How much water should you drink per day?

How much water should you drink per day?

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day? - Dr. Jonathan Rich - Mercy

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Answer 1
August, 2021

It all depends on your weight! I don't remember exactly how many ml of water comes per 1 kg of weight. There is an online calculator on the Internet that will help you post the exact amount of water you need to drink

Answer 2
August, 2021

We all know that water is one of the best healing elixirs for any ailment. It helps to flush out toxins from our body and enable it to function. While it is always recommended to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water daily, there is a possibility that excessive water intake can also lead to certain health problems. You heard right! Drinking too much water in a short amount of time can cause hyponatremia or water intoxication, a condition that can be fatal if left unattended.

Various studies indicate that our kidneys can only filter and remove about 20 to 28 liters of water per day. But then they cannot expel more than 0.8 ml to 1.0 L per hour. Thus, to avoid the symptoms of hyponatremia, you need to consume on average no more than 0.8 ml per 1.0 L of water per hour.

The total amount of water consumed per day, which is considered healthy for people of different age groups, looks like this:


Answer 3
August, 2021

The need for water depends on the daily energy intake, which is equal to one milliliter of fluid per kilocalorie.

Depending on climatic conditions, the need for fluid may increase and it does not matter whether you exercise or rest.

In winter, cold reduces thirst but induces diuresis. The reason is hypothermia leading to spasm of capillaries in the extremities and centralization of blood circulation. This increases blood pressure and blood volume through the kidneys.

Kidney function - normalization of blood pressure and blood volume by increasing urine output to reduce the volume of circulating blood. Thus, even in winter, guided only by your sensations, you can bring yourself to dehydration.

Fluid requirements also change with increasing altitude. The higher the mountains, the lower the partial pressure of oxygen in the inhaled air. With a lack of oxygen, ventilation of the lungs increases, which means that more fluid is lost during breathing. Considering that the humidity of the mountain air is low, the loss of fluid with respiration increases even more.

Answer 4
August, 2021

The volume of water drunk for everyone is individual, depending on gender, age, weight, physical activity and stress, on the presence or absence of diseases, on the time of year and, most importantly, that a person consists of 60% (old people) to 90% newborns, still from water, not from tea. What kind of water to drink is also important. When to drink it is also important. Everyone, for sure, will say, well, water, what can be incomprehensible here? WATER is a mystery of the universe, not just planet Earth. Everyone knows the formula of water, H2O, in which H is hydrogen, this is a gas and O is oxygen, also a gas, a mixture of two different gases, it turns out - WATER, that is, liquid! What is it like? The water is worth exploring. What a person currently knows is only a small percentage of all the secrets of Water. The question is most important for life and rather ambiguous, probably the answer will be when all the secrets are revealed. Until then:

  • Women 30 ml / kg of body weight per day, that is, with a weight of 70 kg, the volume will be 2100 ml (theoretically).

  • Men 40 ml / kg of body weight per day, that is, with a weight of 70 kg, the volume will be 2800 ml (theoretically).

  • Children from 50 to 100 ml / kg of body weight per day, since the weight is relatively less, and metabolic processes are higher.

  • For old people and people with chronic diseases, individually, on average 15-20 ml / kg of body weight per day.

Physical activity, hot season, drinking all other liquids, diet features (elytrolytes, ugdevod), individual characteristics, require adding the volume of water to the original, because:

  • the higher the physical activity, the more intense the work of the pump (heart and blood vessels), the higher the need for oxygen, the more often we breathe, the more we exhale and lose moisture, the so-called perspiration loss.

  • in heat, the center of thermoregulation, which is adjacent to the vasomotor center in the hypothalamus, regulates the processes of heat production and heat transfer, cooling the body by sweating, and loses moisture.

  • all liquids except water contain either proteins (milk, broths), or carbohydrates (juices, sugary drinks, compotes, jelly), or electrolytes (Ca, Na, K, etc.), they are also metal salts (mineral water , brines), or phytoncides, xanthines contained in tea and coffee, and so on, all of them have a pronounced diuretic effect.

  • alcoholic beverages, all antidiuretic hormone inhibitors.

This is just the beginning of the story ...

I will say that it was correctly noted that normal urine in a healthy person is light yellow, transparent, without sediment, inclusions, foam and odor.

25% of the daily value of water, try to drink within the first hour after waking up. The automatism of normal, individual drinking of water, subject to the volume, nature of water, and the mode of use, is established within 2.5-3 months, respectively, and the expected results. Water is the only correct, physiological and effective diet. Water wears away the stone, but under the lying stone, the water does not run.

Drink degassed indoo. Love water, so that she loves you too. Be healthy!

Answer 5
August, 2021

Someone advises drinking 8 glasses a day, others say that the required daily rate is 2.5-3 liters. But these are wrong judgments and here's why:

  • water intake is dependent on many parameters (such as weight or physical activity level);
  • most of the fluid intake is already in food.

What to do? You just need to trust your body and drink when you want. World Health Organization (WHO) expert Bruce Gordon also agrees with this statement.

Worth noting that children and the elderly should be more careful about their fluid intake. The former may not pay attention to the signals of thirst, and in people over the age of 60, the mechanism of thirst becomes less sensitive.

For more information about all the recommendations, see our article: .

πŸ“ Why read this article? You will learn:

  1. how the myth about 2 liters appeared;
  2. why you need to listen to your body;
  3. can you live longer if you drink 2-3 liters a day;
  4. what happens if you drink a lot of water;
  5. what happens if you drink little water;
  6. how to track dehydration;
  7. what cannot quench your thirst;
  8. is the water temperature important;
  9. Should I drink water in the morning on an empty stomach?

Thank you for your attention and enjoy your reading! Don't forget to put your thumb up under this answer.

Answer 6
August, 2021

It depends on the weight of the person. For a weight of 60 kg - 2 liters of water. However, how to prove that you generally need to drink a lot of water?

Focus on the color of your urine. Correct urine should be light yellow in color. If it is darker, drink more pure water, preferably not from bottles.

Answer 7
August, 2021

As much as the body asks for - drink so much. You don't need to drink without thirst.

Answer 8
August, 2021

There is no specific rate of water consumption, since it directly depends on what a person will have:

  • activity;
  • air temperature;
  • health conditions;
  • mental and physical condition;
  • body weight;
  • gender characteristics.

But not less than 1.5 liters per day

Answer 9
August, 2021

The question is very interesting and controversial! The first answer given in the topic - 1.5-2 liters - is not only inaccurate, incorrect, but also harmful (I will explain below why).

The second and third answers, which talk about addiction water norms by weight are more correct, but also not accurate.

The most recent studies claim that the amount of water a person needs every day is a purely INDIVIDUAL parameter !!! It can only be accurately determined with the help of laboratory research.

So be guided by your feelings, listen carefully to the body. In general, there are a lot of related points in this issue that must also be taken into account, for example, water quality.

Now, if you have time and interest, read a very detailed and interesting article on the required amount of water per day https : //xn--f1accvbfh5h.xn--p1ai/wellness/health/1055-skolko-nuzhno-pit-vody

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