How to choose the right bed and mattress?

How to choose the right bed and mattress?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

The choice of bed and mattress should be approached thoroughly and seriously.

First of all, decide on the possibilities of the room and your needs:

  • For one adult and a small room, a one and a half bed 120 x 200 cm is suitable. However, we recommend choosing the basic double bed size 140 x 200 cm . This size will allow you to sleep comfortably both alone and with a partner and at the same time "does not eat up" the bedroom space.
  • Beds from 160 to 200 cm wide are suitable for a couple. The standard for double beds is 160 X 200, 180 x 200, 200 x 200 and King Size 200 x 220 cm.

As a rule, the base is already built into the bed. But if you have a choice, give preference to lift beds . With it, you can use the space under the bed to store warm clothes, spare blankets, and anything else.

The design of the bed depends only on your tastes, the color scheme of the room and the options available.

The choice of the base is a separate topic. It needs to be matched to the type of mattress.

When everything is decided with the basis of the sleeping place, proceed to choosing a mattress. Your own data and needs are critical in this matter.

Write on a separate sheet:

  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Health status (primarily back)
  • Your age
  • Wishes for bed hardness and height

These parameters will determine the characteristics of the mattress that suits you.

Each mattress has a maximum sleeping capacity.

Screenshot (3) .png

A mattress is suitable for you, which is designed for a maximum load of 15-20 kg more than your weight.

Be sure to take seasonal fluctuations into account when calculating!

Growth will affect mattress size . It is desirable that the length of the berth be at least 30 cm longer than the user.

If you have medical restrictions, for example, a diagnosis of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, etc., be sure to consult with your doctor about how hard the mattress is for you! There are special medical mattresses of different hardness on powerful spring blocks.

Age also influences the choice of hardness. The older the user, the softer and more delicate the support in the mattress should be.

  • For a person from 18 to 25 years old is perfect for the mindhigh rigidity. At this time, the bones finally harden and you have a small chance to correct your posture and the position of the spine.
  • 25-50 Choose a moderate to medium firm bed. It all depends on your lifestyle and habits. If you are spending the day at the computer, a moderately hard bed will help you straighten your spine a little and keep it in the correct position. If you have a lot of physical activity in your life, choose a medium firm mattress. It will help relax muscles and soft tissues.
  • At over 50 years of age , especially for joint problems, you can switch to medium hard to moderately soft mattresses. Natural latex and memory foam are ideal for sleeping.
Answer 2
August, 2021

In my opinion, choosing a mattress is more painstaking work than choosing a bed base.
In order to choose a mattress that suits you, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: type (spring or springless), material / filler (latex or coconut), hardness (soft, medium hard or hard), maximum weight for 1 berth.

Spring models are suitable for people with medium and heavy weight. Springs are dependent and independent. For people with different weights, you need to choose independent springs so that the load in the mattress is evenly distributed.

Filler. Coconut is chosen by people who want to choose a tougher model. Latex mattresses are double-sided, one side is usually soft, the other is of medium hardness.

The hardness of the mattress should be selected based on the height and weight of the sleeping people.

And the main recommendation is to come to the salon and lie down on several models to understand which one is best for you. After you decide - come home and look for the model you like on the Internet. prices on the Internet are cheaper than in salons.

This site contains more than 20,000 models of mattresses for a bed, here you will definitely find the model you like:

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