​the cephalic cup. If the exercise is done correctly, then the tension is felt in the muscles of the anterior part of the lower leg, hip and back.

Lunges Feet together. We take one wide step forward, trying to lower the second step to the floor. In this position, the back muscles of the thigh and calf, berries are well strengthened.

Maxi legs with the support on the arms and knee We stand on the knees. Let's take the first straight legs up to the very edge of the possible point. We pay attention to the tension in the berries. Exercise will allow you to well strengthen the tone of the muscles of the pecca, the front hip and the berries. Pazvivaet gibkoct pozvonochnika.

Maxi nogami nA boky C polozheniya nA boky c ppizhatoy to poly nogoy, podnyatym topcom and opopoy nA dve pyki podnimaem lezhaschyyu cvepxy nogy vvepx do vozmozhnogo polozheniya, medlenno opyckaem, izbegaya kacaniya c dpygoy nogoy. Exercise, performed in a quiet temperature, with a maximum tension in the upper position, strengthens the muscles of the inner thighs, lambs, and backs.

Attention: the legs should not hang down, if the bench is upright, then we must support. On the direct pyx we lift the gantle up to form the parallel between the ends, slowlyae the extended arms down to the highest possible position. The muscles of the shoulders and chest are highly trained. Start an exercise to carry out the activity from a small age, up to a half kilograms.

How to use this sample. It is important not to make interruptions between its elements, and to carry out the movements themselves with tension and slowly, avoiding inertia when taking the body. At the first time, the approach to each exercise can be one. After two weeks of training, the number gradually increases to three.

As a whole, the complex is designed with the aim of developing all the muscles. The intensity of the loading can be adjusted by the repetitions of movements and steps, by the whole gantry. The result of the workout should be an increase in the pulses up to 130–135 beats per minute and abundant sweating.

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Answer 4
May, 2021

For a start, you should consult with a specialist. For example, it is important for us to know about your heart, joints, chronic diseases and injuries, about the presence or absence of diastasis.

There are many cool complexes and individual exercises, but there is always a person who will suit one and the other injure. I like complexes that combine all types of exercise: cardio, strength, HIIT, stretching and my favorite stato-dynamics. So the body is worked out evenly.

Answer 5
May, 2021

Exercise is a very important element in a weight loss program. It doesn't matter which set of exercises you choose. It is important that you do it with pleasure and do not give up playing sports in a short time.

Exercise will help keep your muscles toned and will also create additional calorie expenditure.

The basis for weight loss is still a balanced diet with hypocaloric content. In order to determine what calorie content your daily diet should have,

to reduce body weight, you need to determine your basal metabolic rate (these are the calories that are spent by the body to maintain vital functions: respiration, blood circulation, etc.) )

More precisely (individually for you) this can be done by going through the study - Bioimpedancemetry.

Less accurate is the calculation using the Harris-Benedict formula.

For male basal metabolic rate = 88.362 + (13.397 x weight in kg) + (4.799 x height in centimeters) - (5.677 x age in years). For women, basal metabolic rate = 447.593 + (9.247 x weight in kg) + (3.098 x height in centimeters) - (4.330 x age in years).

Next, the resulting figure must be multiplied by the coefficient of your physical activity.

With low activity (sedentary lifestyle), the basal metabolic rate is multiplied by 1.2; Low activity (1-3 workouts per week) - by 1.375; Moderate activity (3-5 workouts per week) - by 1.55; High activity (6-7 workouts per week) - 1.725; Extremely high activity (2 or more workouts per day) - 1.9.

It is recommended to subtract 20% (or about 500 kcal) from the resulting figure, as a result, the calorie content of the diet will be obtained, which must be adhered to to reduce body weight.

5 meals a day is recommended. Includes: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. The intervals between meals are 2.5 - 3 hours. Last meal at least 3 hours before bedtime. An hour before bedtime, you can take a glass of kefir, natural yogurt, low-fat or fat-free starter cultures. Each main meal should contain a protein meal (meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, seafood) and a carbohydrate / vegetable side dish. Carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, durum pasta in the amount of 1 portion of a hypocaloric diet can be consumed in the morning. In the afternoon, it is better to use fresh / baked / stewed vegetables as a side dish.

As a dressing for vegetables, it is recommended to use unrefined vegetable oils that are beneficial for our body (linseed oil, mustard, rapeseed, olive, sesame) up to 30 g per day (this is 1.5 tablespoons).

Use sweeteners instead of sugar. The most harmless is stevioside of plant origin from the stevia herb.

It is recommended to limit salt to 3-5 g per day. It is better to salt prepared food.

Fatty, fried, salty foods, fast food, foods containing

trans fats (wherever margarine, hydrogenated oils are contained) are excluded.

Preferred methodscooking food - boiling, steaming, baking, slow cooker, stewing, grilling without adding oil.

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