How not to be a hypochondriac? How not to be afraid of disease? Now my heart hurts, then my chest hurts, then my back aches.

How not to be a hypochondriac? How not to be afraid of disease? Now my heart hurts, then my chest hurts, then my back aches.

Health Anxiety and Chest Pain?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Hello !

In order not to be a hypochondriac, you need to figure out where the roots of your fear lie.

Possible psychological causes:

  • personal experience of experiencing illnesses, or you witnessed how your loved ones suffered from certain illnesses.
  • an unconscious, unmet need for love and care.
  • need for attention
  • internal injuries not worked out, as a result - fears.

How not to be afraid of disease:

  • Take a full medical examination (so that you don't "think" about the bad)
  • Give up the habit of reading medical literature, forums. This will help reduce anxiety. Do not discuss your ailments with relatives and friends, do not share diagnoses. :)
  • Fill your life with bright positive emotions so that there is no time for hypochondria: find a new hobby, go on a trip, go in for sports
  • Connect meditative practices, yoga - this will help you learn to understand and accept your body and calm your mind.
  • Auto trainings work great, give yourself the correct settings every morning.

For example: My body is healthy. My organs are working fine. I feel better every day.

Enjoy life, the opportunity to wake up every day. Breathe deeply and be happy! :)

Answer 2
January, 2021

The question has a generalized form, from which it is not clear whether you are afraid of diseases when the diagnosis has already been made, or you are tormented by symptoms of false "diseases" when you ascribe an erroneous diagnosis to yourself.

In a state of hypochondria, often fear has no real confirmation of the existing disease. And the whole problem lies, in fact, in an unreasonable fear of a false illness.

Perhaps the reason for such fears comes from childhood problems and experiences, or for some other reason you have not realized, but in any case - you can get rid of false fears.

The first thing you have to do is to stop avoiding these fears. Gradually the anxiety will subside. Just acknowledge their presence and switch to any positive activity or hobby that will come in handy.

Self-training, even in its most primitive form, is also effective.

Very appropriate - engaging in any sport and all kinds of activity. Physical inactivity condones both the appearance and aggravation of hypochondria.

Personally, I know people who completely got rid of hypochondria, various phobias and neurotic experiences thanks to just cleansing fasting.

But I do not advise you to starve yourself. It is better to consult a full-fledged specialist in this field.

The same goes for working with hypochondria.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Most often, hypochondria is associated with increased control of various areas of life. And when something cannot be controlled, then anxiety begins about this.

Therefore, in order to stop being a hypochondriac, it is important, in the beginning, to determine what function this control performs, what kind of mental wound it protects.

And it turns out that deep down there is, for example, a desire to get good marks from others, always have success, prove something to someone or cope with all difficulties on your own.

Such beliefs and ideas about oneself have been going on since childhood, when the child had to survive in the absence of enough love and attention to him. When I had to prove my worth and try to earn the approval of significant adults.

All this formed such a strong defense mechanism in video control, which sometimes fails. Indeed, in real life, it is impossible to control everything, and there are a fairly large number of situations where we are not able to influence events to the full.

Therefore, in order to cope with hypochondria, it is necessary to understand precisely this childhood belief, which It was once useful, but in adulthood it brings many mistakes and problems.

When erroneous beliefs are replaced by fairer and more realistic ones, then fears will pass by themselves, along with increased control and desire for someone that -prove something.

I tell you more about the methods of working with obsessive thoughts in this video: "How to overcome obsessive thoughts"

So, look for the root of your problem, and this will help you heal from hypochondria once and for all.

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