How quickly can you lose weight, given that a person will starve anyway and, if possible, do physical activity, what else to add to the list?

How quickly can you lose weight, given that a person will starve anyway and, if possible, do physical activity, what else to add to the list?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

If you starve and at the same time lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports, then very quickly you will simply have physical and mental exhaustion. This is a mockery of your body. You can't lose weight in a week, whatever one may say. Moreover, first of all, excess fluid will leave the body, and then you will begin to lose muscle mass. This is a road to nowhere and a huge stress for the body. Especially considering that you still need to get out of this hunger strike correctly, and in any case, the kilograms will immediately return back, more and more. The only true option is to compose the right nutrition for weight loss plus sports. You can also add a sauna

Answer 2
January, 2021

In short. Don't even go hungry, it's a dead number. You, of course, will lose weight, but do not think that this will not leave its mark on your health. This will undermine it so much that you will have to spend years recovering, and it is not a fact that you can recover.

First, first of all, you will lose all your muscles, because the body first of all needs protein for nutrition and it will primarily break down protein stores (i.e. muscle), not fat. This will lead to the fact that you will not be able to lift your body out of bed.

Further fat will be broken down. Fat, which in the female body is a prerequisite for the production of the female hormone - estrogen. When your body fat drops below normal, the hormone stops being produced and your period will disappear. From a lack of estrogen in the body, the level of the male hormone - testosterone will rise, as a result of which you will have oily skin, acne, excess hair where it should not be. Even further - multiple cysts may appear in the ovaries, which will have to be treated for a very long time, lying in the hospital + hormonal therapy to restore hormonal levels.

Your nails will start to break from lack of necessary nutrients, vitamins and micro / macro elements , hair will fall out and there will be no strength not only to perform physical activity, but even to climb stairs and just walk. And I'm not exaggerating.

From a lack of calories, you will constantly experience a terrible cold, shake and walk with a blue nose and red eyes.

And then the most interesting thing.

When you have all this finally get bored and you decide to eat right, a surprise will await you: from now on you will be haunted by every apple you eat, because —tadam! - you killed your metabolism. You will try to eat healthy food, but you will recover from even scanty portions, because your body went through wild stress during the hunger and now stores everything that gets into it in fat. And since you no longer have muscles left, there will be only bones and fat. Therefore, you will again try to lose weight, but your body will still be terribly lacking in nutrients, it will be a hellish cycle that will never end and in the end will either kill you or make you come to terms with the fact that you will weigh more than before you start losing weight.

Have fun? And do not think that you will not bring yourself to such a degree, that you will only "lose a little weight", because I thought so, and everyone thought so, but hunger will not work "a little".

Now listen to what you need to do to lose weight and maintain weight and not kill metabolism.

1. First of all, you need to eat. You should never, ever let your body experience the stress of hunger, because otherwise it will always try to store up. You should have at least three full meals a day and two or three snacks in between. Eat vegetables and herbs. Give up sweet, starchy foods, soda, mayoneza, but in no case avoid healthy fats: fatty cottage cheese, sour cream, nuts - this is very important for your women's health!

2. Eat in small portions - 200-300 grams.

3. Maintain a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. You need at least 60-80 grams of protein, at least 30 grams of fat and about 200 grams of carbohydrates per day.

4. Count the calories of the foods you eat, but don't go crazy with numbers. In order not to harm health, it is advisable not to cut calories below 1200 kcal.

5. Drink a lot of water - this is not a myth, the body really needs water and speeds up the metabolism. Minimum liter per day.

6. Take B vitamins, magnesium and iron.

7. It is very useful to take a medium sip of linseed oil in the morning. In addition to the beneficial fats and vitamins contained in it for your nails, hair and skin, it contains a plant analogue of estrogen, therefore, it has a positive effect on the female hormonal background and metabolism. Drink water to make it less disgusting.

8 . It will also be useful to add physical activity, but you do not need to exhaust yourself. Just walk more, try to walk wherever you can walk, if you like to run - run, if you want a flat stomach - swing your abs.

Well, in conclusion, I'll write down my approximate diet so that you have an idea:

Immediately after I wake up, I take a sip of flaxseed oil, wash it down with a glass of water.

Breakfast : alternate various milk cereals (oatmeal , semolina, buckwheat, rice, wheat etc.). Breakfast should contain carbohydrates to get the brain working. After breakfast, for two or three hours, you put nothing in your mouth but water. After two to three hours, you can have a snack.

Snack : apple, pear, banana, any fruit, fresh vegetable or fresh vegetable salad, yogurt , nuts (one thing). After that, again for two or three hours you do not take anything in your mouth but water.

Lunch : first of all, you drink a glass of water again. Next, you can buckwheat, rice, vegetables, vegetable stew, soup, chicken, fish, omelet, mashed potatoes, any combination of meat with vegetables, but I don't eat meat, so either cereals with vegetables, or an omelet with vegetables, or just stewed vegetables or soup. Again, 200-300 grams, do not overeat. Again, two or three hours in the mouth is nothing but water.

Snack : a glass of water and any variant from the last snack.

Dinner : a glass of water and I love cottage cheese, I eat it every day, and fermented milk products are best eaten in the evening.

Two hours water, then you can have a snack again, but I just drink kefir, fermented baked milk or warm milk with honey before bed.

In fact, you can perfectly get rid of really excess fat, but not muscles, if you just replace all flour and sweets with fruits and vegetables, untiladd a liter of water per day and reduce portions. For God's sake, don't starve.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Reduce calories, tidy up the schedule of the day (going to bed, meal time), do not forget about breakfast
I do not think that a hunger strike will be good for you, but considering the question "rather" I think you need to drop to some then a certain period?
You can read a good article in translation on

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